Rajiv makhni and today were doing a very special show because its a lot to do with all the questions that all of you have been sending in so well start the show off with best 5g phones under 20 000 rupees. So you know 5g around the corner. If youre looking for a future proof phone well, these are the best ones out. There then well do a comparison. The airport 3 versus the samsung birds, 2 versus the oneplus buds pro all three are fantastic, a different price points for show for each of them all three fantastic, but as always when we do a battle of something only one of them can win, and then we Move on to another tws theyre about to review the huawei free buds, 4i hottest category right, earbuds, tws earbuds, but huawei has a great lineup great portfolio. So when they come up with budget wireless earbuds with noise cancellation successes to the huawei freebird 3i, are they worth it then well, show you a very interesting thing: yogify yoga mat, so ai is everywhere now its even in your yoga mat, so the yogi fight matt Tracks, your yoga postures of offer suggestions to help correct your posture in real time, but does it work well were about to find out lets get started with todays show Music, our top story today, the best 5g phones under 20, 000 rupees. So now this has already become a super competitive segment, even though we dont have 5g in the country.

But you know youve got to be future ready with the fact that its now months away, i think its better to go with a 5g phone right now, but which are the best ones and which one should you buy. And if your budget is under 20 000. Rupees and you think well, im not going to get anything really really great under that price. That also has 5g. You would be very, very wrong. Youve got a great lineup, i mean look at the ones with phones. We have poco m3 pro samsung, m32, 5g. So many more in the era of the digital revolution, it is not possible to imagine life without the internet. Many things changed for good when the cellular network graduated from 2g to 4g. However, with 5g around the corner, smartphone manufacturers are ready with their portfolio of 5g. Supporting handsets with 5g, you get super fast internet connectivity that is robust and is beneficial for various use cases. Now the super fast data speeds of 5g arent just limited to high end flagships. We are now seeing the service become available on much more affordable handsets many phone companies have jumped on the bandwagon and are now offering 5g smartphones under rupees 20 000. lets. Look at some of the best 5g smartphones under a budget. Samsung is one of the early adopters for 5g in their popular m series, smartphones and the m32 5g is one of the most affordable, 5g phones, the brand offers.

Not only does it have 12 bands of 5g support, which makes it future proof, but also has good specs and is value for money. Aside from faster network connectivity, you also get a faster processor under the hood. The m32 5g is powered by a mediatek dyncity. 720. 5G processor, that teams up with 6gb of ram and 128gb of storage, there is also support for external memory for up to 1 tb. We know samsungs have always have good displays, and the m32 5g is no different. There is a 6.5 inch display, with almost a bezel, less design, providing an immersive experience and a key factor to every mcd smartphone. The m325g offers a solid 5000 mah battery pack that can easily last a day priced at rupees, 20. 999. This one is an easy pick: the poco m3 pro 5g is yet another phone focused on offering 5g access on a budget. You get 12 bands of 5g support which is excellent and what is even better is the dual sim 5g connectivity. What it means is being able to connect to two different 5g networks without physically swapping out sim cards. In addition to super fast 5g connectivity, the new poco m3 pro 5g has many rich feature sets for an affordable, smartphone price, starting from rupees 14499. There is a 6.5 inch, 90 hertz lcd screen, the mediatek diamond city 700 chip with 4 gb or 6 gb of ram a triple camera with a 48 megapixel primary shooter and a large 5000 mah battery capable of 18 watt fast charging next on the list is The redmi note 10 t5g, the redmi note.

10 t is redmis first 5g enabled phone in the country. The redmi note 10 t5g uses the mediatek dimensi 700 processor, which has an integrated 5g modem. This seems to be the go to processor for budget 5g smartphones in this price range. There is support for 5 bands of 5g support and dual 5g standby priced at rupees 14999. The redmi note 10 t5g offers a good display, decent audio quality, good battery backup and the addition of 5g makes it future proof. The real me 8s 5g is yet another device added to the brands of growing dossier of 5g phones. You get a good performance. 90 hertz display decent cameras with impressive low light, imaging and good battery backup. The fact that its 5g capable is an added bonus that customers will start to appreciate in due time priced at rs 17999. The real me 8s 5g is a reasonable choice. If you want a 5g phone, that doesnt cost a fortune and runs stock, android youre likely to find the moto g 5g appealing the device equips snapdragon 750g and has 6gb of ram 128gb of built in storage and a 48 megapixel triple camera setup. The handset packs a 5000 mah battery with 20 watt fast charging as well, though. The moto g5 g is a sub 20 000 rupee phone. It is interesting to note it supports 11 5g bands, which are more than some flagships today, while it is good to have a 5g ready phone at hand to experience the 5g network rollout in the coming months, it will be interesting to see how widespread the first Wave of 5g is going to be in india, Music lets move on to our next story.

This is the battle of the tws earbuds. All three great all of them have got great reviews from us. The airpods three brand new samsung buds, two oneplus buds pro. Now. All three have great stuff, but they are very, very different from the cases to the battery life to the sound signature. Noise cancellation. Do they have it? Do they not have it uh, which one has the better base, which one has a better sound signature in terms of more natural? Well well tell you all well declare a winner at the end, the one that popularized true wireless earphones, the current incumbent and the korean champion. Yes, its a three way fight for the best true wireless earphones, the latest and the greatest airpods three go up against the oneplus butts pro and the samsung buds too three competitors, one were up lets find out starting off with the cases. All three earphones are small enough, but the oneplus buts pro stands out with its matte black finish and compact size that slips easily into the pocket thats, not to say that the airpods and galaxy buds arent convenient to carry, but the glossy look can have them attracting Scuffs over time score one for one plus, but it is what is inside that matters. Now this one comes down to personal choice, but both the oneplus buds pro and galaxy buds too, include silicon ear tips that can help keep a more secure fit during more active use.

The airpods 3, on the other hand, keep it light and breezy with a classic design that sits right on the ear canal. Its a completely different approach between the three earphones and the airpods chose to allow some spatial awareness where you can continue to hear ambient sounds around you. The oneplus butts pro and galaxy buds too, with the silicone buds, on the other hand, can dampen out some outside noise. This noise isolation is cracked up to the next level, with the addition of active noise cancellation on both the oneplus buds pro and galaxy, but still tune out the outside world and zone into your music apple, on the other hand, would prefer, if you step up to The airpods pro for the feature score for the oneplus butts pro and galaxy bots too. All those extra features are great, but how about sound quality? The airpods 3 get completely redesigned drivers for more bass, more clarity and a classic sound that aims to please the oneplus butts pro and samsung galaxy buds too. On the other hand, amp up the base to add some extra thumb to the music. Once again a personal choice, but this one goes to the airpods for trying to keep it neutral, but to keep the music going all day. Long youll need exemplary battery life in our testing. All three delivered on the stated promise, but theres one clear winner: oneplus claims. Seven hours of battery life and delivers the goods the airpods come in a close second, with six hours of music on a charge, whereas the galaxy buds too make do with just five hours.

The winner is obvious, however, theres one area where there is simply no competition and thats the ecosystem advantage. The airpods 3 seamlessly integrate across your iphone ipad and even your mac to effortlessly transition between whatever device you are listening on theres. No such functionality on the buds too or the oneplus, but strong score for the airpods. Now all that is great, but value is an equally important feature priced at rs 18500. The airpods 3 are a premium pair of earphones that justify their price for the seamless integration. With the apple ecosystem and neutral sound, however, if you want the most bang for your buck, you cannot go wrong with the oneplus buds pro that at rupees 9990 give you class, leading longevity quality, audio playback and even active noise cancellation. Finally, in third place is the galaxy but still available for rupees 11 990. These true wireless earphones have all features but lose out against the oneplus butts pro and airpods 3 because of the lacking ecosystem advantage worse battery life and not as effective active noise cancellation Music from there lets move on to our next review. This is another tws earbud, like i said right in the beginning. Tws earbuds are absolutely and totally on fire. These are the huawei free buds 4i very excited by this, because huawei does great work with their tws earbuds. But these are budget wireless here, but with noise cancellation in ear design with long stems, but theyre secure, fit well.

Oval shape case fits in the pocket very easy glossy case slightly slippery, but i still think i love it. I mean small little things, so thats good touch, sensors for various controls. Intuitive control sometimes can be a little finicky. 10 mm dynamic drivers, so its a well balanced sound lacks that super thump or bass that we all love in india, but otherwise theyre quite nice. Quite natural and the noise cancellation works very, very well price point: 6990 theres, no shortage of great wireless earbuds these days with fantastic and varied options found at all price points in this crowded market. Huawei aims to stand out by offering another value proposition by packing anc tech at a low and appealing price point where previous huawei mid range, earbuds have fallen short. The free buds 4i seems to finally hit the sweet spot between price features and sound quality, to make them a strong consideration for buyers. So is it finally worth getting the free buds 4i. We answer this in our sell guru review in terms of design the free buds 4i closely resembles the 3i. Their stems are elongated with rounded edges, resulting in a streamlined profile. The main sections of the buds have also been tweaked to better match the shape of your ears. We have no complaints regarding the fit and comfort which makes them great for long listening sessions. The pebble shaped charging case is compact, but its glossy finish means it picks up fingerprints quickly.

The earbuds are equally glossy, which can make them a little tricky to get out of the case if you dont grip them in a very specific manner, like the free buds. 3I, the 4i is compatible with huaweis ai life app. The app is pretty basic, but well laid out and easy to navigate. There are no eq presets or audio tweaking options, but it does display the remaining battery of each earbud and the case and lets you manually switch between the three noise control modes, noise, cancelling awareness and off. It also enables you to customize the four eyes: capacitive touch controls which are limited but intuitive and easy to learn. Your choice of play pause next song, previous song and vague voice assistant, can be assigned to a double tap on either bud, while touching and holding either butt cycles. Youth room, the three noise control options coming to how this sound first impressions of the huawei freebuds 4i are solid with 10mm dynamic, while drivers vocals take center stage in the audio mix and are delivered crisply with zero distortion at high volumes. The free birds, 4i sounds good for a range of music genres from bass. Heavy dance to guitar led fork, but the good news is they dont, sound, tinny and arent overly fatiguing to listen to. But the biggest surprise is that the free buds, 4is noise cancelling is not compromised by its price, with active noise cancellation on it is reasonably effective at dampening low end frequencies.

An awareness mode is also present, giving you the option to amplify external sound in situations where you need to hear whats going on around you and works well, the dual microphone setup that enables the noise cancelling and awareness mode also delivers solid voice. Clarity when on the phone battery life is also impressive, with the earbuds delivering around 10 hours on a single charge and with the charging case you get 22 hours of continuous playback theres, also quick charging. So you can get up to four hours of usage from a 10 minute charge priced at rupees 6990. The free buds 4i are built well have a pocketable case and offer a comfortable fit. They support good audio capabilities with effective anc2, which makes them a very compelling package for the price point. But if you have a bit more to spend youre still far better off with a pair of noise, cancelling buds from oppo, oneplus or even samsung. But if money is tight, theyre well worth a listen lets. Take a quick break right now on the sailguru show when we come back lots more happening. Music. Welcome back to the sell guru show, i think, our most fun story for this week. This is the yogify smart yoga mat, so this has got ai its actually got built in innovative sensors as a layer to track your yoga postures. It actually offers suggestions to help correct your posture in real time compatible with the yogify app receive real time feedback from virtual instructors, personalized workout plans track flexibility, strength, balance and daily progress.

So the yoga 5 vision is for a complete analysis of your posture, including upper body alignment and everything else. Youre doing lets find out how well it actually worked Music, its a connected world, we live in and it only makes sense if a yoga training is connected to now. We have fitness bands, we have fitness watches, and now we have the worlds first connected yoga mat. This is yogify and ai powered yoga mat that promises to take your yoga experience to a whole new level, but can it replace your personal yoga trainer lets find out the yogi five mat looks like any training mat, but has an additional twist to it. The most obvious physical difference is the strip that runs along the top of the fitness mat. This trip contains the smarts of yogify mat and allows it to connect to bluetooth and wi fi. This module also contains a battery that lets. The yogify mat go up to 2 hours on a single charge. The mat itself is made of a sturdy thermoplastic material and contains a range of sensors across the entire length, allowing it to track all vital data. Setting up the yogi format is straightforward: just power the mat download the yogify app and create a profile from there. All you need to do is pair the mat with your phone and get started. The app is designed for people just getting started with yoga as well as seasoned practitioners. The posture sensor is laid out across the length of the mat later tracker position.

However, the real beauty of the app is in its posture correction. Moreover, the app paired with the sensors on the mat will guide you to the exact position. Your hands or legs should be in visual indicators, even show just how much you need to shift to be in the right posture. It all works rather well and in our test it definitely helped us have a more impactful yoga session. The training app available on both ios and android takes you through a series of guided programs that help you target specific focus areas like mind body balance and make sure you get the posture correct. These training programs include step by step guidance that gives you feedback on. How well you perform the specific asana for apple watch users, the yogi fire man goes one step further by integrating directly with the watch. You can start or resume workouts straight from your wrist and get information on vitals. Like heart rate. This is especially useful for fitness. Focused sessions where you want to elevate your heart rate further, the app also works with apple tv and siri to initiate quick, workouts and display the guided workouts directly on your television. Now you pay for the entire year or ‘9 rupees. If you pay every month, definitely more affordable than a dedicated yoga teacher, while the yoga 5 man is priced around 24 000 rupees with festive offers going on, you can get it at around 13. 000 rupees now heres the wording.

I think its a great addition for seasoned yoga practitioners. You know they can use this its a good change for them, plus they can take their yoga to a whole new level, but, however, for beginners they should consider first taking personal yoga training sessions and then think of investing in this mat. That, then, was the sell guru show for this week.