I believe ive been using this for years, ive put together so many different routines. With this i remember putting a routine on the at the table lecture that i did with murphys many many years ago. This is just a really simple routine, but if you havent seen this app, you really should pick it up. Uh and im here with luke luke ive got my phone and i have a deck of cards yeah and the first thing is youre gon na pick. One of these cards now youre gon na write your name on it. So ideally pick a uh pick a number card, another uh, not a picture card, all right, so ill spread them out. So you can see them take a number card out when youve got it. Let me know show the camera dont show me and im going to give you a pen youre, going to write your name on the face of the card, not on the back on the face big letters or write your name on there. That would be amazing. Um. Then, underneath just put todays date just so thats wasted. I have no idea on the 9th of november now everybody knows when we were filming this there, you go yeah ill, take the pen back because basically thats how i got it and were gon na put the card back in the deck so um i dont know Just say uh just say: stop, stop right, now, put the card back there and well leave the card down in the middle uh, give the cards a couple of cups, and maybe one shuffle as well.

Should i do a shuffle yeah just for fun? Okay, so what i want you to do is hold your hand out for me and uh. The idea is really simple: im gon na put the phone right there in your hand and im going to take a uh, a card thats, not your card, the eight of diamond, the ace of diamonds thats, not your card right im going to put the ace here And what i want you to do is watch really carefully, because this is crazy. All i have to do is snap and that activates the phone, the kind of intern theres a special app just for magicians. It activates the app its sound activated and what it does is it automatically changes that card for the card that you picked. I know its kind of weird right and it works every single time. To be honest, i can even make that card materialize on the deck without even going anywhere near it look ill pop your card down in the middle, and what i want you to do my friend is is cover up the phone, so i cant see it. Take your other hand and cover up the phone okay and watch. Did you feel that? No, if i told you the card, was there now? Would that be good? Yeah, lift up your hand? Is it there uh, i cant see anything, maybe its gone in the case. Take it out the case.

Take take the case off it. Take the case off it just pull the case off, maybe its inside the case. That would be. Was it inside the case? No, this is kind of embarrassing. Was it in that little pockety thing? No, it wasnt theres only one thing: this happens, occasionally, im so sorry, you know what happens. Let me just unlock it. Yeah look, theres a folded up card underneath the uh screen and the phone. Ah, this is this is weird i mean i know i mean the only way to get that thing out is to just uh. Well, you got to uh, you got to grab it in just the right way and pull it out like that, thats. What you got to do, and and now you can see, ive pulled that card out unfold it and thats the one there you go its an incredible app uh.