So the varn that we got comes with 64 gigs of storage and four gigs of ram. This one is quite interesting because american helio g88 processor inside which is quite powerful for the affordable price range now smartphone and of course we got here. The 15 megapixel main camera with 2 megapixel camera and ai lens and, of course, theres. The eight megapixel selfie camera im really interested to know the performance of that one, but uh mainly parasandito its a good gaming smartphone, as we got here in the helio g88 processor, and also a five thousand milliamp hours of battery. So you probably know jung barang main highlight some hot 11s now lets proceed to our unboxing on smartphone at all time to unbox the infinix hot 11s part by mediatek, helio g88 processor, the one that we got comes with 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of Internal storage – yes, that is a decent specifications for a smartphone all right time to unbox. So we got here the infinix hot 11s and wow. Look at that its way different compared to other infinix smartphones that we have seen before the main features. And, of course, we got here the smartphone, but were going to talk about the infinix hot 11s later. Of course, we got here the jelly case of the smartphone, some of the paper stuff – that you wont probably need, of course, im adding ejector now adding sim card slot usb a to usb c cable and, lastly, our charger, which is my kool aid, green telomere, and This one is rated at 18 watts, so give me a few minutes, as i will just set it up and think nothing about performance it on infinix hot 11s.

So this is the infinix hot 11s, as you can see in here, this one is a pretty sexy. Smartphone uh, but its a affordable price range. So, as you can see in here, we got here the triple lens camera set up with a 15 megapixel main camera. I believe this is the 50 megapixel main camera, along with that is a 2 megapixel camera, and also the ai lens im, not sure which is which pedal. The main highlight in here is the 50 megapixel main camera. This is not a lens uh, the other one is actually the led flash, as you can see in here. This is the fingerprint scanner mandibsoli code and, of course, we got here a pretty nice design. This one is made up of glossy plastic. You know that its plastic, but you know i know its plastic, but, as you can see, theres a pattern or design in here, but once you hold it theres no texture its glossy. It is smooth and similar to my most plastic smartphones and, of course, we got here. The infinix logo details are right, side, metal, tightly the power button and also you adding volume, rocker and then below. We got here the usbc port, along with the headphone jack and also the speaker grille. On the other side, we got here young attend cartridge. Thankfully infinix has decided now, okay, usb scenario for this one. So, despite being in the hot series already hot 11s, the smartphone now uses usbc so medjoom, you know, pogba, cannon, cable, usbc, must feature proof.

Nasha, compare this micro, usb, cable and nasa marketplace right now at the affordable price range. As you can see in the monitoring. The display is kinda nice, so we got here. The 6.78 inch full hd plus display its a its a full hd plus display thats. Why i really like it – i mean it is smooth. It is nice theres, a 90 hertz refresh rate. Of course, it is not amoled, but the fact that its a 6.6 6.78 inch full hd plus display is something first, its large 6.78 thats pretty great for watching movies videos and of, of course, a game. None games, smartphone at all the other one is. It is full hd plus, actually, i dont care if its a 90 hertz display its a nice touchscreen, 99 thats nice, but its the full hd plus resolution thats, why its sharper its crisper, so everything that youre seeing in here right now its a lot better compared To other smartphones than my hd plus parent nah resolution, another plus for me is, as you can see in here, we got here the punch hole camera at the top. So yes, it isnt the smallest punch, hole camera, but its nice that my punch whole camera id is a smartphone. As for the borders mandito, the bezels are thin enough. So its good enough for me when it comes to display. So the display of the smartphone is one of the things that i really like on this one inside the smartphone, its a five thousand million parts of battery so and uh.

I think tata, gala mancha, but of course without checking out the software uh of the smartphone. So, as you can see in here, you can see in here the cleaner assistant, so maritime opera installed applications a smartphone, thankfully, when im not annoying, adds details to us its clearer its better. But of course there are a lot of applications that come spray installed on this one. I mean thats, fine with me uh as long as theyre useful. Some of them are probably not that useful pero its a lot better compared to the infinix smartphones that we have reviewed before and, of course, this one is responsiveness, so no problems about it and you know effects. It is smooth – and i do like number 90 hertz time – refresh rate detail so its better in the mac navigate. I am left and right opening applications. United hertz refresh data smartphone, now youre, probably curious about the camera again, its a 50 megapixel main camera. Of course, uh lets open the camera application. Of course, its still almost the same as the one that we have reviewed before by the thing details, uh infinix smartphones, so you can see in here. We got three different features we got here. You know adding video and short video and for the video we can record up to 2k. If i wanted to better, of course, 1080p entire day i cam again 50 megapixel mode, i dont really use that one right now say i can.

We got a beauty mode, portrait mode and, of course, theres the super night mode on the infinix hot 11s. So if youre probably curious about the camera, youre probably curious about the camera lets check out some of the shots that i took using the smartphone. So obviously the smartphone does offer a pretty good nah performance for getting a camera. I actually like the 50 megapixel main camera, as for the selfie camera, its good, but its a little bit soft for my taste. But overall i am really happy with the camera of the infinix hot 11s. It is really good for its price range, so yeah that is uh. That is the hot 11s again we got here a really nice design. I like the design, although its made up of plastic. I like the camera design over here. I, like the camera performance, its a helio, g88 processor and youre, probably curious performance check out some of the benchmarks that i took using the smartphone so yeah. That is a pretty good performance, but getting literally infinix hot 11s. So if you like, this video guys dont forget to give us a thumbs up and, of course, dont forget to subscribe to our channel and be sure to click that subscribe button along with that bell button to get notified all for our latest videos here, in my Youtube channel so once again, im john