So here is the phone its one of these ones. Thats got a six inch screen. This particular one has a nice sort of uh turquoisey color fingerprint sensor their own quad camera youve got your power button here and your volume buttons there and it looks like theres a thing there that might be for taking the back. Its a micro b, its a bit lighter than the phone im using at the moment, which is a which is a ruggedized one. So i think this will be a lot better for everyday use. Lighter heres, the user manual heres, the charger plug heres, the lead. Oh yeah, there is a um, a giant. It comes with a screen protector already fitted and theres a film that you need to remove. You need to try and take that off without actually um pulling off the screen protector, as well. So im going to leave that for the moment and have a quick look at the book, so um, the back you just uh, pull it off just just here where theres this little, it cutout off reasonably easily a bit more difficult, the first time i did it, But its already loosened up itll come up nice and easily now playing this last words so um the battery, so it seems to be held in by screws, which is not a bad idea Music. So, in my opinion, the instructions for this arent terribly clear. So i thought id just do a little film to explain it.

Theres a nano sim goes in here: thats sim slot, one theres, a micro swim goes in here, but i only have two nammos. So this little black outline here around the edge is a micro to nano adapter. So i put the slim in that and slid it in and then it worked. Fine and here is where the tf card goes. So you can put in two sims and a tf card. At the same time, the um cover on the screen protector, peels off quite nice and easily leaving the screen protected behind so thats a relief. Sometimes they can be a bit difficult. So just long press, the button – and it turns on this – is doozy powered by android um thats, the front camera by the way thats the light sensor, um theres, a speaker at the bottom and a microphone at the bottom. Here we are english, united states. I want english united kingdom so go to english. United kingdom start. So now it says there. It is just uh checking for updates and so im getting all the operating system ready and then in a minute ill have to do the copy data. Here we are copy. Apps and data so heres just a couple of screenshots showing some of the apps already installed and the rearrangement ive done with these screens Music. So here is the new uh doji phone 2g phone connected to my car and its usually running android, auto and offering me some routes home from where i am.

I dont really need the navigation to get me home, but i just want to get a little photograph of it actually in action as a navigation unit, because ive been using it that way quite a bit. So here we are out in my garden. Weve got some new plants the other day. This one here is a variegated nausea and that one down there is a nepeta which has been out blackberry and picking some of our own raspberries as well. So just thought id do a little bit of filming with this new camera phone. So you can see how well it does in moderate light relatively close range, and here is a short bit of playing around filming using the macro filming lens and just to give you an idea of what you can do with that thats really close in about an Inch away – and here is a photograph of the nepeta from a distance – and here is a macro of the actual flowers again taken within an inch or so of the flower. And here is a macro film of the nausea flower.