ph and welcome back to my channel and today were gon na. Do a review of the latest smartphone from realme philippines, the realme 8i. I know this is the box right here. This is the realm 8i. The newest addition to the realme 8 family and, of course this is smartphone boxing a lot of cool features, including a 120 hertz refresh rate, a 50 megapixel triple lens camera and a lot more now its time to talk about the smartphone. So, as you can see in here, we got here a really nice and shiny back and yes, it attracts a lot of fingerprint smudges, which is a little bit annoying for me. Ive seen i said since super glossy yeah super uh, nice tomato. It attracts a lot of fingerprint smudges. Actually it is my favorite realme 8 smartphone uh among the family bhagavating secondary design. I still prefer this design, i mean they got here the arc beam design at the back, and i like the shiny, uh black color that we got in here. So this is the space black and i like yunkanyang reflections, actually brown, but it looks really premium and it looks really nice, especially for its price. But again it attracts a lot of fingerprints images and, as for me right now, but of course uh its. It is uh, it is what it is. The thing make a short jelly case: if you want, if you want to use that one but im a protectant liquid, smartphone or masira, but yeah uh, it lacks a lot of fingerprint smudges thats the downside, but the upside.

The moneto is uh in my opinion. As for the camera module, this one is very similar to the real me eight series. We got here a thinner camera module, but i actually like the design of this one, but this one its. It comes with a triple lens camera, a 50 megapixel main camera, a black and white sensor, and also a macro lens moment in quality. But as for me, forgetting so as for the ergonomics, i actually like uh how it feels as it is, i mean 6.6 inch display but and again uh. Unlike the real me eight pro, this one is the subtle, uh uh real me branding. We got here the real me logo on the side, theres no there to leave malachi dito for some people they might like they might like that. But for me i prefer the subtle branding uh, especially glossy background smartphone at all. Before i talk about the display. Lets talk about the ports and the bottom stamenditos a smartphone on the right. We got here the fingerprint scanner and magente placement in a fingerprint scanner and the volume rocker is placed on the other side of the smartphone, so modeling boot in both the volume rocker and also the power button of the smartphone. As for the ports, we got your 3.5 mm audio jack and also usb c port, so thankfully mer panishan 3.5, some uh still on the budget deeper in rtw and the usbc port supports 18 watts of charging so smartphone and yes, its usbc.

So most of the linux machine up and most universal line and usbc is among new smartphones. As for the battery life, i was actually surprised that this smartphone can last really long. I mean ive been using it for a day, uh playing pubg mobile and some other games. But despite that, i was expecting alright by the end of the day, with another battery. Surprisingly you, but if youre into heavy gaming, no problem yeah uh. Yes, my content im going, but the battery life of this one is really good. It exceeded my expectations, so i believe most people, the average people, would last a day details a smartphone or even a day, and a half uh now lets talk about the display of the smartphone. So first we got here the 6.6 inch, a full hd plus display on the smartphone. You also got here the punch hole, selfie camera, which is a 16 megapixel front facing camera, and the highlight of this one is: it comes with a 120 hertz refresh rate, its not amoled, its still an ips display, so its not as smooth as uh the 120hz Amoled but the sampling rate of this one is 180 hertz, so very responsive dimension and so far will i want to get problem with 120 hertz refresh rate and for me to man for the things the games and of the sorry numa 60 fps, the games pero Its its a welcome addition, its maritime support for 90 fps, but for this one mostly are 60 fps, and i really dont have any problems with that.

I mean its a helio, g96 processor mama goes up in performance, but most of the games that ive tried. London can reach up to 60 fps and problem as long as responsibility is playing. You know cause i review smartphones now, alright, most of the games that ive tried theyre only up to 60 frames per second or even 30 fps. As for the quality, its big enough for watching videos, movies, netflix or whatever your videos that youre watching the surreal m8i and actually like the color of this one, so no no, no im actually surprised that its bright enough for my usage and magenta in colors yeah. It is sharp and its actually better than expected its open meditation, 100 dc ip3 in the colors detail and, surprisingly theyre right, its really good uh. The colors are really nice, its still not on par with the modern amoled displays, but this one is really good for an ips display, especially for its range and knowing that my 120 hertz refresh ratio its something so lets talk about the performance and also the hardware Inside of the smartphone, along with the software, so first the software, it comes with realme ui, 2.0. Of course it comes with a lot of applications. You can uninstall most of them and similar for an opinion when it comes to real miui. Its still the same. There are some applications that you might want to uninstall some applications that are hidden when calendar smartphone, but its still, a its still a fine smartphone.

For me, as for uh, the performance again were running here at helio g96 processor, with a 120 hertz refresh rate. So navigating on the smartphone on the real miui is smooth. Actually most of you feel komas premium smartphone every time the matasa. I love how smooth the navigation of the smartphone is, especially when browsing facebook and also browsing the web so again, helio g96, a very decent processor or my pagosapanatin benchmarks, but lets talk about first, the memory of the smartphone, so the smartphone starts at four plus 64 Gigs of variant for some people, they might not uh, be enough for us, understandable, 64 gig for some people being enough, but uh momentum goes up and at their price, which is really good, detour, surreal, m8i and, i believe guys in my four plus 64 tayo. I think sulit naman sha pak dating sakanyam pricing, so uh. I really suggest that you get the six plus one two eight, not only now you knew my virtual run up up to uh, plus five gig ram uh using the storage nut, and but it also has a bigger storage, especially now that we got a larger games. I mean gt uh, sorry, uh, ganshin impact uh mirror four is big, also and other games as well and, of course, the other thing games like grand theft, auto, auto, trilogy, definitive edition, which is, i expect them to malachi rinsha, once a domination smartphone, so its better Enough future proof you smartphone yo, with a bigger storage, as for the four plus 64 that were using right now, so far, im really happy in a man forgetting some games.

Actually, i was even able to play some games like genji and pacquito uh, but four plus 64, for some people like heavy gamer. They would still uh like that one, especially young canyon price. But overall, i still suggest that you get a micro sd card for this. One as a storage smartphone, as for the benchmarks check out the nagina with coditos smartphone, so the scores are fine. I expected it to be that way. Its a heli, g96 processor, four gigs of ram uh, now lets talk about my experience when it comes to gaming. So first lets talk about ganshin impact. The engine impact is one of the most demanding games. Right now is the market, and so far with the real me eight, i was a. I was able to play game impact on the smartphone uh, of course, lowest settings 30. Fps, yes, i could run it at 30. Fps, no problems at all. Of course, the performance of frame rates pagness, oh in the fight scenes, but so far its playable its enjoyable. So no problems with me when it comes to game, changing pack and, of course, pajima adjusted settings depending on preferring your parts. Again. As for pubg mobile, we were able to play the game at balanced graphic settings at ultra frame rates, uh thats, 40 fps and i believe the smartphone can handle even more kayane seguro, mug higher point graphics, with a higher frame rate. Unfortunately, in a limitless idea for the chipset, but so far, i am enjoying pubg mobile, a dead match or battle rail mode, no problems at all as for league of legends, while they pull on problems were able to run the game at ultra frame rates, uh 60fps.

No problems at all smooth, no problem uh. So when it comes to monster gaming, no problem not idiots are real. Me 8i now lets talk about the camera of the smartphone. First, we got here the 16 megapixel selfie camera, the 16 megapixel selfie camera can get you a nice selfie uh for its range uh im, actually pretty happy with the selfie camera of the smartphone. Even in portrait itself is not little theyre good. At separating the background, and also the object and uh in the same perfect selfie camera, but its great for its range now for the rear camera. First, we got here the 15 megapixel main camera, along with a bmw sensor and also an ultra macro lens and yes, voila ultra wide density, though it might be four circles in silicon, but but one of them is actually the led flash. As for the main camera. Yes, it can shoot decent shots as long as my decent lighting tile, of course, when its when were shooting at the night time, dunya movement even at night mode, main time, hunting, noise and uh a little bit of artifacts, better, just a little bit pero. What im talking about is that the night mode is especially for its range because were talking about a smartphone uh, mura, uh, and yet it can do uh some night shots that that is that good and as foreign rear camera daylight. Well, we got some pretty nice shots in here.

The details are nice. The sharpness is good, actually just check out some of the shots that i took using this smartphone out there. As for the ultra macro, i was actually surprised that it would be that good. As for the ultrawide, no ultra wide die dieto and, of course, the portrait mode is kind of good, the mandito so smartphone. I thought the rear camera can shoot decent lighting as soon as i can can shoot decent shots at uh, daylight conditions and so far for its range im, pretty happy with the camera that we got the cereal m8i its not perfect. The dynamic range isnt perfect, but the colors are nice. The sharpness is just fine for its price range. So on to the verdict. The real m8i is a pretty good smartphone. We got really long battery life, a 120 hertz refresh rate, yes, its, not amoled its ips uh. You can take advantage of it, but the 120hz refresh rate is smooth enough. For me, i am happy with it, as for uh camera triple lens camera launcher. Unfortunately, no ultrawide, so if youre uh an ultra white person for getting someone shooting them videos medium disappointing ultra wide, but the 50 megapixel can do a lot on this smartphone and again the g96 is a pretty capable processor. You can play a lot of games. You can play a lot of applications without any problems at all. Now to the exciting part, the pricing, the real me 8.

I is actually pretty affordable for the 4 plus 64 gig that we got in here. This one is priced at 990 pesos but uh for those people and no no, no, the bhagavatam video uh. They will be offering this one for 890 starting november 17 up to november 21. and for the six plus one to eight gigabyte of the smartphone. You can get it for eleven thousand eight hundred ninety pesos and similar promotions, uh data cinema for ten thousand nine hundred ninety pesos. So you mix up you know 1000 pesos off if youre going to get the smartphone earlier, so yeah thats, it review nothing. Real me! 8I, so if you like this, video well dont forget to give us thumbs up and, of course, dont forget to subscribe to our channel and be sure to click that subscribe button along with that bell button to get notified of our latest videos here, sucking youtube channel. So once again, im jump jump online, dot ph. Thank you for watching and see you guys again.