We are beginning with the main event, so the realme gt5g. So i am, of course, super excited to check this phone out for myself, so weve got the 8gb plus 128 variant, not sure what color is were going to find out together. So here we go. Hey welcome to the real me family and, i have to say, im actually enjoying the real me unboxing experiences so inside this first envelope we have our sim eject tool on the back and we have, of course, a quick start guide and a black clear silicon case. Nice, a usbc charging cable and if i just lift up the phone from the box wow that is, slim isnt, it all right lets just take this plastic covering off and lets see what color this is wow. I dont even know what you call that deep, blue, deep blue sea, that color is beautiful with a two tone effect going on, and that is in fact a glass back ill put the phone down on the side right now lets see what else we get inside The box, so this is what i was interested in, and this is in fact a 65 watt super dart charger and i believe thats 100 charge in just 35 minutes and of course i will be doing a charging speed test video and you can check out that Video on my second channel thats, the by channel and ill leave the links in the description, so that is the realme gt unboxed.

So here is our first look at the realme gt. First impressions, its a very slim smartphone, feels very premium, definitely holding a flagship in my hand. Weve got glass back uh, very nice, curved design and youve got this chrome metal finish going all the way around now. Quick, look at the ports, headphone jack microphone, usb c and single speaker on the side. Weve got a power button and on the other side you have a volume rocker and your sim eject tray. So the sim tray supports dual 5g nano sim cards. There is no micro sd card slot and on the top you will see a single microphone. A very compact smartphone were looking at 6.43 inch super amoled display. That is 120 hertz. I want to go to settings first of all, go to display and were going to check the screen refresh rate so right now its set on automatic, so it can automatically select the best refresh rate based on what youre doing or what app you have open. Um. You can set it to standard 60 hertz to conserve battery power or you can leave it on constant high, which means 120 hertz throughout. So the phone is powered by the snapdragon triple lake and you can see ultra smooth ultra fast uh, no issues. There weve got the adreno 660 eight gigs of ddr5 ram and 128 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage. There is no micro sd card slot. Youve got triple cameras on the back, consisting of a 64 megapixel primary 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro, and there is a 16 megapixel front.

Camera hole, punch, design, yeah, so full screen display looks bright and beautiful thats. A thousand nits of peak brightness screen resolution is full hd, plus um 543 pixels per inch very nice beautiful. Looking super amoled display. We have an in display fingerprint sensor and you can see how fast it is and we also have a pretty quick face unlock. So, of course, we have the real me ui 2.0, with android 11 underneath, and it feels faster than ever. Thanks to the snapdragon 8 chipset yeah, so the ryobi ui has never felt this fast. This is the most powerful experience you are going to get from a realme, smartphone and guess what guys the google play store is there. So this is the proper eu version. You can see it says real me in english, so eu version means you get the google play store and all the goodies that come with it. I believe weve seen some reviews in the past with the global version, where the real me writing is in chinese. So you know this is the version you want its got, the google play store and its got all the features that we all love. So 4, 500 milliamp hour battery 65 watt fast charging everything is going to be tested in this phone. Weve got stereo speakers as well, and i absolutely love the color, so real me gt full review coming soon. Some of the specs on the back, so weve got active noise cancellation 25 hour total playback, 88 milliseconds super low latency, so great for gaming.

Weve got 10 millimeter drivers with enhanced bass, transparency mode and youve got fast charging so 10 minute charge equals 120 minutes playback. All right so lets check these out real me buds air 2 lifting them out of the box packaging getting removed. Lets see what else we got in the box for a second charger and spare ear tips with user manual on the in the middle, so heres a bag of spare ear tips to give you that perfect fit and youve got a yellow, colored usbc charging cable, its A short cable, so the charging case is made from plastic with a shiny black finish. Youve got the real me logo on the front, nothing on the back. You can see the hinge and youve got your usbc charging port at the bottom. If you open the lid, you will see an led power indicator in the middle, and here are the earbuds themselves. If i lift them straight out, you can see the design finished in black uh nice, big 10 millimeter drivers, uh theyre, going to give you enhanced base. You can see the charging pins at the bottom, so 25 hours total battery power uh with the charging case, so nice, looking earbuds full details and price information will be in the description box. Lets move on to the next product, the 50 watt usb c portable dart charger. Now this i have to see dark charging is an incredible technology. Wow, look at the size of this 50 watt super dart charger.

So youve got your socket on the back. You plug this in usb c port at the bottom, so that is the smallest and slimmest 50 watt charger i have ever seen and – and this is a super dark charger – people are very impressed with the design. I just want to see. Yes, you actually get a long, usb c to usbc cable included in the box, so one more product to unbox which im quite excited about this is the real me watch. 2, simple packaging here is the watch. Lets see what accessories we get so user manuals and the charger and its important to check out the charger when it comes to a smart watch to see what its like so weve got a round magnetic usb charger awesome and the smart watch itself. So here is the first look of the ryomi watch 2.. It looks like an old plastic. Build weve got health sensors on the back. So all day, heart rate sensor and sbo2 weve got removable. Silicon wrist straps and i believe, thats 22 millimeters dare to leap, is on the wrist, strap people interesting so its actually. Turning on as we speak and heres, a quick look at the charger, just stick it on the back, plug that in and youll be charged up in no time so. Im all paired up – and here is the default watch face so were looking at a 1.4 inch. Ips display i dont want to give away too much information but heres a quick skim through all of the apps, so we do have an all day.

Heart rate sensor, spo2, monitoring, 90 sports modes built in there is a 12 day battery life.