Usb charging cable magnetic detachable fee light with four color gels, small tripod and the smartphone gimbal itself lets get firstly to a physical look of this smartphone pro gimbal being in pro version. This looks more like a small mirrorless camera gimbal, rather than a smartphone gimbal focus or zoom knob on the left, with a great and precise amount of friction, joystick on the front record mode button, menu button, multi function, rocker with fill light button in the middle function. Button on the right with the power button, on top of it on one side, you will find an useful one: quarter screw mount to mount some additional accessories on the back. There is the trigger button and usb charging port. The gimbal can lock all the three axes for an easy carry just like bigger zoom brothers, the gimbal illuminates this led strip, so you can understand in which mode you are and actually have, the sign. Pan follow, lock, vortex and all the others. The dedicated magnetic field light can be magnetically attached on both sides of the smartphone clamp controlling the fill light is easy and simple turning it on with the center light button and fine tuning the light source with the rocker. It gets astonishingly bright more than enough for this type of work. The gimbal will work the best if using the zy, cami smartphone app so lets dive in and check all the specs and features of this app thats, actually the best when using with this gimbal.

Just like my review of the smooth x2, you have basically the same layout with improved functions for the smooth 5.. You will be able to select the zoom and focus option by pressing the center button inside the wheel, and the sum function feels really smooth switching to the focus option. You will be able to really make manual focus in focus tracks just like when using in real mirrorless manual. Motorized, follow, focus, lens and works. Pretty fine. You will have the photo options: video panorama dolly zoom time lapse and hyperzoom on the left. The shoot option with flashlight microphone, selection grid and white balance, gimbal option run and walk, follow, option, joystick, speed, zoom speed and invert function with the gimbal calibration under general settings. You will be able to check the firmware and manage the device just like every pro gimbal. This gimbal has a smart gesture mode to start and stop recording with a tracking function. The tracking can be also selected manually on the screen. It works pretty good and i was able to wreck my face or body without any problems. Music. I went out with this gimbal to actually test the stabilization and some settings and features that this swingable offers lets go straight to the footage: Music, Music. Okay, so this gimbal isnt for everyone – and it will be mostly useful for old folks that want to squeeze all the computing and lens power out of your smartphone with some advanced features and get that near really pro.

Look in your videos, yes, its also great for any type of other use and the bright fill light could catch up better on your darker scenes. This is a test unit and i wasnt able to use all the pro features. Well, that goes out today with an future update on the zy kami app.