You loves welcome back to my youtube channel unboxing samsung, galaxy a03s and samsung smartphone for nothing. I lock, 11 11 sale, caller blackpool, im, adding samsung galaxy and lock. The smart network is a globe or d2 sim mobile cable type, c yen, puang hating charger table type c pusha and samsung adapter, and not Music, Music, android, 11, 1 ui 3.1, core chipset mediatek mt hellu, 35p and cpu octa core cortex a53 memory, 32gb microsdxc 30gb Display type bls lcd 6.5 inches resolution 720 by 1600, pixels samsung galaxy, a or 3s led flash semi camera wlen wi fi, wi, fi, direct hotspot, bluetooth and dual nano mp 2mp 2mp depth, 2mp macro and 12 megapixel wide af, chipset media techno, cpu octa core cortex; A53 specs, so mah good battery capacity storage is 64 gb memory. Memory is 4gb.