The starting price of this device is 450 euros in the eu. Lets take you further look. I got this review unit packed into this nice real me box, where the phone is bundled with the bus air 2 a set of budget. True wireless earphones inside the retail box of the phone, you can find some paperwork: a sim jack tool, a soft tpu case, usb type c cable and a 65 watts fast charger. We have a pretty standard looking phone, even though realme probably calls it a digital urban design either way. A love is smooth and nice to the touch backplate that does a great job, camouflaging, fingerprints and smudges. However, i found the phone to be a little bit slippery, but that is the case with most of the phones these days, the back panel and the side frame are made of plastic, but they are not cheaply made and they do a great job imitating aluminum and Glass also, the overall build quality is very good, even though this is quite a huge device. I found it to be comfortable to hold in the hand the 6.62 inch display is definitely one of the highlights. This amoled panel is made by samsung and i found it to be sharp vivid and it is very bright, reaching a peak brightness of 1300 nits. So outdoor visibility is not a problem. Also, a 120 hertz refresh rate makes the phone feel fast and smooth and a 600 hertz touch sampling rate means it is very responsive to touches, which is crucial.

While gaming, i found the in display fingerprint reader to be fast, accurate and reliable in the left top corner of the screen. We have a 16 megapixel shooter. The main camera system includes a 64 megapixel sensor at the car 8 megapixels ultra wide and 2 megapixels macro lens. The dual speaker system sounds really well, it is loud and the sound is quite balanced. Here is a quick audio test. Applause. Music Applause now lets talk about hardware. The phone lacks a micro sd card slot, but storage options start at 128 gigabytes so that shouldnt be a problem for most users. I have the maxed out model with 256 gigabytes of storage and 12 gigabytes of ram. For some reason, games are capped at 60 fps, but the overall gaming performance is still near excellent. All of the games i played performed well on the highest visual settings, meaning that the gt2 neo is a pretty good option. If you love mobile gaming, for instance, pubg runs without skipping a beat on hdr extreme graphics, which is a pretty good benchmark. Real mismarketed, advanced cooling system turns out to work well in practice. The device doesnt get uncomfortably warm even after longer gaming sessions, even though realme said that this phone would most likely launch with android 12 and real me ui 3.0. In europe, the update has been pushed back to december, going by the recent official news. On the other hand, december is just around the corner and the design of the ui is said to be more expressive and organized, and the overall experience should be smoother at the time of this video, the phone runs on realme ui 2.

0, that is based on android 11., even though its not the latest version of android and real, miss ui, im very happy with the overall performance, the device feels fast and fluid pretty much all the time. Also, the real me ui is loaded with features and customization options. I wouldnt say that i use all of them, but it is pretty nice to play around and customize and tweak the phone in a variety of ways when it comes to image quality. The wide angle, shots, look, okay, but as usual corner sharpness is not ideal. The main 64 megapixel sensor, on the other hand, produces really nice and sharp photos with pretty good color reproduction and rich dynamic range. A dedicated 64 megapixels mode also takes nice looking photos and it gives you a lot of resolution needed for cropping images in post, since there is a lot of megapixels to play with, you can take really nice looking two times: digital zoom pictures. There is also a five time zoom option, but the results clearly show this is a digital zoom portrait mode may not always work, ideally, but most of the shots came out quite nice. I wouldnt say the same about the macro camera, though, as pictures could have more detail. Selfie portraits usually come out nice, but there are a few shots where you can see some artifacts around the edges in low light. I suggest you stick to the main camera for the best results, as this shooter can produce some really nice photos in night mode.

This mode is also available on the wide angle lens and even in two or five times, digital zoomos, but the results are just mediocre. Low light, selfie quality depends on the shot. It is possible to get a nice looking selfie in auto portrait and in a dedicated night modes, but make sure to find a decent light source for the best results. 4K 60fps video is very shaky thats. Why? I suggest you use 4k 30fps mode for handheld, shooting the footage comes out, stable and smooth, and the overall quality is pretty good for more smoothness. There is an ultra steady video mode that is limited to 1080p resolution. The wide angle is also limited to full hd resolution, so i mainly use the main sensor for a better quality 4k 30fps video 1080p selfie video is nice and smooth with a video stabilization feature turned on, but it introduces a huge crop factor if you dont need Stabilization, you can turn it off for a wider field of view. The battery life on this phone has been solid. I would say its a full day: battery phone for heavy users and easily a 2 day battery phone. If you are just using the device for the basic stuff, a full charge of the integrated 5000 milliamp hours battery takes just about 32 minutes with a supplied, 65w fast charger, which is one of the best results in the segment. When it comes to connectivity, the device has been working.

Fine, for instance, ive used the butts air 2 earphones via bluetooth and theyve been working. Just fine, also, im really impressed with the sound quality and the bus are comfortable to wear. Overall, the real me gt, neo 2, has quite a lot to offer for the price it all starts with a subtle yet elegant design. The phone has good, build quality. Excellent amoled display great overall performance, a massive battery with a super fast charging and good image quality, especially using the main 64 megapixel sensor. The main flaws include the lack of the micro sd card slot, mediocre macro camera and quite a huge crop factor. When you turn the video stabilization on a selfie shooter, some may also complain about the lack of the headphone jack. Well, i believe these are more like nitpicks, instead of real flaws, considering how much you get for the price. If you are willing to forget about them, the real me gt neo2 is easy to recommend, as it is the device with one of the highest price to performance ratios on the market. What do you think about the real me gt neo2? Would you buy this phone or would you choose another option, as always like the video, if you liked it, please subscribe to the channel if you havent already and as always it was lions.