The iphone has for many years, been the default smartphone in the west, and so when you move from the standard to the pro, is it really worth it? I mean iphones never tend to do one thing really. Well, they just tend to do pretty much everything decently. The 13 pro is a device that, if you take it in the context of its predecessors, is a pricier base model with a rather useless extra camera and a different color selection. That changes this year, though, and thanks to vodafone uk for sending this smartphone out for review, hey guys, im ryan thomas – and this is my iphone 13 pro review in 2021. Even though device came out in 2021, i worked that one out in post straight away. Youd be forgiven for thinking that this is just a 12 pro s because of the way it looks on the outside the 13. Pro, though, comes with a more powerful processor, a new one, terabyte storage option, a slightly larger battery, a significantly improved camera stack and a brand new 120hz oled display its not just a simple case of upgrade the internals and thats about it, because the actual user experience Changes when you go from the 12 pro to the 13 pro these differences internally make a big difference to the user experience. Of course, this comes in at the same price as the 12 pro at 949 pounds here in the uk, for the base 128 gigabyte model and, to be honest, thats, not bad.

I mean obviously smartphones being a thousand pounds isnt great overall, but when you take it in the context of the landscape with the galaxy s21, the s21 plus and stuff like that, its actually not awful and given the big upgrade in user experience this year. For the same price as the phone last year, its actually quite a bargain cant believe im saying that 950 pound bargain for a smartphone yeesh gon na get a lot of android fanboys. In the comments, the 13 pros design is very similar to the previous model. With a few exceptions, it has got the same: squared off, edges, lightning, charging port and the same ip68, water and dust resistance. But there are some marked changes. The frame is thicker, meaning that your old cases wont fit. The notch has been cut down significantly, so the screen space either side is larger. The camera bump has let itself go a little bit, making it a huge domino on the back and the screens refresh rate is bumped up from 60 to 120 hertz, which does make a difference. I still stand by the fact that you dont need a high refresh rate smartphone screen, but there we go its, how the market is going right now the high refresh rate screen does make a difference. If you can tell the difference between a standard and high refresh rate screen for tech, nerds, most people watching this video people who know what theyre looking for when you go from a high refresh rate to a standard refresh rate screen, you can tell the difference immediately.

Im guessing that its one of the biggest things that you you can tell the difference between the 12 pro and the 13 pro. However, for big steve from plymouth who doesnt give a crap about what kind of smartphone he has as long as its an iphone, probably couldnt tell the difference between the standard and the 120 hertz. It does take its effect on battery life, its not quite as good. If you put it in the high refresh rate mode, however, compared to the 12 pro the 13 pro overall, even with 120 hertz screen, does seem to be getting people better battery life anyway. Well talk about that a little bit later. The performance is unsurprisingly, given the a15 bionic and 6 gigs of ram amazing. I mean this is one of the highest performing smartphones. You can get. The graphic seems to be more potent than qualcomm samsung and now google, so yeah theres a reason that apples recent laptop releases are smashing the competition even being on an arm based platform and thats, because its been doing it in the iphone for so long and the Iphone has been king in performance for so long im, not gon na try and persuade you to switch to ios from android if you like one over the other youre likely gon na stick to that one or the other im personally indifferent. I dont mind whether im on an android smartphone or ios smartphone. I have a lot of sort of investment in either ecosystem.

I guess when it comes to apps that ive bought on the play store or the app store. I found the battery life to be pretty good, got me through a full day at pretty high brightness and obviously left in the adaptive 120 hertz mode. Its definitely not the best battery life ive ever come across, and that makes sense because the battery isnt, actually that big and the phones not actually that big. I use a lot of between sort of 60 and 80 brightness with a few spells of a hundred percent. Here there and everywhere – and i also use bluetooth to connect to my earpods overall – a pretty light workload – maybe a medium workload, but i definitely dont spend all day gaming on my smartphone or watching youtube, and with that context i got a full day of battery life. Ending the day with about 30 to 35, that is much better than my iphone 12 mini the charging, though isnt. That fast, i mean yeah its its not going to beat the huaweis, the real me or the xiaomis of the world and its one of those things where you tend to charge your phone overnight instead, whereas with those aforementioned chinese brands. If you woke up in the morning and forgot to charge your smartphone, you put it on charge. Whilst you have a shower or make breakfast and by the time youre finished its a hundred percent, those charging methods are way way faster and, in my opinion, more usable.

I dont think that really apple is going to go there. I dont see them releasing a 65 watt charging brick in the next couple of years. I mean they dont even give you a brick in the box for crying out loud, which is an absolute well theres. No defending it its just a greedy money grab to be honest anyway, before i rant on about apples, questionable business practices lets talk about the cameras. This is the big upgrade this year, its a larger main sensor, a slightly faster aperture and a sensor shift stabilization technology that we first saw in the 12 pro max when it came to apple devices. Thats now available on both the pro and the pro max, which is quite cool. The ultrawide has enjoyed a faster lens, making it better in low light, and the telephoto lens is now three times instead of a two times, making it around 75 millimeter equivalent, which is actually quite a nice portrait focal length, which means you dont really need to use. Something like a portrait mode to get natural bokeh, oh and though the f 2.8 aperture is slower than the f2 from last year. It still gives you nice natural, looking bokeh Music, even as an iphone 12 mini user. If i was given a free upgrade to a 13 mini or 13 pro or 13 pro max, whatever im picking the 13 pro. To be honest, even though im an iphone 12 mini user im still picking the 13 pro, because it offers a lot more and of course i wouldnt be paying for it, which would be nice.

But this, i think, is a really good smartphone this year, its got good battery life, a really good screen, really good performance, really good battery life and, of course, the overall package is well a lot fancier than a 12 milli lets put it that way. It is probably the best all round smartphone you can buy this year, but i can wholeheartedly recommend this to people who were going to buy the pro model or even just the standard base model this year anyway. It might cost a little bit more yes, but you are getting more for your money and with that id like to thank vodafone for sending this smartphone out for review, ive had a lot of fun using it. I actually sent it back a couple of weeks ago now, but im recording all of my a roll after getting a haircut and after being ill and all those things i do apologize for a couple of reasons. If the cars going past were distracting, i tried to make the audio setup more sort of isolated so that you couldnt hear stuff like that, and also if the lens has fogged up at all, it is getting to that time of year again anyway. Thank you all. So much for watching, please do like dislike comment and subscribe if youre new around here to never miss a video like this one and also check out all my social medias in the links in the video description.

I want to give a massive shout out to my patrons for being continually supportive, oh and if you want to go and check out those deals from vodafone ill leave, links to those in the video description, ive been ryan, thomas and ill catch.