There are some downgrades compared to the pro model, though, so is this one still worth getting im? Will for gsm marina and lets find out in our google pixel 6 review Music. The pixel 6 stands out from the crowd and his predecessors with this, uniquely designed camera bump, which extends as a black bar across the whole back panel. This allows google to go for a two tone: look with a different color above and below the camera strip, its not quite as noticeable in our stormy black finish, though, the camera bump sticks out quite a bit from the back and can be a lint magnet, but At least since its all the way across it doesnt make the phone wobble, while its sitting on a desk, google has gone in a different direction from last years: pixel 5, rather than plastic its now a premium gorilla glass 6 panel with a rounded matte aluminum frame At 207 grams, its a bit chunkier than the pixel 5 2 and overall, it feels sturdy in hand, but something it does share with. The previous model is ip68 rated dust and water resistance for peace of mind. The pixel 6s display is a flat 6.4 inch amoled with a 1080p resolution, a punch hole for the selfie cam and gorilla glass victis protection. Some people might prefer this flat screen to the pro models curved one, but there are some downgrades here too: a slower 90 hertz, refresh rate and a lower 1080p resolution.

Even so, the regular pixel 6s display is quite decent, its sharp enough and smooth enough, even without those higher end specs, the picture is contrasty thanks to amyloid technology and theres hdr 10 plus support the color. Presets can deliver ok accuracy and max brightness is good too. We measured up to 860 nits in auto mode when in bright light, you also get an under display fingerprint reader for your biometrics rather than a capacitive one, its reliable, but not the fastest weve used for audio. The pixel 6 has a pair of stereo speakers with one bottom firing speaker and the other that doubles as the earpiece. The pair earned a good score on our loudness charts and the sound quality is good too comparable to that of the iphone 13. Music. You dont get a traditional headphone jack on the pixel 6 or expandable storage. Either there is a choice of 128 or 256 gigs on board, though one of the major developments of this years. Pixel phones is that they feature the new 5 nanometer tensor chipset, built in house by google. It seems that google wants to stand out from other android manufacturers and provide a more proprietary experience, since this is the first generation software wise, the pixel, 6 doesnt feel so different from other high end android phones, except for the fact that it runs the new android. 12, which provides things like color themes for your icons and menus. There are a couple of neat features made possible by the tensor chips: machine learning, capability, googles, automatic speech.

Recognition is more advanced than ever before and real time translation is becoming even more of a reality. Both in actual conversations as well as the captions for videos that youre watching its not perfect, but is impressive. Nonetheless, the other major differences here are behind the scenes, like with the camera processing, in particular in benchmarks. The tensors performance is excellent, comparable to the high end snapdragon 888 chipset demanding games run pretty well too, but i wouldnt call this a gaming phone thermal management could be better and we measured thermal throttling in our stress tests, which could become noticeable during long gaming sessions. The pixel 6 isnt a battery champion either, but it does a decent job. With this 4 600 milliamp hour battery scoring an endurance rating of 86 hours in our proprietary tests. The phone doesnt actually come with a charger in the box. We will be able to charge it to 41 in half an hour with an 18 watt. One theres also support for wireless charging. The pixel 6s new dual cameras include a main camera with a larger 50 megapixel sensor and also a 12 megapixel ultra wide cam. You dont get a telephoto zoom like on the pro model, though, during the day photos from the pixel 6s main camera are great, theres, excellent sharpness and plenty of fine detail with a characteristic pixel style rendition, plus theres high contrast and wide dynamic range, as well as Vivid, but not over saturated colors portrait shots are decently sharp and have generally good.

Subject separation there are still some mix ups from time to time, though, although theres no zoom lens, the digital zoom, does a decent job, at least at two times magnification. You just see a bit of extra softness. If you look closely, we did try the new motion mode, which is powered by the tensor chipset, but is still in beta and has some kinks to be ironed out with the action pan function, it wasnt easy to catch. A moving subject in the frame and the subject, detection and detail leave more to be desired. The long exposure function is easier to work with and produces. Ok results. The ultra wide cam captures very good photos with lots of detail. Good contrast, wide dynamic range and pleasing vibrant colors, there is some noise present and the field of view isnt as wide as on some competitors. If youre shooting with the main cam in dark conditions, the pixel 6 will apply auto night sight processing by default. You can also toggle the night side mode on the photos, have good sharpness and detail even in shadows and point light sources are well preserved. The overall exposure is bright too, which is a neat effect, even if not the most natural looking disable night sight mode on the main camera and the results are still good. Theres enough detail and accurate colors and the exposure has a more realistic look. Dynamic range is actually pretty wide with well developed highlights, but shadows are a bit mushier in comparison.

The ultra wide camera struggles without night sight mode. The images are underexposed, with deep and noisy shadows with night sight on. Things are looking a lot better theres, a big improvement in the exposure and noise levels and more detail in the shadows. The pixel 6 has an 8 megapixel selfie camera and it produces sharp and detailed images with minimal noise. Colors are pleasant and the dynamic range is excellent, with even backlit scenes coming out. Okay, video can be captured with the main cam and up to 4k resolution at 60fps. 4K footage is very good with competitive sharpness and detail. Accurate exposure and superb dynamic range colors are quite lively too. The ultrawide cams footage is also quite nice, sharp and detailed and matching the main cam in colors and dynamic range and heres how the electronic video stabilization looks in 4k from either camera. It produces very stable clips with well ironed footsteps and pans for more shaky situations. Theres, an active vis mode, it only works in 1080p, but its results are extra, smooth, so thats the pixel 6.. Like last year. You get a nice 90 hertz, amoled, good stereo speakers, ip rated waterproofing and google software support, but the pixel 6 also breaks away from last years model in quite a few ways, delivering a more premium experience not only with a glass design but with a custom flagship. Chipset and the new and improved cameras, the only real shortcomings to mention are that the battery life and charging speed are just decent and you dont get the higher refresh rate and resolution or the zoom lens of the pro model, but for what it has to offer.