The new hot wheels cyber 7, and we have it here in review. So now lets take a look as you can see. We have one nicely premium design black box and which is our cyber 7 is located. Lets look now in whats inside the box. There is our phone on the very top of the device. You can find additional protective glass, although, as we can see on the device itself, we already find additional screen protector installed. Okay, for now we put the cell phone on side lets see whats. Here we have some paperwork as a user manual for size 7, with all the basic instructions we need for the first time use. We have a usb type c to 3.2 millimeter headphone jack adapter, usb type c charging cable, and there is the 80 watts quick charger itself. Well, that was the contained of this box, so lets move on the smartphone itself. Now, when you first look at this cyber 7 in this black color with the serrated details and various design perforations, you can feel the power or the richness of details that the design of this phone exudes so who needs such a powerful smartphone. Well, the cyber 7 is rubbles smartphone. It is ip68 ip69k and mill std 810g endurance standard, which means it is a waterproof dustproof and shockproof. You can also work on extremely low temperatures up to minus 13 kelvin. It is a mobile phone for all those who need a durable device that is specifically designed to survive extreme weather and temperatures accidental damage, making them ideal for working outdoors or harsh environments, along with the use during extreme sports, such as sailing rock climbing, etc.

It is designed to be made for tough people who often work outdoors. A large part of this weight is due to its heavy protection. There are trick rubbers around the corners, while tick, engineering, plastic and metal protect the back cover and frame. The front display is protected by the corning gorilla glass. Every single port and the hole of this phone is the cover by the rubber stopper. So it is guaranteed to not be only draw resistant but also ip68 certified switching from color to build quality. Let me say that this cyber 7 leads the impression of the superior premium workmanship down to the less detail in this category. As we can see, the back has a nice textured surface with some eye catching accents of red the red accents border around the camera. Module provides a nice dose of personality, digs elegant themes, continuous moving on the front to the back of the side. The fourth corners of the device have a textured high, durometer rubber inserts and to protect the phone for the drops at the bottom is the usb c charging port protected with the rubber cover the back sides have a metal rails on the right hand, side are the Fingerprint scanner nicely made stranded power button above the two volume buttons. On the opposite side, we have the we see the dual sim sd card tray and below it. We have this extra button that we can modify it to our lightning, which apps will launch very conveniently and the front.

It is a 6.3 inch, fhd plus notch display. The screen is quite nice and is protected by corning gorilla glass protection in which is a 32 megapixel camera. With the face unlock function, the side bezels are reasonably in the size of this phone. Overall enough, there is just enough space to for browsing playing video games or searching on youtube videos. As far as screen brightness goes. It has zero issues with outdoor visibility or bright. Sunny days, the display is bright, reliable in all situations. Also, there is a quite a few display settings options available. These include adaptive, brightness, color tone, adjustment, night light and economical backlight settings. The phone is a bit on the heavy side to its huge 8280 mila power battery that supports up to 600 hours of standard time, along with the extra raw materials used to achieve the ratchet phone ip and drop test requirements. But the phone is not bulky, it is a bit thicker than a standard phone, so im surprised how they managed to put this big 8280 million power battery in such a compact phone. It is really comfortable to hold in your hands, unlike some such devices from the other manufacturers lets move on the performance of the device itself. The cyber 7 runs on the 7 nanometer mediatek uh demands. It is 700, it is the fast middle range 8 core chipset for 5g smartphones, coupled with the 8 gigabytes of ram. It runs the usual state of apps without any lagging hiccups.

As far as gaming is concerned, the high graphic intensity games trade smoothly and without janking, as you can see, the new graphically demanding asphalt, 9 works perfectly. The phone has a completely clean latest stock, android 11 os no bloatware apps, just pure android. From a storage perspective, you can get a generous 128 gigabyte of internal memory that you can further upgrade with the microsd card, which is nice bonus. The menu is clean, except for the tool bag, which has a brand of interesting and useful tools. This device can manage easily a 40 to 15 hour screen of the time, so charging every three days is definitely with reach for most users for charging, though its best to use it was factory charger and consider charging it takes easily over two hours to charge. This huge eight thousand two hundred eighty mil milliper battery. Although the cyber 7 focused on these ratchet features, it still comes with the four cameras. Quad camera sensors carries a 14 megapixel primary sensor or 8 megapixel wide angle, sensor 2 megapixel marker sensor and a 20 megapixel hd night vision, camera with infrared lights. This night vision, camera is a great thing for shooting at night in total darkness, as maybe for those who going on hunt, although rogers phones have never been popular for these cameras, the cameras on this cyber 7 mobile phone pleasantly surprise us with their performance, so how These photos looks we can see it on these camera samples right now: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music.

After these camera samples, we go further. The mobile phone works on all worlds. Global mobile networks, including the latest 5g networks, call quality of handset or speakerphone mode, presents no issues. Texting downloading apps, watching youtube videos or streaming music via various apps presented. No any issues during the review period, bluetooth 5.1 pairing with device various earbuds was quickly and easy. As well, the best part about this phone is that it has nfc and google pay support. So if you are looking for a good looking roger smartphone, then the cyber 7 should be on your list. It is definitely for good hardware, good camera performance fairly good display. Excellent connectivity, bloatware free software and great battery life, which are the most essential features for a raj smartphone, and those who need a ratchet phone will definitely be delighted. After all, you can get it now at a great price. It comes with the useful features and works. Well, as advised between october 25th and the 31st, the first 200 customers will receive a new c1 smartwatch as a gift with the purchase of a cyber 7 mobile phone, which is great. The official sales links are below this. Video dont forget to click on them. Hurry up, i get you a sample of the cyber 7 raja smartphone today, as a soccer limited that will be all for today.