Yes, friends recently we did receive the software update, which is normal security patch update in the oneplus note 2, and i did try to use this update for the couple of days and then i thought of reviewing it and im getting plenty of comments as well always Update what is about the battery backup and now is the connectivity. Obviously, camera is the performance heating issues. All these things ill try to discuss in this entire video and this exact security patch update, which is normal security patch update, as you can see, friends. So first thing is that there are a couple of changes has been happened after this update already to explain you. What are those few changes which i did notice during this time? The first main chain is while gaming, so while gaming, you will be able to notice the new option which has been added, which is the voice changes. So right now, youll be able to use a voice changer, as you can see so pretty much all the games. Whatever you add into the game space or game control there, you can actually get all this kind of voice changes, but some users ready to mention that this voice changes are not working sometimes. So let me know in the comments philippines in case, if you are using and in case, if you are not, if you are unable to use it and if you are facing any issues that will be really helpful for other users or actually having similar kind of Problems, so apart from that one, i did not see any kind of major changes or major features getting added with this kind of latest update, but there there is one more thing regarding the camera.

Yes, friends, uh, the camera has been slightly kind of improved little bit ill. Try to mention why i did mention. So let me just show you the couple of screenshots. So usually what happens with the oneplus? Not too is that, usually with the front cam, we will be getting this kind of whitish kind of color right white uh. Some kind of beautification has been added some kind of on the face. As you can see, this is a screenshot which are taken. You can see on my face so even today also when i try to take the selfie of using one place, not too, i thought the images will be kind of beautified and its kind of whitish, but thats not the case after i take the image. So this is the image of it looks as you can see. So, while taking a selfie friend cam, you will be able to see some kind of beautification has been added, but after the image has been processing done, then you will get a clear image in the one place, not too yes, this kind of problem has been fixed In the one plus not to record in the front cam, not that uh, great and beautification has been done before you can see, some kind of whitish kind of card is going on. Every time i try to select a friend cam, as you can see some kind of white whitish, so this problem i did see slightly got fixed in the oneplus 0 with a friend cam, so thats.

I can definitely say from my personal experience when im trying to use it, and next thing is something to do with the connectivity. So connectivity also slightly got better with the wi fi and 4g plus also nothing much major complaints even from the beginning. Also theres not a huge complaint, i would say sometimes randomly the wi fi used to disconnect, and sometimes there used to be slow internet issues randomly. But now even i am not facing any any any of those kind of issues at this moment. In the oneplus note 2 after the recent update as well, because recent update did mention that something about the connectivity problems will be get fixed. So right now, with the five gears, i was able to get really very good speeds without any kind of problem. So in this update something regarding the gaming experience and something recording the network, so apart from this too theres nothing much major uh changes has been happening in this device, even regarding the battery backup. Also so battery will be draining about. I think close to three to five percentage battery will be training overnight battery draining test so thats. What i did find out during my time of testing how much the battery is training so three to five percentage and screen on time can be kind of close to six seven hours and somewhere around that, if you try to use till the end of the battery, This is how much the screen on time you will get if you dont want to use battery till end.

So if you are living at 20 percentage, 20 percent, it usually gets around close six hours of screen on time and battery backup. I did not feel any kind of huge improvement, but even with the heating problems, also in the oneplus note 2, we did. We did face a lot of heating issues right same kind of problems even now, im getting so no change in the eating. Yes, so this still, the temperature is increasing high in the one plus not two same like before nothing. I did not observe any kind of changes with the heating in the one place, not two. So if you try to use the high performance mode in this phone, definitely that will cause a lot of heating issues as well, so avoid using one high performance mode in this device. Definitely and the screen on times whatever i showed using the 90 fps, so 90 fps only ill be using friends most of the time in my usage as well thats, also something you should definitely understand in my usage and this defense. Thank you for watching. This is a quick review and update on the oneplus note 2.. You got in the latest normal security patch update, so which will clear all the doubts as well for all the users what users are having in one place, not too Applause. So thats friends. Thank you for watching stay tuned for updates in case. If you have any other queries, let me know in the comments below theres a few changes which i did see in this one place not too.

Apart from this, i did not see any kind of major improvements in the one place, not too so. Thank you for watching see in the next video and lets get it for updates.