But you dont have enough cash to throw the likes of apple or samsung for their flagships. It looks like the gt. Neo2 might be a viable option, but now, if you have to yank lets whip the real me gt, neo2 out of its box, taking a full on tour that hardware and software. So you know what to expect and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do put subscribe and thing that notifications bell cheers: hey everybody welcome to the real me families lets see what you get in here. Besides, of course, the gt neo2 and what you got is a proper fist, sized super dart, adapter, usb c charging cable. And yes, there is a condom case. You can keep your fresh new, real me smartphone protected, and that is the box. So now lets actually check out the phone. Now the real me gt neo2 comes in a couple of different color options, including this bright and breezy blue, offering all the stunning standout green with those go faster stripes. So what model did i get? The incredibly boring black version, of course bums and in black it really does look like a completely different smartphone to that luminous green effort, its just so straightforward and kind of dull. So the real me gt neo2 has a glass back and even though it doesnt really look like its actually formed from seven different nano layers, apparently – and it does have this anti smudge finish to – it – certainly seems to be doing a decent job of resisting a greasy Prints so far now camera chassis, thankfully doesnt jut too far from the offs end theres minimal branding as well.

So it is a very streamlined. Uh, finish, hopefully wont scratch up over time and then, if we flip, the gt neo2 around youve actually got a bit of gorilla glass, 5 plating covering that mighty display and a pre installed screen protector as well, so pretty durable there and at 200 grams. The real me gt neo2 certainly has a bit of a heft to it, but no worse than any other 6.6 inch smartphones these days and lets just give it a little poke down south and see what the sim tray situation is all about and its a double Sided sim tray, so you can fit two sim cards in at the same time, but no room for a micro, sd memory card. Okay, so the real me gt, neo2 all set up and ready to go and what youve got on here. Software wise is android 11, with a good bit of the real me ui 2.0 slatted on top and the real me ui launcher like many of its called temporaries, its actually taken a step away from its roots and now its got a much more stock, android vibe About it, so for us, youve got the likes of the apps tray active by default. Go away! Go away! Now, please, oh you! But when you drag down from your desktops, you dont get the notifications below you get the search bar instead. But thankfully you can change that. If you go into the settings its in here youll be able to do a lot of customization of the uh, the main desktops of the general ui.

So in here, for instance, you can change the grid size. You can add gestures like raise to wake. You get a bit of always on display action on the go complete with a selection of different uh themes and all kinds of randomness, and a few of these are fully customizable as well. So you can change up the colors, the fonts, etc et voila a masterpiece, and then, if you jump into the real me gt, neo2 settings menu and into personalizations theres more stuff you can play around with here from the icon styles, the font and display size bit Of edge lighting for your notifications, which im a particularly big fan of even if it definitely does work better with a proper like curved display now, youve also got an in display fingerprint sensor here on the real me gt neo2, you can set up the animation that Plays when you use that its just your bog standard optical fingerprint sensor, but it seems to do the job here on the real me gt, neo2, nice and nippy and responsive, and to back this up. Youve also got a bit of face unlock as well. So lets just get that on the go: oh bloody hell that was quick lets just give this little go as well, so yeah tap that power button and, as you can see there a straight end, so its probably not the most secure, a fierce unlocks, and indeed Ive just tested it out and it still unlocks just fine, even when youre wearing a big old face mask so certainly if security is one of your uh your primary concerns, then i probably wouldnt use that, to be honest and, of course, bloody loads of extra features.

Stuff to wear here in the settings, including lots of gesture support surfaces youve got a one handed mod that you can activate just by dragging down at the bottom edge there very handy if you need to stretch all the way up to the top end of an App or whatever and thats for your storage, its 128 gigs of ufs 3.1 internal space, good chunk of that already used up by some of the pre installed, bollocks that you get on here, unfortunately, its not quite as bad as some rivals like xiaomi with its me Ui launcher, for instance, we do get the likes of tick, tock, pub g aliexpress, a bunch of amazon, stuff, booking.com uh, but thankfully you can get rid of all of this crap with just a couple of taps off now that 6.62 inch amoled display its actually constructed From samsung technology – and it is very nice for the price, as youd expect from an amoled screen – youve got nice deep black. Some sharp contrast on there full hdr 10 plus support for your streaming services and other supported content, proper punchy visuals as well on the default vivid mode. You can scale it back somewhat if you prefer more natural, looking hues instead, but i really like the vivid output on this thing, especially when kicking back with some animation or anime no quality issues that i can see uh. Certainly, the viewing angles are nice and wide, and it tops off at over a thousand nits on the maximum brightness as well, so outdoor clarity, absolutely fine and in the display settings youve also got the usual eye comfort modes, just to filter blue light at late at Night and keep things comfortable for your peepers and youve got the all one ultravision engine shenanigans as well, which ill be perfectly frank.

I never really noticed much of a difference with that and the real me gt neor2 can also automatically scale between 60 hertz and 120 hertz for your supported content as well as you can see, thats on uh dynamic, refresh to begin with, you can just permanently set It to 120 hertz, if you want for shits and giggles youve, also got yourself a stereo speaker setup right here on the real me gt neo2, so lets check it out. My enthusiasm levels were stuck somewhere between forced to watch a james, corden tv, special and just stepped in sloppy dog poo in my brand new trainers, okay, so on the maxed out volume, those stereo speakers certainly pump out some proper audio uh, definitely loud enough to cut Through any kind of background, bollocks and the clarity stays pretty strong as well pretty decent balance. What have you as well so yeah, not bad at all? Unfortunately, there is subtle, headphone jack here on the real me gt neo2, so its going to be dongles or a good bit of bluetooth. All the way and youve got a lovely bit of that dolby atmos fine tuning on here as well, set to the smart, sound profile by default, so ill just tweak the audio to suit whatever youre actually up to at the time. Now. As for the grunt, well, the real me gt neo2 is powered by the same snapdragon 870 chipset as the poco f3, one of the best budget friendly smartphones of 2021, and as you can see there, the geekbench scores you get out of this thing very similar to The poco f3 around 1000 single corn, 3000 multi core theyll, be helped along by the fact that youve got mighty 12 gigs of ram packed inside of this thing now, snapdragon 870 is certainly very capable when it comes to gaming as well, and you, of course have That game space app on here lets just gather together any games that you have downloaded onto your real me gt neo2, and then it adds a whole bunch of gaming features on there as well.

So if you want the best possible performance, you can go for the pro gamer mode, complete with its snazzy sound effects. I also like to set the brightness, lock and, of course, block any notifications, so youre fully in the game, not that it stops behind. My ass handed to me, but hero when you are playing a game, you can pull out that dashboard at any point as well, just by dragging from this left edge like. So this gives you fast access to all of the major features, including cycle between the different performance modes. Youve got your touch optimization as well, so you can actually change up the touch sensitivity if you like youve, got screen, shot and screen record tools. All of the good stuff yeah, if youre into your pub gs your call of duty mobiles anything like that plays absolutely perfect, a flawless frame rate. Even when you boost up those graphic settings, youve got a 600 hertz touch response display here, apparently theres. Certainly no delay whatsoever between you tapping that screen and somebodys kidneys blasting out of their back, and i certainly didnt notice the real me gt neo2 getting toasty. After a good long session on call of duty that helped along by the fact, youve got that stainless steel, vapor chamber, cool and plus a good bit of thermal gel to cool down the cpu and not just any thermal gel. This is diamond thermal gel, apparently well. Lardy dar mr neo2 and snapdragon 870, as with quite a lot of mobile chipsets.

These days supports 5g networking as well as youve got a good bit of that in the goal and wi fi 6 support as well, and the real me gt. Neo2 can actually swap between the two. I use them too simultaneously to give you the best possible network connection at any given moment. As for the battery, well, its a 5 000 milliamp capacity cell crammed inside of the real me gt neor2. That should give you all the airplay no worries. Certainly the battery drain doesnt seem bad at all. Right now and youve got that 65 watt super dart charge support as well, so it can be powered up from empty to full in around 40 minutes. Lets finish up. This real me gt mio 2 unboxing with a squint at that camera. Attacker weve got slapped on the back end. Here is a 64 megapixel primary shooter and the camera ui will look very familiar to anyone who likes a bit of real me. Blower action uh its quite a feature, packed affair, loads of different toggles and things to play around with usual filters, the ai mode as well, which does tend to boost colors and make them a little bit less realistic. Although this can be handy and then itll swap you to different modes, where appropriate, just to save you, the faff and so far after a brief play, the camera tech seems absolutely fine, its slightly perturbed by less than stellar conditions. So if going to be strong contrast or very low light, then you might be struggling a little bit, although there is a dedicated night mode, at least as well as of course, a dedicated portrait mode and uh.

While you dont get 64 megapixel shots by default, they are actually 16 meg. Thanks to the four in one pixel bin. You can boost that resolution up to the max level. If you want, you got plenty more shiz, packed on here as well, including a good old pro mode uh. If you want to have a mess wrap with the iso levels, the shutter speed, the white balance etc, and you can actually shoot in raw format with the pro mode as well. If you like, and as well as that 64 megapixel primary shooter, you also have an ultra wide angle lens that you can swap to if you like, slight color distortion with this one, but otherwise some nice looking picks for that pulled back view. And yes, there is a macro lens on here as well, if thats, what youre into thats for your home movies, where you can shoot full hd or 4k resolution footage at either 30 or 60 frames per second youve, got the usual anti shake feature which tops you Off at full, hd youve also got a whole bunch of different filters that you can play around with. If you like, and again while its nothing stand out, the real me gt, new or 2 seems absolutely fine when it comes to the video. So it should be fine just for shooting, simple shareable clips and then last up around front, you have a 16 megapixel selfie cam, which again should be fine for your simple shareable shiz.

Although the only thing im going to be sharing, this particular selfie with is the bin. So right then, in a nutshell, is the real me gt, neo 2 and certainly, as i say, if youre after a flagship style experience, because one of the kind of cache to spaff at samsung or apple or any of those mega expensive behemoths. And this one might tickle your fancy. Just fine just uh, just dont get it in boring black itd, be great to hear what you guys think down below. Please do post subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week.