Yes, we have another security camera for you and this one im really rating highly, because finally, we can cut the wires. The old mains lead with adapter, and you know we can lose it. Finally, because here we have this bottle here, which is a solar powered video security camera, some highlights of this particular security – camera – okay, we know its battery. So how long is it going to last well on one full charge? This camera will last seven months without recharging. Thats, a pretty good spec. If you had the solar panel, then obviously it would just go on and on even here in england, i think through the winter time there will be enough light to keep this battery topped up and keep it running. Okay, weve got a full hd camera here, so nice quality camera weve got lots of other little lectures. Im going to go through with you in a second or two lets. Just first have a look at the items out of the box, so opening the boxes you get this the camera there. We are theres a little small job. You see by my hand there its very small heavy, really nice quality, build on there and ill. Tell you why its heavy in the moment, the box for the camryn, obviously and fixing kit with a little template, if you want to screw up wall, fixes heres our mounting kit and our instruction booklet there. So there is a reason why you may not need the mound kit ill show you now so here is our camera and heres, my old microwave oven, housing and its so whats an easy way of fixing this.

If youve got a metal post or something outside youd like this on, but dont fancy trying to screw through it well, i can do this yeah its magnetic probably accounts for some of the weight in there, but its really solidly made made and its quite a job To undo from the magnetic connection, when youve got it there, it really does kind of so it does say something good for the shielding of the electronics and stuff in there. That magnet is not affecting the whole thing, the workings of it anyway. That was just a side, something else id show you ive never seen before in a security camera. Okay lets get back to the camera specs now just before i do that, though i will just show you ive mounted the camera outside now its on the back of my house kind of looking at the other way, because it looks nicer to look at the gardens. So the camera will see this so on powering on this is what youll get on the first screen. Now i have to apologize for this little mark here, uh its my phone. Unfortunately, youve got a crack in it and broke it the other day, so try not to let that ruin your enjoyment of this video from there, because it does look actually very good ill put it to full screen. Here we are its. What it actually looks like on the phone very nice picture too, i think so, should we run through those specs now ill, just put them up on screen for you time to run through the all important specifications.

Shall we thats this one here this one first comes up when it wants me to do some two step: verification, thats great, so a little bit more protection im, not gon na label that moment ill do that later. So here weve got my profile and, as you can see, theres a picture of me, there uh probably a little bit old, actually uh. It was about 40 years ago, but there you go. I said good, i did look uh. We got my album uh, which is a record of the set of the uh activations and things general settings uh, family and guests. You can invite other family members to have a look and view the camera with you or for you, if you like, then on their phone youve got cloud play you can subscribe to. If you want to put them in the cloud and safely, obviously add them there to watch whenever you want, but youve got to pay for it. I have smart integrations, which is this one here, which is our good old friends, amazon, alexa, google assistant and ifttt okay. So thats handy, so we can get google for me anyway to do all the stuff. For me, its about the phone new features on the phone here so well see what they are lets see its to do with how you want the videos recorded arranged on the screen timeline view and a list of collections, so handy depends how you would like them.

Im going to help several feedback and a live chat, so thats. The main page lets now then go to the main settings on the actual phone that we want, the ones that are very critical arent they. So we touch that twice hit that there and we get this here. So weve got a working mode, its on power saving mode. At the moment, i think thats, what gives you the extra long time? The most important ones are these here? Intelligent detection and youve got detection zones, which is the most important one. I think so im going to go to that now and this is the screen youll see. So it started to get a little dark out there now later in the day. But you can select these zones ill. Take my finger away because it affects the focusing but theres my summer house just there, and i can kind of do that and just get the alarm to sense that one area and obviously it just goes off if its been detected there. The most important one. Obviously, still is a human shape detection there. This one is the notifications, light notification, okay, message, notification and offline if its offline notification as well. Next one is audio when disabled both live view and recorded. Videos will not have audio so leave that on and the device voice prompt on and also theres the intercom part there for the voice call on here. So you, if you want to use that next one is the image and you can keep a still image off original size or soft or vivid whatever.

You want next crucial one down the bottom theres a battery. It does give you the the raid straight away of 92 percent left, but you can click it if you want to and youll see its got 92 remaining well, as you can see as ive been missing about all afternoon, its finally got dark out there now. So you can see the nighttime view in full color. Obviously they will take power so its up to you if you want to leave them until they come on or stay off in black and white and automatically youll get this screen up. If you leave them on say battery consumption, video and talk will stop in four seconds there. We are in good old, black and white. Also on this list, ill just scroll down, for you get my hand out. So i get sharp ive got color night vision, thats. What ive set on ive gone back to black and white, just to show you the light of high invisibility in the images black and white and an on screen display? I guess it just remains in to go out in the garden and see how we get on with an activation Music. So one thing ive showed you yet is the solar panel here it is, and its got a little mount in here fix it to the wall. Okay, lovely looking panel and it delivers six and a half folds, roughly uh, to keep that camera charged and up and ready to roll im gon na get this up later.

Once i say this is good because it means i can actually screw this four meters away from the camera because well mount the cameras gon na, be in the shade. But i can put this solar panel round into the sunshine where i do get some sun, so that will keep me topped up so its a great idea to have a good bit of leave here. So you cannot be too short and not get it in a nice sunny position. If you can, that says all the bother of trying to keep the camera topped up every long time, seven months – i know id – have forgotten about it by then, but its great you can check the battery anyway on the app so thats the panel for you lovely Good quality device well thats about it. I think rather a good camera here. So i really like it see if his e life and i can highly recommend it its working great um thats. It, though usual place all my stuff.