This was very kindly sent in to me free of charge by the manufacturer. No one is exchange hands. They havent asked me to say anything in particular im just going to share with you. My opinion of using this over the past couple of weeks so that you can make an informed buying decision so lets get on with the review. This is the umidigi bison pro smartphone, and this is an ideal choice of smartphone. If you lead an active lifestyle, or perhaps you need something thats a little bit tougher than your average smartphone thats available. So this is what you get inside. The box lets just take a quick look at all of the accessories. First of all, the box, a really nice bright, color youre, not going to miss that so very nice presentation, box and inside the box. You do get a little booklet. This is your instruction guide guide around the phone, how everything works and its just nice. You get a printed manual, you also get a usb charger now, depending upon which country you buy. This in this might be slightly different. This is a european two pin plug on this one usb on this end, and then you also get a charging cable. This is usb a on one end, which is the rectangular type connector and then usb c, which is the end thats going to go into your smartphone, and then you get the smartphone itself now ive left the screen cover on at the moment.

I have had it off for testing, but i left this on just so. You see how its presented when you get it out of the box, you do also get a protector on the back theres like a film type protector that you peel off of the back, but this is what it looks like its got. Some of the specs written on the screen protector, a helio g80 gaming processor, a sony, 48 megapixel, ai, triple camera and a 24 megapixel front facing camera on this smartphone also ip68 and ip69k rating its got a barometer and e compass in as well infrared thermometer as Well also, 6.3 inch full hd plus screen with corning gorilla glass and a 5 000 milliamp hour battery thats a really good battery and ill talk about battery life during this video, its also running google android 11 and its got nfc. So when you get this out of the box for the first time, you can peel this front sheet off and it does actually leave a screen protector in place. So now youve got a smartphone fresh out of the box with a screen protector in place. If we take a look on the side here, weve got an array of buttons: weve got the normal volume up and down. Weve also got the power on off and then weve also got an action button which gives you direct access to the camera across the bottom. Here weve got the usbc across the top.

We have got a headphone jack on this side. Here, weve got the sim slot. Weve also got a fingerprint reader. Weve also got another quick action button just here which uh does give you access to. I think the uh temperature check its got like a temperature or thermometer built into this, so really nicely placed buttons that fingerprint sensor on the side when we tap it does wake the phone up nice and quickly, and then you lock it on the opposing side. With the power button, and then you can unlock again with the fingerprint sensor, so thats a nice way of doing things, and then, if we take a look around on the back, you can see again really nice industrial type design. Weve got this sort of molded plastic. Its almost as though the phones already in a case, but this is part of the actual phone and thats what what adds to it sort of waterproof feature and also the rugged nature of this phone, and then weve got the camera array on the top. Here. Really good cameras actually and for the price of this phone. You are getting a lot for your money. We also got the bison pro branding. Of course, weve got room where we can connect a lanyard, for example, and if we go back around to the front, we can unlock it again with that fingerprint sensor unlocks nice and quickly. These are the apps that youre going to get pre installed on the smartphone.

So this is all of the pre installed apps, but you can see a nice clear screen and this isnt, the full brightness so really nice screen weve, of course got the google apps pre installed its placed or supported. So you can install pretty much any app that you want and its got a nice turn of speed its a nice responsive, smartphone im going to show you some of the photos. I took because a lot of you asked about performance of the camera heres. Some of the photos i took earlier, these were taken in less than optimal light, especially this one. I was very impressed with the detail that was picked up on this microphone. Lets go back into the gallery this another photo. I took again all of these are in really less than optimal lighting. I really wanted to push this camera to see how good it was actually focusing and the amount of detail that it got and in all of the photos, apart from this one, it lost focus on this one a little bit, but pretty much all of the photos That it took it did really well, especially this one. I mean look at the detail on that, and that was taken in really quite poor lighting conditions, so i think youll be impressed with the actual uh photo quality and also the video quality. This produces its. Not quite up there with flagship smartphones, but its more than good enough.

Now, during the introduction to this review, i run through some of the specifications and that 5 000 milliamp hour battery thats going to keep this running for a good long time, easily very easily a day between charges, youre, possibly if youre low to medium user eek out, Probably two days between charges, where this phone really excels, though, is in the fact that this has got um. Some really good, uh rugged features that waterproof nature, the built in protection around the side. This is ideal if you lead an active lifestyle, as i said earlier, if youre perhaps a tradesman, and perhaps you put your phone down on a surface or drop it on a surface very occasionally, this is going to stand the test of time. I think umi did youve done a fantastic job on the design of this, because, even though its rugged its not too bulky, it fits in your hand very nicely, its very comfortable to use so thats it for this review. This is the umidigi bison pro. If you want to pick up one of these for yourself, there are links down in the video description, theres, also a link down there to the manufacturers website, thanks very much for watching everyone. I really do appreciate it.