Now this rugged smartphone claims it was built for some of the toughest conditions im going to be putting this phone through some tests to see how it handles under some of these conditions, along with an assessment of some of its features. Could this be the perfect phone for you in the field lets find out all right before we talk about the phone itself. Lets talk about what you get in the box. It comes with your standard wall adapter for your charger and that the input on that is usbc. It comes with a charging cable that is usbc by usbc and theres, a small adapter that you get to convert from usbc to usb that you can use on other devices like your computer, to charge your phone now the phone itself. This thing is a beast: the screen is scratch and shatter resistant. You can use it with with wet fingers or gloves on the back of the phone. Youve got your cat logo its awesome, and then this uh, this padding here for some gripping uh its actually very nice uh. You got your flash for your phone and then theres a fingerprint sensor that you can actually set up for uh purchases on the phone, which is pretty neat. Now this phone comes with android 10, with an upgrade to android 11. uh. It comes equipped with four gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of rom and expandable storage using micro sd. Another awesome feature about this phone.

It comes with a very large battery uh, its a 4000 mah battery, which allows for up to two days in the field without needing to recharge. Now the creators of this phone claim it does not need a case is sand dust and dirt resistant drop, tested up to six feet on steel vibration, sand, salt mist and pressure resistant, fully waterproof and submersible up to five feet of water for 35 minutes. It is bleach resistant, chemical resistant, you can use alcohol wipes on it and its sanitizer friendly. One other feature that i forgot to mention is on the side of the phone theres, a programmable key with the ability to do push to talk but thats enough about the phones. Features. Lets put this thing to the test and see what its actually made of. In conclusion, i would definitely say the cat s62 smartphone does deliver on its promises and i would highly recommend it to anyone working in the field. I think that the selling feature for me is definitely the long battery life, but also the fact that its waterproof and you can wash it with soap and water or alcohol wipes to disinfect the phone. That definitely comes in handy. In my my line of work and yeah so definitely go check this phone out its a worthy contender in the rugged smartphone lineup, the cad s62 smartphone is available from t mobile and for a limited time, through the first quarter of 2022, you can purchase the cad S62 smartphone with a new activation for 249.

Well, thanks for watching the video guys, i hope you enjoyed it.