News and reviews today well be reviewing the all new honor 50 smartphone. So this is the all new addition to the honor series of smartphones, 2380 by 1080 pixels, its got a massive 66 watt charger and, of course, in the box, you also get a case. We love the honor cases, clear, lovely they fit right on and, of course you also get a pair of earbuds. They might be wired, but they are there anyways. There is so much to tell you about this. All new smartphone from honor here it is lets talk about it in detail in this review. If you are new to wes, nose, tech, news and reviews, we talk about the latest tech news. We do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way on our smartphones are back and theyre back with a bang, because a 6.57 inch amoled full hd display. It is something to write home about. There are four cameras on this thing. Theres a wide angle, camera you get a 10 times, digital zoom, on your photos and a six times, digital zoom, on your videos. There are so many options to play around with you: get up to 120 hertz display refresh rate. So when youre doing simple tasks like say, reading a book, the refresh rate will be 60 hertz. But as soon as you go into gaming, something like pub g 120 hertz is what youre going to get on the refresh rate.

Not only do you get the 66 what super fast on a charge. You also get a battery that actually lasts the full day and mind you. The super fast charge is a great thing, because just 20 minutes will give you 80 percent of the phones charge. Thank you anna for sending me this honor 50, because this is quite a masterpiece, its functional its very powerful – and it looks amazing anyway, lets discuss it. The honor 50 is not just a symbol of style, but also the perfect way to record your everyday moments and its not just every day as in walking around taking pictures and short videos. You can do that of course, but you can also take it to the next level. You can go professional with this and theres been some really cool, vlogging options added to this phone, but well get into it slightly later. Its got a powerful qualcomm, snapdragon 778 g processor, as well as a turbo x, graphics card, just to make sure you feel as smooth as possible when youre running those heavy games now lets break down this review into a couple of segments. First well talk about the design of the actual phone. Well, tell you about its dimension. What it looks like what it feels like then well talk about its cameras and then, of course, well touch upon its extra features and functions which make the whole experience a pleasure to use. But if you are interested specifically in watching a camera review, well, ive got the link to it.

Just above me, right now, as well as at the end of the video anyways without further ado lets get into the design of the honor 50 smartphone. Now there are four setups off to honor 50.. None of them are going to look any different, but the insides thats, the difference. So first of all, youve got the single and youve got the dual sim phones. Now, considering you chose either one or the other lets talk about the other differences you can either get the 6 gb ram and the 128 gb of rom or the 8 gb of ram and 256 gb of rom. Now with me today, ive got the 8 gb of ram, as well as the 256 gb of rom. So this thing is a monster now. Do you really need to expand the memory on a 256 gb rom? I dont think so. Well, i dont and thats me, including the videos that i edit and, of course, lots of music that i download so 256gb just seems more than enough and of course, the 8gb of ram thats, a powerhouse thats. Just really really fast. Now lets talk about the dimensions of this phone, so weve got 160 by 73.8 by 7.8 millimeters. So really this phone is very thin. Indeed, especially the fact that the screen is curved around the edges, mind you, the screen to body ratio is 89.7 percent and youll be happy to know that the notch is right, bang in the middle of the top section of the smartphone, so it doesnt take up A lot of space: this is not the iphone notch.

This is just a little pinhole in the center of the top part of your smartphone for a size of 6.57 inches. Its weight is rather light at just 175 grams thats, not much at all. Okay, so lets quickly chat about the display on this thing, so you do get an oled display. The refresh rate does go up to 120 hertz for those power hungry for those refresh hungry games such as pubg. Well as an example for one as ive mentioned previously, it is a 6.57 inch display. The resolution is 2380 by 1080 pixels, giving you a ‘2 ppi that is ‘2 pixels per inch, so this screen is as immersive as you need it to be. Now there are in total of five cameras on the honor 50. lets talk about the selfie camera first, so there youve got a 32 megapixel front camera and it is using the latest ai. So it can give you that beauty look and you can actually set up how much of that beauty you actually want to use now lets talk about the rear cameras because theres, four of them. So, first of all, you do get the main camera 108 megapixels, and that is the wide camera. Then you get an 8 megapixels ultra wide camera, a 2 megapixels depth or bulky effect camera and then another 2 megapixel camera for the macro shots. Now the video footage from the selfie camera is only 1080p at 30 frames per second, but the rear camera can do full hd, so it can do 1080 at 30 frames per second, as well as 60 frames per second, as well as 4k video footage, but at 30 frames per second now i did mention this earlier.

If you do want to have a look at what this phone can do and what its cameras can specifically do then do watch my camera review, which ive left a link to just above me, as well as at the end of the video now lets talk about The vlogging effects and the vlogging options that the honor 50 brings to you so basically honor 50 brings along multi video shooting modes, so this is something very new to the market. That is absolutely awesome. Let me tell you how it works and actually show you how it looks so. Basically, honor 50 is equipped with six multi video shooting modes with combinations that use the front and rear cameras. At the same time, in just one take users can choose from the following six modes: to make their vlogging experience, fun, exciting and so engaging so first of all front to rear. Recording users can switch between the front and rear camera, while shooting video content number two. You will view recording, so this is both front and rear cameras used, so you can simultaneously shoot with both the front and the main camera. The dual view shows what is captured by both cameras side by side. Now number three is the dual view: recording and here users can shoot with both the rear, main camera and the wide angle camera. At the same time, the main camera also supports six times: digital zoom, while video shooting number four is picture and picture now.

This is a very effective mode, and i like to use it personally. This mode allows users to overlay the view of the front camera onto the bigger view of the rear camera, or vice versa, its particularly useful, if users want the audience to focus on the content, but still let them see the person recording. So maybe i should be using that right now. Number five is fast motion, recording and slow motion recording, so this mode allows users to capture the object or themselves with slow or fast motion effects, creating a cool and unique layer to video content and number six single to dual view. Recording. So you can change from shooting in single camera to dual cameras at any time, while recording, so that means that, while actually having this vlog functionality, if you dont want it, you can switch it off. If you want a different effect, all you need to do is tap on the screen and youre using a different effect. This is agility and versatility at its best and of course, you can engage beauty mode, even if youre, using one of these six view modes. Now we know that vlogging is not only about showing the picture, its also about sound the story, thats being told behind the scenes of the beautiful scenery or whatever the object, youre filming. So the honor 50 covers that for you as well, its got true wireless recording, and basically this allows you, the user of the smartphone, to use your tws or your true wireless headphones to record the sound that you need to be using for your video.

So you dont need to connect a microphone, something like im doing now with a lavalier microphone. Technically, i could just use my tws now i did mention that this smartphone is a powerhouse. Lets actually compare it to the previous model, so the honor 50 is equipped with the qualcomm snapdragon 778g, which features four powerful cortex a78 cores with a maximum clock. Speed of 2.4 gigahertz, coupled with four cortex a55 cores, giving you a total of eight cores compared to the last generation. The cpu performance is 45 better, while ai processing power is 123 higher. Now lets talk about some of the other very cool features on this smartphone. Well also talk about the sensors that are present on the honor 50 and then, of course, if you are interested check out, the review of the cameras on the honor 50. lets get into the features and functions lets start off with the cool features. First, the rf50 is a 5g smartphone. Your gps positioning is done by five satellite networks. Nfc is also included. Now the charging is done by a usbc connection and the actual earbuds which are included in the box of the honor 50 theyre, also connected by usbc. The phone comes in with android 11 and magic ui 4.2. Thank you for watching this review of the honor 50.. If you have enjoyed the review, please drop me a like and if you do want to see more of the same, please subscribe to the channel by hitting the red subscribe button below the video.