This is also a made in india device, which is absolutely fantastic in this. Video were going to be talking a lot more about this device, taking you through the features and then telling you what we think about this lava. Agni 5g so lets quickly get started Music. So lets quickly begin with pricing, so the phone is available for 20 000 rupees. But if you pre book it or if you buy it before the sale and mostly if you buy it after the sale, also itll be available for 17 999, so at 18 000 rupees. The feature set is quite impressive, at least on the books. So lets quickly run you through that and lets start off with the build quality and exterior design now build quality wise. This is a nice premium. Looking phone, you have a glass front with a punch, hole for the front camera and then on the back. You have this hazy glass like texture, and it gives you a really nice finish its matte it resists fingerprints and youve got this sort of gradient in this blue color. So, even though the phone is called agni on the back, you have this nice blue gradient on this phone. Youve got a really nice four camera array here as well, and the sides are plastic and theyre easily scratchable. Overall, the phone is rigid. It doesnt bend easily and it doesnt flex, theres no rattling sound, so solid construction use of materials could have been a little more premium, but overall looks wise.

The phone is pretty nice and i would have liked to see a lot more metal, at least on the frame and the overall structure. But the plastic looks okay, its chrome plated and it kind of gives you a premium. Look so thats nice. You also have the fingerprint sensor on the right side and the punctual camera is nice on the display, as well speaking of the display. It is a 6.78 inch display, ips lcd and you do have a full hd plus resolution, so its a 1080p display, but with a wider aspect ratio and then you also have corning gorilla glass, 3 protecting the front, so you do have some scratch resistance over there. Some hardness added with the corning gorilla glass, but if youre going to be using this phone, i would recommend getting a screen protector or a tempered glass installed on this as soon as they are available for this device, the phone does not come with a pre installed Screen protector now in the box, you do get a few things. You get a 30 watt charger and a usb cable, and you also get the case for the back of the phone again. I would recommend that you keep the phone in the back case, and that is because the back part is slightly elevated and its not properly sort of flush with the device. So you have chances of it cracking and breaking much more than you do. For the front glass, so the cover will protect the back glass quite well, and then the lip of the cover will protect the front glass as well, and then, if you do get a tempered glass or a screen protector, youll have better protection for the front of The device prevent scratches, etc.

If you dont care about any of those things, use the phone as is, and at your own risk so running. Everything on the inside is the mediatek dimensi, 810 processor, its an octa core processor. You also get eight gigabyte of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage, and you also have a micro sd card slot where in which you can add a total of 256. So you can get a card up to 256 gigabyte in the slot and thatll give you a total of 384 gigabyte and thats quite a lot of storage for photos, videos or whatever you want to keep on your micro sd card. Speaking of cameras, you have a total of four cameras on the back of this phone and a front facing camera as well. So, on the back, you get a 64 megapixel main camera, a 5 megapixel ultra wide camera, a 2 megapixel depth camera and a 2 megapixel macro camera. Now, weve seen that macro cameras can be the same as the wide camera. So i feel that the cameras have been added just for the sake of adding cameras and thats. What a lot of manufacturers do. They throw in some unnecessary cameras to make you feel like youre, getting a lot for your money, but actually those two megapixel sensors hold. No value today and uh, both the depth functions and the macro functions can be performed by either or camera. So i would have rather like to see a telephoto a wide and a regular or just a wide and irregular.

That would have been enough to do both depth, mapping and macro capabilities. But of course you save a lot of money in bringing these separate cameras into the picture and thats, probably what the idea is uh when youre manufacturing a phone like this, so theyre trying to save the money. As far as the images are concerned, its very hit or miss and the camera ui is pretty slow and laggy to begin with. And then, when you click the pictures, theres a limited amount of functions, i would recommend getting a third party camera app so that you get a little more functionality. Images are decent from the camera and you do have a lot of other features like beauty, mode, etc. That you can play with to get a slightly better image overall, and especially if youre taking a lot of selfies, you have a 16 megapixel front facing camera and it does have a lot of shooting modes as well. So you have this pro light mode. A super light mode, an ultra wide mode, so all of these will allow you to click some better selfies and it does a lot of processing in the software to make your images appear better. But the actual image may not be that great, so theres a lot of image processing happening and you can see it in the final result and taking that picture and improving it by software by adding sharpness contrast all of those things.

And then you also have those beauty options that we spoke of earlier now on. The inside of the phone is a 5000mah battery. It uses a 30 watt charger to fully charge up the device in around 90 minutes. 5000Mm should be enough for almost two days worth of use. You can easily get six to seven hours of screen on time on the minimum and depending on your usage, it can stretch as much to 11 hours or 10 hours of screen on time, which is great. Now, as far as performance is concerned, we found again a mixed result. If you look at the benchmarks – theyre, not that very impressive, but if youre playing games – which we did try, they work quite well and you can have a pretty high graphics level set in the game as well as frame rates. And you get a pretty good gaming experience as well speaking of the frame rates, you also get a 90 hertz refresh rate on this display, so its great for gaming and especially games that do support higher refresh rates uh. This display will be really good for that and, overall, the experience is good when youre gaming and so a lot of people who want to game on a sort of budget or mid range phone. This will definitely fit into that aspect. This phone has been heavily marketed as a proudly made in india phone and its a fantastic thing to have a made in india device.

But the overuse of this marketing term is going to reduce the overall value of the median india brand and while indians deserve a lot better, for example, this is not a very well balanced phone, it seems to be really heavy on the bottom edge and the top Edge so when youre holding the phone it kind of feels hollow yet heavy and it doesnt feel well balanced and its not very comfortable in the hand. If you compare it to another device of the same size, the use of a plastic frame makes it less premium. But the overall feature set is pretty good for the price that this phone is available at. But it has some tough competition from the non indian brands, and that is where the indian brands have been losing out to significantly. So i think that indians deserve better and the benchmark for indian brands should be set a lot higher, because when you get a product from an indian brand, the quality, the materials, the feel the performance should be. So much that you dont want to look at a foreign brand. You dont want to look at a chinese brand and thats how your perception of an indian brand phone should be this, while attempting to do that is doing it at a price bracket and at a competitive nature, and that unfortunately, allows you to get mediocre performance. Mediocre. Build and mediocre overall feature set, and that is where this phone is sort of a letdown, while for a lot of people, this is a pretty good device, but overall, it is not as impressive as the made in india brand should be thats our sort of review.

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