I got this one before the pandemic and ive been using smartphone. So this is my review on this device. The honda 3 is an op branded smartphone. The gadget is a branded elephone. Px smartphone with similar design and specification, it has a 6.5 inch, full hd plus ips display with the region of 720 by 1560 pixels and a 19×9 aspect ratio with a pop up selfie camera. If this is the first time on this channel, i would like you to please subscribe and turn on the notification button, so that anytime, i upload a new video. You get notified and also dont forget to check our website randomonboxtv.com. Thank you. So lets get right into the full review. The orlando 3 smartphone runs on android version 9.0 operating system. The note 3 cpu is a 2.0 gigahertz octa core media kit, mt 6763 elo p23, with a mali, 71 mp2 gb, 4 gigabyte of ram and 64 gigabytes of internal storage, expandable, auto 1.8 gigabytes vsd card. It has a premium look with a fingerprint scanner at the back, so go ahead and list most of the main specs on the device on the screen. Unboxing the phone. You get a phone, a data, cable power, charger, english, only letter pin for sim card in paper and the tpu clear case. So these are what you get when you unbox this device, its basically a budget smartphone for the design. The ola note 3 has a clean and appealing body design.

The front pop up camera and the rear glass covers have a delicate feel to it, giving it a sleek slender build, while also making it more pleasant to grip. The aspire ratio, as i said earlier, is 10 by 9 and the display measures six by five inches diagonally, the 6.5 inch full screen display, gives the a user full expansive and immersive visual experience. What i like about the device is that theres no notch or hole for the front camera, so you get a full view of your display on the right side of this device. You find the volume rocker the power button while on the left is the hybrid dual sim slot at the bottom. You find a mic and a type c, 1.0 reversible connector, the usb on the go ports, while the top of the device has a pop camera. At the back of this smartphone youll find a dual camera and a fingerprint scanner for the display. The honor note 3 has a 6.5 inch color isp lcd screen. The screen has a reason of 720 by 1560 pixels. The note 3 also has a 19 by 9 aspect, ratio which is 267 ppi density, as the peak that is the pixels per inch means the display is decent for watching movies, playing games or streaming videos, the viewing angles and sunlight readability is above average, while this Screen to body ratio is limited to beyond 84.26 percent screen to body ratio for the camera.

The note 3 smartphone comes with three cameras: 16 megapixels, plus the two megapixels main cameras with autofocus at the back with led flash and a 16 megapixels motorized pop up selfie camera apache for taking selfies. Some of the main camera features include autofocus continuous shooting digital zoom geo tagging panorama hdr touch to focus, face detection, so many other features when it comes to meter scene and setting exposure. I found the hola note 3 to be really quick. It was also quick to log focus and i didnt have to mess with the phone camera settings at all to get it to focus. It looks good and took good pictures with a lot of details in sunlight. Even distance objects displayed good details and text was legible. In bright conditions, the phone also automatically adjusts and activates hdr the primary camera at the back has a wider field of view. I found the main camera was best used for landscape photography. Now, when the portrait mode is okay, low light camera is average and the light determines the shadow result appears little grainy, even without a night mode option. I was able to test out and take a few shots with the note 3 pop up camera. With the help of an in display flash, the primary camera video recording is limited at 1080p at 30 fps all the selfie camera video recording is limited at 1080p, at 30fps in bright lights. The nutri stabilizes videos at 1080p with no 4k support.

What this means is theres no 4k. Video support on this camera in low light situations, video recording is below average for the memory. The honor note 3 calls it 4 gigabytes of ram 64 gigabytes of internal storage and a memory card slot expanding up to 256 gigabytes. The for the performance, the online nutris smartphone, is powered by a media range, media kit or taco processor. The fingerprint scanner at the back unlocks the phone quickly, but over camera takes a bit to rise, but its okay. If you are not in a hurry to use the face id, the online note, 3 is also capable of gaming. Bulk mobile was set to meet presets by default, the agr, graphics and high frame rates and the options to choose low graphics. During your play, i had issues playing pog mobile when the game starts, it hangs settles for seconds or up to a minute. Before adjusting most of the games i played with this device. I noticed the phone didnt hit up with my usage. You know stream battery lasted more than a day and half without gaming, watching movies or shopping the world. The speakers at the bottom of the device and epis for receiving calls performed below average. I could barely hear in the noise in the environment when making calls or watching movies for the battery life. Note 300 non removable, Music, theres, 300 milliamp battery with fast charging the nutri battery life. Take you all day without gaming, the single charge fast charging is supported by the micro usb port on the bottom, allowing the smartphone to charge quickly.

It also knows when to stop charging your device so that the battery life is prolonged for the connectivity. All our note, 3 has all the connectivity options that the mid range smartphone will include. It supports use of dual sim cards from different network gprs edge 3g 4g voiceout, the dual standby usb microwave. There are so many other connectivity or features um. So what is this phone for? I will say this one for you, its suitable for a child, teenager or casual user. If you want to be, if youre, on a tight budget for a teenager or for a child ill suggest, the note 8p is more than sufficient. Should you buy the holland note 3? The highlight of the orlando 3 is near stock android software, which offers a great user experience and its true of blocks. Where thats one of the things i like about this device, there are no pre. There are no too much pre installed. Apps on this device only came with the normal default. Google apps, the gmail Music youtube, also kind of the default app you see with android os, so the display is bright. Has nice viewing angles? However, it does not have a speaker refresh rate. The video win. Experience is good, but the speakers on the device is disappointing. Music in the loud room, if youre watching movies, you barely hear yourself so of advice. If you ever get to get this device and youre watching a movie or making calls, always have your earpiece material, the processor ram, storage, battery cameras are all good and the build quality and boarding accessories are excellent.

So these are for my review for this device. The orlando spring, all you think about the device, is it worth buying or should you skip it leave a comment below tell me what you feel about the device and dont forget to subscribe and turn on the notification button to enter upload a new video get notified.