and honestly speaking at first glance. The butts 2 do look more or less the same as the buds pro, but apart from the design similarities, the latest buds do come with a host of improvements, fresh colors and a less bulbous design. Are they worth it? Lets find out hello. Everyone amania from mr phone – and this is my full review of the samsung galaxy buds too, but before we go ahead, consider hitting that red subscribe button for detailed tech, videos and reviews and also turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest Updates Music, the fit finish of the galaxy buds 2 is absolutely top notch. A quick glance at the case might make you think that its the galaxy buds pro or even the buds live in disguise. However, look closely and youll only find the samsung logo on the outside, as the sound by akg branding is now present on the inside. So all the shades come in a white case, although flipping open the case reveals the particular shade you have opted for. Apart from this, the earbuds again, as i said, look pretty similar to the buds pro but are less bulky each weighs only about 5 grams and to me these were pretty comfortable in my ears. You get a good in canal fit and if youll ask me, i had no signs of ear fatigue even after continuously wearing them at a stretch. Moving on the galaxy buds, too features a touch, sensitive controls that can be customized via the galaxy wearable app.

However, you can only truly customize the touch and hold functionality. That said, you can enable double tap the edge to increase or decrease the volume from labs in the earbuds settings. You also get the option to set the equalizer, but sadly theres no support for dolby atmos. Each of the buds come with two auto mics and one inner mic that help with the anc on this thing. In fact, the silicone tips themselves provide for decent passive noise isolation. In terms of connectivity, there is bluetooth 5.2, which support sbc, aac and samsungs scalable bluetooth codecs, while testing the galaxy butts too. I am happy to report that i did not come across any notable connectivity issues and the connection with the buds was mostly rock solid. So connectivity wise feature wise. The galaxy buds do not only work well with samsung devices, in my case with the fold 3 and my watch 4, but they also gel well with other android smartphones. As for using the buds too, with iphones. Well, you dont get the dedicated galaxy wearable app on the ios app store, but you can still connect them via bluetooth and use them again without anc and equalizer settings. Other features include a seamless, switching between devices, ipx2 rating for a water resistance could have done better and achieve wireless charging. As for how they sound well, if you decide to invest in the galaxy buds too, i think these are justified for their price.

Overall, you get a good frequency response across different music genres and a bright sound stage. I wont call these bass heavy, but i did like the overall bass response. In fact, the buds do absolutely shine in producing mids and high tones, even when i was playing tracks at full volume. The sound was never screechy. Overall, the sound output was a rich detailed with good instrument separation. Now i do like listening to international artists, but i also wont deny my love for bollywood and the indie pop genre, speaking of which reverb dominated tracks like tumi deykuna from kabil vidanakana or a kun fire kun from rockstar, or even a track like japa from independent Artist pratik sounded absolutely beautiful on the buds too, as for anc once again good job so indoors. The buds do do a solid job in cancelling the noises around me. So be it meetings or calls. I had no issues whatsoever with the sounds coming from my kitchen or the fan noise, or things like that, but even outdoors, the galaxy butts do deliver good performance for the price, in fact uh noise of the traffic honks and things like that are barely audible when Youre listening to track so say when youre connected with someone on the call. This reminds me that the microphones on the galaxy buds, too, are superb. In my testing. Even when i was in a noisy environment, my callers barely complained of any background noise. As for the endurance in a straight hundred to zero percent drain test, with the volume set at hundred percent and anc turned on the buds, too lasted me four hours and 17 minutes.

On top of this, the case gives you three additional charges for a total of around 16 hours of battery life at a price of rupees theres, very little to complain about with the samsung galaxy buds too. So if i talk about the cons, then i would have loved to see the galaxy wearable app on the iphone. I also wish there was ipx7 water resistance here also, while these buds do support touch controls, the controls themselves are pretty limited. However, on the bright side, what truly matters is that you get good sound quality battery life is solid amc and the mics do a superb job and, most importantly, the fit is comfortable, and that was my full review of the samsung galaxy but too so guys do. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.