Here we go Music first, things first make sure to hit that subscribe. Button below hit the notification bell, so you cannotify the next videos to comment, tips and tricks and unboxing. Just like this. One check out mushroom130.a hit that like button as well, so we can beat that youtube algorithm without further ado lets, go ahead and show you what the clicker can do here we go so inside comes with the literature right. There lets put that right there and the packaging is quite simple, comes with a allen key there usbc, cable micro, usb adapter there you go lets put this on the side for now theres. You could see its everything that comes with it and like moment everything is made out of aluminum there, which is really cool on top. Here is a shoe mount where you can put any camera you want up there. This part is magnetic, so you could take it off and use this as a remote, really cool or stick it back in. If you want to use it like that, it has a lot of buttons up here, as well as the zoom button right up here. Slider the record button right there, the snap button right there for photos and then the on and off button slider right there and then the c1. If you wan na have a custom button right there as well and then the bottom here, you can mount this like so and then use it as a stand, or maybe an extension pole as well when youre walking around on top here as well.

You can extend this like a selfie. Stick right, there really stiff so its very stable. It could carry a lot of heavier cameras right there. So thats really good. You can adjust it halfway. If you want now with the remote, you can use it for a lot of sony cameras and also canon cameras. Full details will be on the description below on their website. Basically, you can detach the remote like so and then you can control the camera away from you and lets say you are wanting to take a photo of the whole family or something like that. You can place your camera in the right spot and then you can use the remote to control it. You control the zoom. You can also control the recording and also taking a photo. You can even have the c1 for custom button in the sony. The c1 is used for auto, focusing so if you press the c1 itll, actually uh autofocus, which is really cool as well. Basically, cameras from sony, 7c and also the newest alphas. You can use it with that. The a series as well on the canon most latest canon will be able to be used by this. The next one is that you can use this with smartphones as well, by using just bluetooth ill. Show you how to do that right now to connect this to a smartphone, its really easy as well. You just turn this on. Like so and then itll go in pairing mode right there and then all you need to do is go to bluetooth on any phone that you have and then itll show up right here.

The moment ac f6 and hit pair that way, itll connect to the remote right there and then all you could do is go to the camera mode right there. There we go and then with this you can do take this off right. There use the remote like so and then, with this youll be able to control your phone using the controller. There you go as you can see there, im able to hit record or take photos using that and there you go and thats for today guys thanks for watching. I hope i was able to help you on your choice on a brand new selfie. Stick with a little remote just like this one, if you want to get one of these ill link this down below so check that out, make sure to hit that subscribe button and hit and hit that like button as well. So we can beat that youtube algorithm.