. This is a gimbal. I was super excited for because ive worked with the smooth 4 and ive been a fan with smooth 3 as well, so there it is throughout this video im going to show you how the initial setup im going to show you a handful of different modes, and I got a bunch of footage shooting out on the streets of new york, which i think youll probably enjoy. I think this is gon na, be the first time on my channel, where ive actually shown real footage, along with footage that was shot on the actual phone and – and this might be something you might want to stick around for, but hey you can skip around as Well, its your choice, im just here to give you all a visual experience and im here to also teach you some stuff anywho. My name is andy its nice to meet. You sit back, relax and enjoy the show Music Music. Before you start shooting. You should download the zy cami app. This is available in the app store once you open it up. Youll get the typical privacy agreements and itll give you a small intro into the application cool dope fire fire: okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, take everything! Now you want to turn on your gimbal and you want to connect it via bluetooth pair that thing up and theres a firmware update. So remember right out the box you can use it. Dont get me wrong, but there are a bunch of things you got to do before you actually do to do.

For this part, i do like the grid so im going to grid no glamour effects for me and um done. All right now were in the app. Finally, right off the bat one of the coolest things is this knob on the left you can zoom in you can zoom out one of the first things i always do. Is i always switch to 4k, depending on how much memory you got on your phone, but lets get into some real footage, so the assembly is super easy. All you need to do is pull out the gimbal theres two locking modes, this one click and then two clicks lens facing out and then boom after that just want to do a quick balance and then to power it on you just hit this, and it should Be balanced all right next step, im going to go into the app and now im just going to grab a quick shot of this steam pipe. The first mode is pan follow mode, also known as pf mode. The tilt and roll is locked but youre able to pan from left to right, and you can also use the joystick to move up down left and right. You notice how, when i was shooting up, this gets locked in once you want to bring it back. All you need to do is double click, and then it goes back to where it was, and then you can shoot straight again: Music, Applause, Music.

All right next is elmo elmo, pretty much just locks your panties, so i notice when i do left and right, it wont, turn so im just going to grab a quick, quick shot like this im, just going to focus here to record im going to come out Of this tree and boom, if i want to switch between different modes, all i need to do is just hit the scroll wheel. Switching between slow motion, dolly zoom time lapse, hyperlapse, and then i could go back same thing. This was my videographer for today. Jaylin make sure yall subscribe to her channels as well next scene, grand central station, all right so theres a feature where if you triple tap the back its going to start recording us and then if you triple tap again, gets it back so im gon na switch. The mode to vertical mode, its a v Music so now its set up to where now its like this and then im gon na hit record and then im gon na step forward and im just hold the analog right. Now we got a spin shot. You can make it slower, depending on how much you move. The analog now were going to set up time lapse mode, which is one of my favorite features to shoot and im just going to line it up. Im going to switch this over Music to time lapse mode. Im gon na set this to 4k playing back at 30 frames per second is fine, Music Applause Music.

So, just in case you noticed that the horizon line is kind of off theres, a setting in here where you could calibrate your gimbal and its gon na do its thing. But after this it should fix any problems you have all right. Next up is follow mode. Follow mode allows you to do fast, panning motions, just in case i wanted to boom next person boom. This is 6x and then go here, 2x, a lot easier, so just say i was focusing on her. This would be good for, like sports and yeah Applause. Every time i see a clear path: thats like straight down its easy for you to get a hyper lapse because its not a lot of work going around things. You could do that too, but like going straight down, the pipe is probably one of the easiest hyperlapses. You can accomplish Music before i forget. This is industry standard three axis design that offers free movements from all perspectives, even extreme shooting angles Music. It also has magnetic steel motors with an upgraded algorithm, providing sufficient power for heavier smartphones, Music, all right, so that pretty much wraps up this video. I hope you enjoyed this. This is one i feel like you should share with a friend or a family member who doesnt know anything about mobile gimbals or just mobile filmmaking. I feel really good about the explaining part of this one and i had a lot of fun creating it.

I wanted to give a huge shout out to my fiance jaylen for helping me film this. We do a lot of this stuff together and i dont really give her the credit that she deserves, and i feel like you guys, should definitely stop by her page, whether it be on instagram, youtube or shes, pretty dope on tick. Tock too, check out her channels and yeah thats pretty much all i got for today and i have a handful of other videos that are on the way as well im excited to work on those. This is weird because im still trying to remind myself to do this, but make sure i mean if you like, the video like it. If you really like the video subscribe and – and if you really want to you can comment down below, i would love to know what your current mobile videography setup is. So what phone you shoot on, what gimbal you use and yeah thats about it thats all.