Balmuda font is the debut product of technological balmuda, a new division of the company previously known for stylish premium home appliances such as air purifiers and other electronics. As expected, balmuda font slightly different from other phones on the market. Someone enter Rauf said on stage that he felt that todays smartphones have too big and heavy screens in recent years, so the balmuda font is designed with compactness and elegance as the main goal Hi. This smartphone has 4 screens 9 inches 16 to 9 1080 pixels, very sharp and roughly comparable to iPhone S 4.7 inches. The screen is a little bigger and the phone is 2 mm wider, but the smaller bezels are 15 mm shorter. Next, I will explain in more detail and related with smartphone specifications and prices ne Bermuda in the several segments presented in this video at the beginning regarding the specifications of the Balmuda smartphone. This time we will start from the outer sector, namely the side of the body design carried by this cellphone, because the side of the body on this device has a fairly important role in ensuring the attractiveness of the device. In terms of the appearance of the body. Regarding this, Balmuda also applies the concept of a unit body design with dimensions that seem more likely to be simple, but still choose a message that is quite ideal, but unfortunately, for the dimensions of this Bermuda smartphone. It is still not known in detail and in detail.

The photos circulating this cellphone looks quite slim or slim with a fairly elegant impression, especially since the body on the Bermuda smartphone specifications already carries a unique bezel concept that makes it seem much funnier like a toy Smartphone moving to the other side of the discussion about the specifications of the Baluda nephew smartphone. This affects the visual screen sector carried by Smartphones.. This is considering that the visual sector on this cellphone has a vital role in displaying the visualization of the cellphone through the screen, because it is certainly not surprising if, in this case, Balmuda applies the concept of a modern layer with the support of features. flagship. That is quite native, one of which is the provision of an IPS LCD panel, which will certainly be carried by this Bermuda smartphone through its 4.9 inch screen.. In addition, interestingly, on the side of the screen, there is also a pansol hole as a container for the front camera lens its not enough. Smartphone balmuda was also claimed to have the ability to screen with full HD resolution 1080 times 2340 pixels. That will make the visual appearance more sharp and far more realistic, of course, no surprise that the line of visual display on the specifications of the smartphone Bermuda. This will be one of the segments that relied on by party Balmuda in attracting the interest of potential buyers. Apart from the appearance, do not forget that the kitchen runway sector carried by the Balmuda smartphone specifications is also a very important segment for us to discuss, considering that it is part of storing various specifications.

Components regarding this Balmuda itself is claimed to be implementing several components. In order to guarantee a much more reliable performance in the mid range class. One of them is the provision of a chipset where the Balmuda smartphone itself will certainly bring Qualcomms Snapdragon 765 chipset, which is ready to synergize, with an octa core processor to maximize operational performance that is more stable and stable. that even the Balmuda smartphone will also be Armed with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, so that, in addition to being fast in multitasking access, of course, file storage needs are much more secure. This Bermuda smartphone specification will rely on the latest Android 11 OS, which is known to be very light in providing performance support for each component. That is embedded then on the photographic side of the Balmuda smartphone specifications. It seems that it is also one of the segments that cannot be left alone, because this sector is the part that will As a consideration for consumers before buying a cellphone. In order to achieve this, the Bermuda smartphone will be equipped with a single rear camera with a 48 megapixel sensor, which is equipped with a dual pixel PDF feature and LED Flash to maximize the results of higher quality portraits and have a clear photo impression. On the Other hand, the Balmuda smartphone will also be equipped with an 8 megapixel front camera one to reflect the needs of selfie photos and, of course, it will spoil its users with results.

That will not disappoint. So it is certain that the line of photography carried by this Bermuda smartphone specification is Ah the part that deserves to be excelled with regard to the connectivity segment. Apparently, the specifications of this Bermuda smartphone also seem to have received attention from the manufacturer. This can be seen from the connection features embedded in this smartphone, such as connectivity in matters relating to the internet, which Balmuda has implementing a 5G network technology system as the main access in order to maximize internet speed. Then there are several short range connections, including, for example, wi fi, bluetooth, NFC, ipx4 rating and, of course, a USB connection type Hi.. Next, we will examine the battery issue, which will be carried by the Smartphone. with the issue of the battery itself cannot be denied that balmuda will apply modern battery technology that carries the last lipo battery types in terms of its own capacity. Balmuda smartphone battery provides power for fast charging, 2500mAh 20watt and a da also wireless charging and support power. Delivery 3.0 see its capacity is likely that eventually the phone is able to survive in a short time, and then I will examine information on the official price or the price of smartphones balmuda, even so, according to the official online store in Japan that the price of Smartphones balmuda will be priced diangka, 916 Dollars or around 13 million. Even so, There is a possibility that the target market of this Smartphone is mining workers or field workers, because this Smartphone is specially designed and has a very small battery.

Therefore, it is impossible for the general public to use a Smartphone.