As on the on the video and another thing that i often do with. Phones is pair them with other devices, and here is me pairing this particular phone with a set of earbuds. I was just wanting to see how much difference it made to the sound now the sound on this phone isnt too bad, but with the earbuds. It is, of course, as you would expect absolutely superb ive also had this phone paired with my car bluetooth, and it sounds great with that as well. Ive used it for phone calls, its good for phone calls and really everything ive tried with is great as an e reader. It is a bit heavy because of the size of the battery, but you get what you get, what you so just a quick look at the phone after the f 150 button has been pressed, youll notice that some of the applications were outlined in orange and then Theres this panel of useful tools here thats got things like a timer and a thing for making voices a compass, protractor all sorts of stuff which could be quite useful out in the world and its, including a full screen, clock and a spirit level, and so on. So quite an interesting idea: these are all in the uh little toolbox, uh applet, which is provided with the phone and the torch i have to say on this phone is absolutely excellent. Its got a massive led array and gives good space light.

Itd be great for use in a tent, so heres, just a few photo samples. This one taken with the macro lens in not terribly brilliant light the same with this one, this isnt the macro lens. This is the normal lens, of course, and then just a photograph. Looking up at the sky to show how well it handles contrast between bright and dark and to show that it wasnt a brave covers, are bright in place. Lets see how we get on with this phone, so quite a lot of noise in the pond. I think it might be uh something to do with the way the microphone works underwater, but you saw the fish and everything so thats quite useful. You can film underwater with it. This bumblebee on my comfrey plant come off something else now step back in time. This is me unwrapping the phone. This is the charger plug which is supplied separately because the upk charger plugs have to be bigger. They dont fit inside the box, so they do sometimes come separately its one of those ones that folds up. So here is the phone itself i needed to strip off the uh cellophane plastic to get into it thats to keep it nice and clean. So you know youre getting a new phone when it arrives. Uh, the box is a bit stiff as youd expect with the new phone, and it comes with various bits and pieces of paper heres the phone itself wrapped in one of these low density polishing bags to keep it nice and clean and its really quite nice.

But its quite big and heavy because its got an 8 000 milliamp hour battery um but yeah there. It is its a good nice phone and theres the instruction leaflet. The typeface is reasonably large, its reasonably easy to read: theres, not a lot in the instruction book. As you would expect, with an android phone, it just works the normal way and theres various other bits and pieces of bump in there, and here is the charging lead, which is an a to micro b. So taking a quick look at the sim pin there, and here is the phone as you look upside theres, the fingerprint sensor, the on and off button and the volume control buttons on that side at the bottom. Here is a little loop, which you put a lanyard through there, the camera arrays and then on this side. Youve got the smart button and the cover for the sim tray, which you can get out with a pin. Theres two sims and a tf card go in that tray at the same time and then at the bottom here, theres a cover which covers both the charging lead and the three mil jack if youre, using it in an environment where it might get wet. Youre going to want to use bluetooth things because youre not going to want to have the cover off so theres a photo of the back, showing the phones and the led turned off and heres the led turned on.

It actually gives quite a good space light. So itd be great for keeping the inside of your tent light at night.