So ive been testing this for a couple of weeks already, and i believe that this phone is a better entry iphone in the iphone s so lets check here. If this iphone xr is still good in 2021, as usual, it does have a glass back with aluminum sides, and it really looks like my iphone 11. Only difference is that theres only one rear camera for the xr. I dont feel any difference with its weight too compared with my iphone 11 – and i got this on this black color, though you can choose different colors like yellow blue peach or red, but i really like this still black color. This design has already been used for iphones for many years, but the build quality is still excellent for its display. It does have a 6.1 inch liquid retina ips lcd screen. It does have also a scratch resistant glass with oleophobic coating. It does have true tone, white color, gamut and up to 625 minutes of brightness. The negative side of its panel is that it is only at 720p and it does have this ugly notch. It shares the same weakness as my iphone 11 with its screen, and you can see the difference in resolution compared to other oled, android phones and the newest iphones, though its not like any other cheap lcd screen. Iphones always have a respectable lcd in the phone industry. For its performance, it does have this 812 bionic chip, which is a 7 nanometer with 3 gig of ram.

The one that i have is the 64gb storage, so you can get it up to 256 gigabyte variant compared to the one that i have already, which is the iphone 11. It is just a little bit slower in opening apps, but dont get me wrong. This phone is still fast and navigating through its ui is really smooth. Playing games is still good on this phone. So here are some samples of gaming on his phone Music. All troops deployed. We can do it Music. You have slain huh Music um any hardcore games, though i noticed that it is much less smoother than the iphone 11.. It is much faster to heat up when playing high intensive games. The good thing about this phone is, it is still supported with the newest ios version, which is the 15., with apple track record of supporting old iphones. Definitely it will be supported for more years to come, heres also its benchmarks, so it only have one rear. 12. Megapixel camera with no ultra wide ear, unfortunately, but this one camera is still powerful. It deserves an optical image stabilization and it can record up to 4k 60 frames per second. It does have also a quad led dual tone: flash and hdr for both photos and panoramas. Taking pictures and video are still good here, theyre almost the same level, with my iphone 11 main camera here. Are some sample photos, Music, Applause, Music? What a wonderful, Music, theyre, really Applause Music here – are some sample videos, what a wonderful Music for a front camera its a little bit underwhelming since its only a 7 megapixel.

You can only record up to 1080p 60 frames per second, which i dont, like photos, are still respectable, and its still good for posting in social media battery is fine too. With this phone it does have 2942 milliamps of battery. This can last a day with a normal use and have an average screen on time between four to five hours, and if you dont use your phone too much, definitely it can last for two days. The only downside here is theres no power, brick that included and the cable on the box is a lightning to usbc theres, a lot of good features of this phone too. It is rated ip67 dust and water resistant, so you dont need to worry. Dropping your phone on water and you know that it still works. It does have exterior speakers as well and iphones do have the best speakers on phone industry, so streaming movies and watching video will be placed on this device Music and, lastly, it does have a wireless charging. Also. I myself also uses this feature a lot since i have a wireless charger and its super convenient too, that you can just drop your phone on the wireless charger and it will automatically charge for you on the couple of weeks that i have used this phone. It really feels like a twin brother of my iphone 11, since they look the same, though their similarity stops once you use it since ive experienced already using an iphone 11, the difference in camera and the processor is too big for me, though, if youre looking for A budget iphone this could be a good start.

The 812 bionic is still great and the rear camera takes good photo and videos too. The price of this iphone now is really a good deal. Mostly, you can get it between 400 to 500 or around 20 000 pesos to 25 000 here in the philippines and its almost the same price of the iphone se. For me, it is better than the se, since you will have much larger battery, much larger display and already good camera on the xr, though its not available anywhere through apple. It is still available through a lot of third party stores. So for me, if youre new to the apple ecosystem, its the best entry level iphone that you can still get right now, so that is my review of the iphone xr and thank you for watching my video, please like share and subscribe and see you soon.