That has magnets, oh watch this, and now we have lights now we have lights so so full disclaimer. This video is sponsored by zhiyun, but all my opinions about the smooth five are completely my own and really the goal for this video is to give you as much information as possible to help you decide whether or not you should get the smooth five and tldr Its really really good Music, all right. So this is the zhiyun smooth five, a really sleek looking gimbal for smartphones compared to the xeon smooth 4. The smooth 5 is smaller, its stronger and just the overall user experience is vastly improved and not to mention you can attach magnetic accessories like this led light on the gimbal top or the bottom. How cool is that, like that alone, is like my favorite feature of the smooth five, i mean, of course, its helpful to light up your face if youre, vlogging or filming live events like at trade shows or weddings but magnets. In addition to this really cool light, you also get these magnetic filters that you can attach to the light and simulate colored gels here are the different flavors of magnetic filters. This one is a banana hammock yellow this one is spicy red tuna. Yellow this one is orange, you glad i didnt say yellow and of course you have blue and then to attach the filters super easy. Just simply snap and youre done ill, be honest, im, not sure how often id use these colored filters like im, not sure how it would counter balance certain color temperatures in an environment.

I mean id probably use them in a creative way like say that im filming a music video, but in terms of like just normal filmmaking, i dont, know if id use these colored filters. Theyre cool, though because you know magnets, but not sure, if ill use them. That often now do you need a gimbal for mobile filmmaking. No, of course not. In fact, i think a lot of smartphones have really good stabilization built within the camera already, and so i dont really think its necessary to have a gimbal, but it does make it easier to get those smooth shots if you have a gimbal Music. Another cool thing about the smooth fives that it can also take panoramic photos. You just got ta go into panoramic mode which is right over there and then once youve set your gimbal in position, you just press the start button and away. It goes look at that. Dear thing, nice uh got ta say the smooth five is a solid, solid performer. I mean just right now, im in lock mode and so its keeping my position in place, which is cool, im gon na cycle through the different gimbal modes, real, quick, uh right now. This is follow mode, yep, very nice. Next one is uh. What is this pov mode? So if you just move it this way, you can get some really cool dutch angle, shots which i dont really use. That often to be honest, and then i hear you have vertigo mode, and so you can do those vertigo shots which actually make me really sick and then itll rotate uh your phone real smoothly, so yeah thats, pov mode and then now in pan follow mode which Locks, the tilting access where you can move the gimbal left and right uh, all right.

So now we are recording hi, so were filming with my iphone 13 mini, because i want to show you something really really cool so other than the magnetic led light that you can attach onto the smooth five. My next favorite feature of the gimbal is a smart active, follow its really really cool. So when you open up the zy cami app, all you have to do is draw a box around whatever object or subject. You want the gimbal to follow so, for example, im gon na draw a box around my face. Just like so and now the gimbal will actively follow my face wherever i go, its so so cool all right. Its going to give you a quick tour of the zhiyun smooth 5. in the back panel is where you control pretty much everything here. You have your joystick thats, pretty similar to most of xenons gimbals. You move the joystick up and itll tilt your phone up tilt down and itll bring the gimbal down. You can move left to right and uh yeah its very, very smooth. You can actually control the joystick speed within the app itself, which is pretty awesome, but there you go thats the joystick here you have your menu button. So if you press and hold thatll open up the menu within the app where you can choose different gimbal modes and other settings right next to it, is the directional pad and the light button. If you press and hold on the light button, itll turn on the led light of the gimbal and then, of course, to turn it off.

You just press and hold and itll turn off and to control the intensity of the light. You just take this wheel and rotate it left. If you want to dim it down or rotate it right. If you want to increase the intensity, also with the directional pad, you can navigate through the menu next to the joystick is the mode button and if you just keep pressing the mode button, itll cycle through the different gimbal modes, like lock, pan follow, follow mode, etc, Etc and then below that is the record button to start and stop. Recording now on the side of the gimbal is a control wheel, which has two functions: to control the zoom and to control the focus of your smartphones camera. Its pretty awesome lets go ahead and try that out right now. So right now we are gon na do uh the zoom test im gon na zoom in oh, very cool. Look at that see how far i can zoom in yeah. I probably wouldnt zoom in that much on a smartphone, but if you want to you totally can oh thats so cool and im going to press the red button to control the focus all right. So now you see the camera is in focus and im going to move the control wheel to focus in the background. Oh by the way there we go backgrounds in focus and lets focus back onto the camera. Oh very nice, so yeah just really cool features that you can do on a gimbal and a smartphone love it.

And then, if you want to go back to control the zoom, you press the red button again and then now you can control the zoom very nice. So setting up your phone on the smooth five is like ridiculously easy: it has this really cool snap and go design. We just push the tilt and roll access just like so, and the only locking mechanism is the the pan access which you can unlock with. This switch right over here there you go im gon na open up the uh, the small tripod legs, and there you go. I dont know if you can see that, hopefully you can see that and then of course you got ta put your smartphone in im. Gon na put my iphone 13 mini so its small enough that it will absolutely support it, but the smooth 5 can support heavier smartphones like the iphone 13 pro max, which is really cool. And so now you see its kind of just limp, and the only thing that you have to balance out is the is the roll axis and it doesnt have to be perfect at all, like i just pushed it, maybe about an inch so yeah. So its kind of like that im, even gon na just dangle it and im gon na turn on the gimbal and then once i turn it on the smooth five will figure out everything else to balance your smartphone wheres, the on button, oh yeah, its right over Here lets press and hold, and there you go oh and i forgot to mention you – can also use your phone in portrait mode as well.

And so, if you want to film like vertical video for tick, tock, ig reels, then all you have to do is make sure that the phone holder is set up so that you can film vertically just go ahead. Put your phone back on and heres a phone holder, and then all you have to do is just swivel, just like so put your phone on just like that, and just like before just make sure that the roll access is somewhat bouncing your phone thats about right. It doesnt have to be perfect turn it on and three two one and boom. Look at that now you can film smooth looking vertical video and then the pack will. Your gimbal is super, easy, just make sure to turn off your gimbal first just press and hold and uh yep. We are off, take off your phone. Put it in a safe place. You dont scratch. It unlock the roll access, push it up, snap it into place, and after that you just press the locking mechanism over there turn it around till it snaps, and you are good to go. You can even take off the smaller tripod. If you want to pack the smooth five in a smaller camera bag, but yeah thats the smooth five pretty fast and easy to set up and take down uh. So, overall, i think the smooth 5 is one of the best smartphone gimbals that ive ever used and honestly works really smoothly, regardless what size phone you have.

I love that everything that you can control is right in front of the gimbal. Just easy one hand operation, but by far my favorite features about the zoom 5 is the magnetic led light and the active smart follow feature its just so cool makes it really easy to film some really awesome stuff with a smartphone. There are a few bugs with the smooth 5, and i think that can be fixed with a firmware update like switching from zoom control. To focus control is a little bit glitchy and doesnt respond as quickly as id like it. When i switch it to different gimbal modes, the the smooth five will go to a completely different gimbal mode, for whatever reason, but other than that i love the smooth five. I love how light it is. I love that its smaller than the smooth four and i love how powerful the motors are, and you can use pretty much any smartphone you have and if youre interested in mobile filmmaking or if you just want to step up your smartphone filmmaking game, then definitely check Out the zhiyun smooth five, if you wan na, do so then check the links down the description below well huge thanks to zune for sponsoring this video huge thanks to you for watching hope. You enjoyed the rest today and ill see in the next.