Today we are unboxing and reviewing the emporia smart 5 and smart 4.. They are typically easy to use and compact. So if you dont know what to get your ground for christmas, this could be the video for you. The phones are designed to be simplistic and straightforward for those who have trouble with their eyesight hearing or navigating their way around technology ill start with the full first. So we can see on the back of the box. The image of the phone shows the screen of favorite icons such as the camera maps, internet and email, which would probably be peoples most needed application already downloaded onto the phone, along with the icon, shown on the side of the box, such as the phones, training book, Whatsapp, an emergency button, an nfc which powers contactless payment, the phone being partially set up already with key applications ready to use, makes this phone just that much easier to use. I think all of these key applications being pre downloaded onto the phone is extremely helpful and reassuring for people that arent the most confident with technology and may not have people around them to help them. As we unbox the emporio smart4. It comes with a training book which will provide step by step instructions on how to set the phone up with clear images, showing what everything should look like. The installation manual explains how applications are set up and how they work in the phone and a google pay manual.

If you do want to use the contactless payment so far. I feel that these information booklets are really helpful in giving as much information about the phone and how it works by breaking down the instructions into easy to follow, step by step guides with images showing what to expect to go through it. The only thing id have to comment on if the writing in some of the books would be quite small, which is odd when theyve made the phone icons, big and distinguishable so that it is easy to see. And then the booklets have small writing now. To finish off this unboxing, it comes with the phone itself, a spare back of the phone which both have a smart and sleek black matted look. There is a removable battery which isnt as common nowadays, a usb adapter plug and finally, a set of headphones. In my opinion, this box comes with everything, youd need for this phone. The only thing id advise that would be handy. That is not here is your phone case and maybe a screen protector just to protect your phone against any drops. You may encounter moving on to the emporia smart5 from looking at the book we can see. It has three cameras, a built in training book and the emergency button. The packaging is very similar to the four, but includes a lot more. Firstly, we have the operation manual, which is similar to the fourth training book, a common cell phone question manual and again i do personally think the writing is a bit small, but moving on, we have the phone which the screen protector shows.

It has three cameras on the back ip54 water resistant, meaning it will be okay to take out in the rain, but i wouldnt drop it into water and nfc, which is contactless payment. We have a charging cradle, which you can slot the phone into a flip phone case, which you actually have to take the back of the phone off to connect the case onto a charging wire, a usb adapter plug head and headphones. The headphones are definitely better quality than the fours. As you can see, they have a rubber outing, which makes them slightly softer and more padded on the bottom of both boxes. It shows you need a nano sim. As you can see, the four is smaller than the five. The four has a five inch display, whereas the five has a five point: five inch display and is noticeably heavier than the full looking at the designs of the phones. The front is very similar. The only difference is that the five has a home button, then, on the back of the five, it has three cameras, but the four only has an emergency button. The on off and volume buttons are the same on both of the phones. This is what the phone looks like when you turn it on. So you have the home page a few favorite apps, so you have a phone messages and then you have more favorite apps, as shown earlier on the books. And then, if you go to the very left, it has your favorite contacts which you can add to.

Of course, your phone number an emergency button in the mailbox the settings can be found over here at the top, so you can get a flashlight alarm, silent and wi fi. As we can see, the camera quality on the 5 is much better than the four. Then, if we go to options, we can get the front camera video mode, magnifier, qr scanner and picture size. I hope this video was helpful for you guys.