This series is undoubtedly one of the kings of budget smartphones that offer us value for the price. However, the omidji power fives is the latest smartphone equipped with a larger 6.53 inch, hd end screen and the latest android 11 and support 4g lte network, and this is handled by new soc unisoc tiger t310 4gb ram and three 2gb storage. Adding that there is more and more omidiji power, 5s features stock, android 11 unisoc tiger t310 quad core 4gb ram 3 2gb rom, 6.53 hd and water drop, display 1 6 mpai triple rear camera 6150mah battery, dual 4g network design and build quality. The umidigi power 5s features a glass body on both sides with a length of 164 millimeters and a width of 76.8 millimeters, as well as a solid metal frame with a thickness of 9.9 millimeters. That gives a wonderful feeling, when held in your hand, despite its weight of 215 grams being heavy for some. I hope its performance is worth it. If you ask me about the manufacturing quality, i have nothing negative to say its. The closest thing to a premier since humidity is constantly aiming to give high quality items to users all around the world at a reasonable price. The front and back glass were curiously, not 2.5 d, meaning they were fully flat and even the metal frame was flat edged in silver, while the rear was available in three colors sapphire blue carbon gray and jade green on the front on the front of the device.

There is a full screen, 6.53 inch display with very thin edges on the sides, a not so narrow chin at the bottom and a notch.drop from the top. That includes the 8mp camera in the center of the top for selfies and video chats, which we will discuss in more detail later, the back its flat and clean with a beautiful appearance and, as previously stated, the news here is a g matte glass, which is anti Reflective and anti fingerprint making it more comfortable in the hand, with a precise finish, despite the fact that there are only three colors to pick from the triple cameras and the flash in the upper left corner with a rather large bump, which you must protect. With a cover underneath the cameras, there is a large beautiful glossy writing to display the concept of beyond dreams opposite on the right, the omidiji logo and beneath the cameras. There is a large beautiful glossy writing to display the concept of beyond dreams opposite on the right. The omidiji logo, ports and buttons. As for the ports, the phone comes with a usb type c port from the bottom, with a powerful loudspeaker and a microphone while the 3.5 millimeters headphone jack is at the top. The buttons are, as usual, the integrated power button with a fingerprint sensor, the volume down button and the dual sim and memory slot. It should be noted that there is a customizable shortcut button on the side note.

This smartphone is not waterproof, so it should not be exposed to any water source. Omidiji power 5s display quality even in 2021. If you are talking about a budget chinese smartphone, it will most likely be the lcd ips screen, and this is what the omidiji power 5s offers. But that does not mean that it is bad as its of large size of 6.53 inches in hd and with an aspect. Ratio 20, colon 9 and a modest screen resolution of 720 x 1600 gives you bright, sharp, colors and wide viewing angles that are more than great for consuming content visible on youtube or otherwise. In short, while the power fives may not have the finest screen, it does provide the best value for money in the budget category providing a large and high quality screen suited for media consumption, whether you are watching videos playing games or browsing social media omidiji power, 5s Cameras, the cameras are one of the key features of the omidiji power fives. There is nothing to be concerned about in terms of their specs, but the final word is reserved for their actual performance triple rear camera. A triple camera arrangement on the back includes a 1 6 mp primary camera, with an f 2.0 6 element lens and a 1 6 mp secondary camera theres. An 8 8mp wide angle lens with a 120 degree field of view and a 5mp macro lens. For the remainder of the cameras so far, the technical specifications are good, so lets move on to the realistic performance in good lighting.

The cameras can take really good pictures and capture a lot of details and with beautiful color saturation. So i liked the cameras, but in the dark they lacked quality but theyre still good cameras for the price front, camera in the forefront of selfies or video chats. You get an 8mp camera with an f 2.2 aperture with an impressive algorithm and several modes to choose from this. Camera is also used for face unlock video. You can shoot 1080p hd videos at 30, fps from both front and back cameras in well lit environments with some poor stability, omitted g power 5s performance. If we talk about performance, omidigi power 5s offers great performance in most of its basic and entertainment uses such as browsing the web watching videos on youtube using social media applications, even playing games as everything worked efficiently and without facing any problems with stopping applications or high Degrees cpu performance in games. Well, it is time to expose umidigi power fives to some tasks that need more effort, and there is nothing better than playing games with high settings. The conditions here differ according to the application game or any type of business that needs large resources and because the processor used here is unisoc tiger t310 quad core 2.0 ghz processor, with 12 millimeters architecture used in low cost smartphones. Everything was smooth even in medium graphics, games like pubg or cod mobile or other requirements games. However, if you play on low settings, you will enjoy smooth gameplay, decent frame rate play these games and even video decoding.

This processor is based on three cores arm: cortex a55 and one core arm: cortex a75 at 1.8 g hertz and img power, vr, g8300 graphics, processor memory, most of the applications ran very quickly and thanks to the emmc 5.1 of 32gb storage capacity, it would be suitable For installing any application, you need with the ability to expand via a microsd card to 256 tb and for multitasking the phones 4gb ram made switching between apps a breeze. This is more than adequate for most of the tasks you can accomplish with a phone like as running multiple apps or massive games. In the background in summary and for tasks, this smartphone will provide an excellent experience playing content to play. The content on youtube was very smooth. You can play videos at a maximum of 720 60 fps without any problems or lag, and this is the highest quality you can get next lets take a look at the dmr information and widevine security. I can tell you im a little disappointed with this, because its only level 3, so you wont, be able to get hd on netflix or other streaming services, and this level maybe not be found on all chinese smartphones. Without exaggeration, however, you can still enjoy netflix and all other streaming services. In 480p resolution software, the umidigi power 5s works on android 11 with full screen gesture navigation controls, dark themes, split screen view and contains most of the features that come with the system.

The most important of which is the presence of all google services, making the smartphone experience smoother and more personalized overall performance. In sum, the performance on this phone is more than good as a cheap, smartphone focused on daily use and playing games with medium settings and is equipped with a set of specifications and respectable features. Such camera durability and design make it an interesting experience. Connectivity omidiji power 5s is a dual sim smartphone equipped with a sim slot that accommodates two 4g nano sim cards that support all bandwidth, offerings of 4g and 3g, and so on so its expected that you will get wide coverage and good signal quality for making phone Calls and accessing the internet easily in addition to having a micro sd card on the same socket, to connect to wi fi networks. The power fives supports dual bandwidths of 2.4 ghz and 5ghz and of course, there is bluetooth 5.0 thats. Not all. There are also some basic sensors for a smartphone, including a gyroscope accelerometers, and even an electronic compass note omidiji power fives doesnt have nfc, so you cant make mobile payments, omitted g power, 5s battery and charging time. Domitiji power 5s has a built in 6150mah, non removable. Lipo battery that allows seven to eight hours of continuous use for surfing the internet, google youtube and following social media. Of course, the time is less when playing games and with moderate use, it will stay with you for a whole day on one charge.

It mostly takes about four hours to fully charge 6150mah using type c, with no support for wireless charging. But its absence in this category is normal and the charging time seems long, but this capacity is not small and there is fast charging supports one zero. W is not very fast but better than the basic 5w. However, i can say that the battery was not bad for a regular user. The battery will easily last for a whole working day, depending on your usage, such as the times you open the screen and the type of applications you run. Also, it suffices for more than nine consecutive hours of watching videos. However, its performance was good and this is mostly because it is equipped with stock. Android 11 doesnt have any pre installed programs, even the interface is simple without any complications or processes. In the background – and this is what limits battery drain conclusion, if you ask me if the omidji power 5 smartphone is worth buying or you can recommend, my answer is: definitely yes, but if you have a power 5 and want to upgrade, you wont get much given That it is a low cost smartphone and the price does not exceed 110, with a stylish design and good processor abundant memory of three 2gb 4gb ram connectivity standards and an hdn screen. But that does not make it flawless as it lacks a fingerprint reader. Low camera quality and you cannot watch netflix in hd resolution, but it gives you powerful performance at a low price.

So if you are looking for a low cost phone at this time, you will not get anything better than power. Fives in this price range omitted g power, fives price and where to buy the umidigi power 5 smartphone is currently available on aliexpress for a very good price. So dont miss out on this great deal and to view its price or buy it.