We have again from in depth tech reviews, and here is my first video about the pixel 6 series, sorry for being late, but as you may know, i live in dubai and it was hard for me to get my hands on the 6a pro. But finally, its here in this video, i will talk about the exclusive features that we didnt see in older models and how they can improve your experience, which is something i didnt see a lot of videos talk about in detail, my in depth review for the 6z Pro is in the works as well, and i will do whatever it takes to make it the best review to answer all your questions, but for now lets take a look at the exclusive software features. Lets start with the typing experience gboard on the pixel, 6 and 60. Pro is different in a lot of ways. First, it has a bolder font compared to my pixel 5 and because the sexy pro has a curved display, the buttons are not edge to edge. However, they are pushed towards the center to avoid having any buttons in the curves, which is better. In this scenario. On the g board settings then text correction. There is a new toggle for grammar check. This feature will underline the grammar mistakes in blue and when you tap the sentence, it will show you the correct one in the suggestions strip. The feature works entirely on device without the need to have an internet connection, so i will turn on the airplane mode and try again, as you see, it still works as expected, but the most exciting exchange in gboard is the new assistant voice typing.

This feature is super fast, accurate and useful. Its located under gboard settings then voice typing. Here you will see two new toggles assist and voice typing to turn on the feature and auto punctuation to automatically add the punctuation while dictating. There is also a show voice commands option for the full list of commands. You can use and now lets put it into action. You can activate the assistant voice typing using the mic button or via google assistant by saying the magic word followed by the word type. So lets try this scenario whats your plan for tonight send what about dinner in a cheesecake factory, clear all what about a movie night send by the way i got my new pixel 5 delete delete. Pixel 6 pro 128 gb poly emoji, send gboards assistant typing is so cool cool emoji stop new line im using it right now clear undo. Send i cant believe how easy it is. Exclamation mark send stop, as you saw. The feature is smart enough to handle a conversation that includes text and emojis, not only this, but i was able to add my own punctuation and the start, a new line. The feature also works with forms and emails. So let me try to send a new message using gmail set recipient in depth tech reviews first, one next previous daily report – add emad to cc next. Dear team attached is the weekly report till the 19th of november, as agreed, i added all the extra fields as per todays meeting, so please check and feed me back regards one more thing worth mentioning.

If you stop talking, it will stop automatically after a few seconds, but if you want to keep it active all the time, you can double tap the mic, which will show you an orange ring around it and in this case, to stop the feature you need to Tap the mic again or say the word: stop gboard also got some visual enhancements. First, the translation interface is more refined, with more rounded corners to match android 12 and when you tap on a misspelled word, it will show you the suggestions and add to dictionary options in the suggestions strip instead of appearing as an overlay menu like before, and now Its time for todays sponsor this is the heidis key 4.. This small multifunctional security key is perfect to keep your pc and passwords safe. It uses bluetooth, nfc or even usb dongle to detect when youre in close proximity to your pc. The key is an innovative fido. Certified device that can be used for both password based and passwordless logins, and with just the push of a button you can access your pc and enter all of your passwords. You have saved on it remembering the passwords for every website is a thing of the past and the moment it detects your way. It will lock everything up. So your nosy colleagues can no longer copy your clearly superior work. You can also set it up as a replacement to your ri fd card to unlock doors without carrying a card.

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The gear icon next to gaming, so on the pixel 6, its a little bit easier to reach. Now let me run one of the games optimized for the pixel 6, which is asphalt. 9., if you have the do not disturb for games activated once you run the game, you will get a banner at the bottom of the screen. Telling you that do not disturb is activated with a button called the change which will take you right away to the gaming dashboard or you can use the floating button like before, and it will take you right away to the same dashboard. We saw in android 12 in my previous videos beside the same shortcuts like screenshot screen, recording and fps. Now the performance option is active and when you tap on it, it will give you three different options: either to get the maximum performance standard or battery saver. And when you change the mode, it will ask you to restart the game for the action to take effect and keep in mind. Whatever you choose here will always remain the same. Unless you change it yourself, you will also notice that google play games is now part of the gaming dashboard. It will show you the level your profile name and the email address used, and when you tap on it, you will get a quick access to your profile and the privacy settings in the google play app. These are the only two options between the pixel 6 and older pixel models when it comes to the gaming dashboard.

But the question is: do the performance optimization options make a difference when it comes to your battery and the performance so lets find out in this test? I will play asphalt 9 using all three modes with the same track and the car to easily spot the differences between the three from the first. Second, there is a clear difference between them in the level of detail, the battery saver mode, producing a blurry and less detailed image. The performance mode looks a lot sharper with very clear text, and the standard is somewhere in between. So this confirms that the gaming dashboard is certainly making a difference, so lets continue to see even more. In this part, the performance mode has a much better blur effect to give you the sense of speed, while the battery saver mode has almost zero effects, resulting in a less joyful gaming experience, the standard is very close to performance when it comes to effects, but the Graphics are not as short, and you will clearly see the difference between them. When you take a look at other cars, the performance mode is making a big difference here. Lets continue with the race to see if there is any difference in the fps, the performance and the standard modes. Didnt drop below 30 frames throughout the entire race, while the battery saver mode was slightly behind with a minimum of 28 frames per second in certain parts. To test the impact on battery and temperature, i played asphalt 9 using the performance and battery saving modes for 30 minutes both started at 31.

5 degrees celsius and the battery level was at 70 percent. Both were connected to the same wi fi network, same brightness and do not disturb for games was activated after 30. Minutes of continuous playing the temperature levels were exactly the same at 35.3 celsius, with only one percent difference between the two when it comes to the battery. But keep in mind this only applies to asphalt 9, so maybe things will be different with other games. Now lets talk about google assistant and with the sixer pro i got the new quick phrases feature which is located under my google assistant settings. Here you will find quick phrases that includes two different toggles. The first one will allow you to control your alarms and timers by saying the word stop or snooze, and the second one is for incoming calls by saying answer or decline. So let me show you how it works. Now the alarm started to ring and as you see, the mic is now active waiting for me to say the command and in the center is showing me one of the suggested commands i can use. So all i need to do in this case is to say the word stop or i can also use the word. Snooze and thats also the case with the timers stop and heres how it works for phone calls decline. Answer answering, as you heard, it will give you a voice feedback, followed by a tone before answering, which will give you a slight chance to hang up in case.

It happened by mistake and by the way you can tap on the command, and in this case it will show you how the feature works in a floating card that you can dismiss by tapping on it again or use. The x now lets talk about the new camera features. The first one is the white balance slider. When you tap anywhere on the viewfinder, you will get a slider on the left to change the colors temperature and it has enough range to help you in all scenarios. When you change the white balance, a reset button will appear at the top to return back to the default value. The only downside in this feature is it doesnt save your preference. So, every time you open the camera app, it will return back to the original settings and by the way you can turn off the white balance slider under the camera settings. When you scroll a little bit down, you will see a toggle here called white balance. Once you turn off the switch, it will disappear from your viewfinder. The second new feature is called the speech enhancement. When you try to take a video using the front facing camera and then expand the settings, you will see a new toggle here called speech. Enhancement once activated, the phone will minimize the background noise when you start recording videos using your front facing camera, which is a nice feature for people who use their phones for vlogging, and you will also see an indicator here at the top left.

If you have the feature activated and now, let me show you a quick sample with and without the feature, so now, im testing the speech, enhancement feature of the camera im trying to walk next to the highway. To give you an idea about how the background noise will impact the video right now im not using the feature, so let me switch on the speech enhancement to see if there is any difference now. The speech enhancement feature is activated and im still walking. Next to the highway, to give you an idea about the difference in audio quality, and if you are planning to purchase this phone for vlogging, this will also help you understand how it works. As per the sample the speech enhancement, wasnt perfect, you can clearly hear the noise cancellation filter, trying to clip the noise all the time and it wasnt smooth one hundred percent. But at least my voice was clearer with the feature activated next. The new motion tab and here you will find two different choices: action, pan and long exposure, and if you want to learn more about each one, you can tap on the question mark to simplify things for you. Both should be used with moving subjects. Action pan will keep the subject in focus and the blur the background. While long exposure will do the opposite, it will blur the moving subject and keep the background in focus. And now let me show you some samples from each one lets start with action pan.

In this scenario, i was waiting for a car to pass by and then hit the shutter key once it enters the frame taking the shot took only one second, however, the phone took around five seconds to process the image, as shown here in my screen recording, but The result was great, the car is perfectly in focus and the background got a nice blur effect to give you the sense of motion heres another great looking shot and the blur effect is even more dramatic in this one which i like, but dont expect it to Work perfectly well in all scenarios, i would say 80 percent of the time you will get the results you are waiting for, but sometimes it misses the moving subject like in this one, for example, which is expected, as the feature is currently in beta when it comes To the long exposure, one of the best scenarios is to capture moving water and heres one of the shots i took in the pool using the 4x telephoto lens and it looks stunning. You can also use it to capture light trails at night, which is another common scenario for long exposure shots, and the last feature to talk about in the camera department is called phase humbler. If you are not familiar with the feature, it automatically fires up the ultra wide lens once it detects a moving subject in the scene, and this will help the main sensor keep the subject in focus, even if its moving, you wont, find anything under settings related to The feature, however, it works behind the scene to test the feature i activated the timer for 10 seconds and kept jumping on front of the camera continuously until it took the shot.

I did the same on my pixel 5 to see if this feature really works and make a difference, and here is the result. The photo coming out of the pixel 5 is a mess and im completely blurred out, while the 6a pro did an amazing job. Keeping me in focus – and the result is great. The only downside here the subject looks very soft and lacks details for reference. I took another shot without moving and you can clearly see how much more details it has either way. I still see it a very useful feature and the outcome is much better than any other phone. I have ever seen now lets talk about the new magic eraser feature in google photos and officially its exclusive to the pixel 6 series. However, you can get it on your older pixel phone. If you want – and i created a separate video about this so im going to leave its link in the description if you are interested. The reason i have the pixel 5 in this port is to see if magic eraser is any better on the pixel 6 using the new tensor chip or it works exactly the same. I will start with this photo on both and then tap on edit and the start magic eraser. At the same time, on both, as you see, the pixel 6 pro is much faster compared to the pixel 5 in identifying the objects and now lets compare the accuracy lets tap on erase all, and the first difference i see is on the left side.

If you take a look here on this part, the pixel 5 missed some people, while the pixel 6 didnt. However, on the other side, the pixel 5 was more accurate. So if you take a look here, youll see the 6 pro missed this person. So when it comes to accuracy, both are equally good, but the 6a pro was faster heres one more shot so lets tap on erase 0 and you will see both missed the same part. So the accuracy is exactly the same, so the only real benefit you will get from the tensor when it comes to magic. Eraser is the speed now lets talk about the new wallpapers that comes with the pixel 6. When you tap on a change wallpaper, you will see a new bloom category. It includes 12 still images 6 out of which are for dark theme, and the other 6 are for light theme in addition to the live versions. When you go inside the live wallpapers, you will be able to change the style by tapping on the edit button and each one will give you three different styles to choose from, and all of them will adapt nicely with the dark theme. Similarly, you have another one that includes the rest of the wallpapers. If you want to get the pixel 6 live wallpapers on your older pixel model. I created a dedicated video about this, so im going to leave its link in the description below.

In addition to the live, wallpapers theres, another category here called motif, and this one includes 12 still images to choose from now. Let me show you the new features i spotted under settings. The first one is under network and the internet. When you go inside your sim card settings and the scroll all the way down, you will see a new toggle here called allow 2g. As per the description it says, for emergency calls. 2G is always turned on. The second change is under battery then battery usage. Now the graph at the top is interactive. When you tap on any of the bars, it will show you the usage during this period. Only and each bar represents two hours worth of usage, and when you tap on it again, it will return back to normal next. Under sound and vibration, then, now playing you will see. A new toggle here called show search button on lock screen. This feature will allow you to search for songs playing nearby in case your phone couldnt identify the song. So, for example, i took a screen recording for the feature i started to play a song near my phone and after a few seconds i got this search button tapping on it will start searching for the song online and after a few seconds i got the name. This feature is expected to come to older pixel models, but till now i couldnt get it on my pixel 5 or the pixel 4a, another change under sound and vibration.

When you go to live caption now there is a new menu item called languages and the translation. When you go inside, you will be able to translate your captions from a specific language to another. So, for example, here im adding the german language, and i can add three more if i want. I have french, italian and japanese, but japanese is the only language in beta at the moment and then you can choose the language to translate it to here. You have english in addition to the same four languages we just saw so here i have one of the german videos to play and show you how it works, as you saw im getting the captions and, at the same time they get translated on the fly and That shows how powerful is the tensor chip in this kind of tasks, and this is one of the features that you can use offline like we saw in gboard to do this. You need to download the language models first by tapping on add a language and then choose the one you want and also under translate to. One last thing to show you under sound and vibration is adaptive sound. This is not a new feature to the pixel lineup, but it was missing from the pixel 6 models when they first came out for some reason. So if you have it under settings, make sure to activate it because it improved the sound quality of my sixer pro.

A lot one of the things that i found some reviews talk about is the ltpo display of the pixel 60 pro and it can go as low as 10 hertz, but i found this information to be inaccurate, at least for now. So let me show you why, under display, when i scroll down to smooth display it clearly says here: it ranges between 60 up to 120 hertz and to confirm this. I activated the show refresh rate toggle under developer options and if you take a look here, the display will never go below 60 hertz. Even if i kept my phone steady like this, and even when i go to the always on display. Sometimes it gets stuck on 120 hertz, and this could be one of the reasons why some people complain about the battery life of the 60 pro so thats pretty much it for today. Those are the most exciting software features exclusive to the pixel 6 series. In case you found any other feature that i didnt mention in this video. Please, let me know in the comments or reach me out on social media, so i hope you like my video and if you do, please hit the thumbs up and subscribe for more videos.