Now this is an android powered. Smartphone on the market definitely falls into the budget price point. I consider anything below 500 bucks, this ones sub 300 price point. Now i will link to it in the show notes and in pen first comment: amazon, if you want to see current pricing phone pricing and more changes rapidly, but do note this is a budget phone with a lot of features on it and it comes with a Lot, including a case, was the last time you bought a cell phone that came with a case again its a minor soft case, but it does do a lot were going to be breaking down everything we know about this tcl s20. What you need to know about it and a whole lot more in this video first, though, if you could help us out help us grow. This new channel hit that subscribe button hit that thumbs up. It really does help us because it lets youtube know you enjoy what we do here. Hopefully we can help you figure out if this s 20 or 20s excuse me, tcl phone is right for you and talk about the pros and cons of this very well packed full features. Budget smartphone all right lets get a few things right out of the way. To start with, this is the s20 version. This is compatible with verizon. Now there are cheaper versions of tcl phones out there that dont have verizon support.

They only work with t, mobile or att, for example. So when you buy a smartphone for buying online, read the description and see which networks it works for its important to know that the s20 works with verizon, 18t and t mobile. Now, with this is a very feature, packed budget smartphone now, a few things here that really makes it stand out is the fact that it does include face unlock. You can get that way. You can do a pin or a pattern or all those kind of password to unlock it. You can also have a fingerprint reader on the side here now. I really like how they put the fingerprint reader on the side so its right here, and it sits right about where your thumb would hold it if youre holding it this way, and if you have it in your other hand, where your index finger would hold it. So really, no matter which way you do it which hand youre holding its easy unlocked now my favorite still has been the finger unlock on the back. This is a close second, this is really nice. The thing i like about it is it offers both the fingerprint reader unlock and face id unlock or face unlock or whatever they call i think, face id is technically an apple term with that. But you have those options you can do both and of course you can always enter a pin file. Pattern enter your full password wherever you want to unlock your phone, but that works really well.

Pixel 6 adds a fingerprint reader below the screen, which is okay, but it removes the face id. I love the fact that tcl in a budget sub 300 phone has both options there, plus the traditional pins and more now the user interface is pretty stock android. There is a pretty straightforward user interface here. If youve never used it, it is pretty simple. You got your row of quick launch applications. You can swap these out by dragging them put different apps there. You do your standard, google bar here with your assistants and more and then all your apps widgets, whatever you want to put in there now, i will say there is a little bit of bloatware, but its not bad at all. One of the weird things is theres. An app they add called lock and locking it just does that locks your screen, which is kind of weird, because pressing the button where your fingerprint reader is locks. The screen also having an app on your screen to lock the screen seems kind of weird. I apologize. The notification just went off um and then volume is on the side now lets use that, to kind of turn off the uh, the notifications and, more so very nice, very simple to use feature there, where you can do it on the side. Here you have a full power button on this side. You have a fingerprint reader on all for the screen and then you have volumes.

One of the big sound point here is: not only do you have usbc for all that you do have a standard um aux cable here for headphones or plugging it in through an aux cable. Other things something a lot of phones are doing away with in favor of bluetooth. If youve got somebody whos uses a traditionally wired headphone set to their smartphone. This is a very nice feature, so for sub 300 bucks. You got a couple features here that a lot of devices dont have nowadays. Not only do you have bluetooth, but you also have the ability to plug in through a traditional phone cable. Not only do you have face unlock, you have a fingerprint reader unlock option. You can have both set up at the same time and do whatever it works best for you to unlock your device. Love that i wish pixel 6 had that i dont understand why they dont have the face unlock and the fingerprint reader. The screen is good. Quality. Does do 4k hdr all that fun stuff, um its pretty um self explanatory, pretty standard screen for most phones nowadays, nothing horribly special about it. It does come with this pretty basic, clear case with it included in the price with everything now. The back here is a plastic which im fine with its like okay, about this phone, with the metal case with a glass case whatever. But then i go and buy a big heavy um case like this on my pixel, so i dont break it, which then it doesnt matter.

What color my phone was it doesnt matter? What my phone was made of all anybody ever sees is the plastic case. So this being a plastic phone with it being budget, i actually dont mind that. Actually, i think that makes it more durable, less likely for the back to shatter. Have that happened with my old pixel 4.. The cameras on it has multiple cameras out there with it, and it does have a very good zoom, nothing like a pix06 zoom, but its very good im gon na. Let you kind of look at some of the technical specs on that, but well say this video quality, video um stabilization photo quality photo zoom is very good and very consistent with other budget phones. Are you gon na find a better camera out there? Yes, or is the pixel 6, is the iphone pro max a better camera? Yes, are you paying that price, no youre, paying a sub 300 phone price, and in that range this is actually maybe one of the best cameras out there in that range. Ive been very, very happy with it. The forward facing camera is very nice now, its not necessarily a hidden camera. You can kind of see the fact that, right here at the top, you see that little black pinpoint, that is the forward facing camera, does include a very nice ability for very nice selfies and more now again, is it an iphone pro max whatever? Is it a pixel 6 pro? No, it is not, but it is a very good phone camera for the price.

Now the internal storage here is nice. They add a lot theres different sizes. You can get with the tcls, so keep that all in mind overall two thumbs up battery life is good, not great. I think the average user will easily get a full day of battery life out of this in my testing, if youre an extreme heavy power user, its definitely not the battery life of an iphone 13, its definitely not the battery life of a pixel 6.. With that said, though, it is consistent or better with other similarly budgeted phones, i would say, of average use where youre just checking a little facebook checking a little email, making a few phone calls. You will get through an average day without having to think a whole lot about going to charge it now, if youre running around a lot and are using extremely heavy and recording videos or shooting a lot of videos for hours on end, you can deplete this battery Within a half day of extremely heavy use, where im watching a full movie, i recorded 20 minutes of video im on my phone non, stop on a plane at that point, youre thinking battery packs, but i will say compared to most phones. I think thats pretty consistent out there, so battery life is very good for a budget phone overall, i would call it average battery quality, which is what youre getting in a budget phone. So what do i think of the tcl 20s series phones, which do work with verizon its good? Its got a good quality screen, its got a good speed, processor theres, a built in gaming mode for gaming.

There is good quality video and there is good quality. Photos. Is it the best on the market, no youre, not paying that price? You know pixel 6 iphone um, pixel 6, pro the iphone max. All that kind of stuff is going to be sometimes as close to triple or more the price of this phone. So keep that in mind the fingerprint reader the face unlock, do work very well. Setup process went well its a pretty clean version of android. There are some tweaks to it. There are some additional bloatware apps on there go on there. Nothing too major. There is a optimize button to help you kind of optimize, your phone to help it battery and everything keep running, to help kill apps that may not be um running properly or using an abnormally large amount of battery. Now that android does that by default, i dont see much of a reason for an app like that, and i definitely dont see a reason for an app on there to just lock the phone by tapping on the icon when the button on the side for the Fingerprint reader does that right there, maybe press that button, it locks the phone, so i dont know maybe im missing something. Somebody, let me know if i missed something there so overall, two thumbs up. If you have a kid or you are somebody who wants just a cheap good phone who isnt gon na say, hey im gon na sit on there for five hours a day of straight screen time battery is gon na, be good for the for you um, and Also, i would say i like the fact that its plastic, like i said all the money, were pouring into metal phones and glass back phones just to put a case on it and never see it or hey its a special gold edition.

Again, i put a case on it and never see it its kind of annoying. It does come with a um usb cable to charge it some adapters and a plastic soft case here, which is pretty nice little addition, if youre giving this to a kid or somebody whos rough for their phones. I would definitely recommend in investing in a better case, but hey as a starter case. This is not bad at all, so two thumbs up. If you want to find this ill put a link to it in the shouts down below you can check it out. For yourself, but call quality, one last thing call quality, speaker, quality, all very good. All consistent out there lets be honest, making a call on a cellular network isnt the highest quality to start with, and the microphones on this and the noise cancellation features on. It are good, are standard. Do me, i think, with most peoples expectations, so there you go theres my review. I hope this helped you.