Less expensive phones have gotten better and better. While there are some premium beasts out there, you dont need to spend a fortune to get a good phone. So, if youre on the market for a budget phone right now, what should you get? Im angie for gs, marina? And this is our buyers guide for the best budget and mid range phones at the end of 2021, Music. First up, if youre on the strictest of budgets at around 170 euro youll, be looking at entry level. Phones, our favorite this year has been the xiaomi redmi 9. for a phone at this price. It looks stylish and it has an infrared blaster to control appliances and an fm radio that doesnt need an antenna. The large 5 000 milliamp hour battery and the 18 watt fast charging are probably one of its biggest draws as its plenty to last all day. It also has a quad camera setup with good photo and video quality for the class. It runs miui 11 on top of android 10 and as long as you make sure you get the model with 4 gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage. You should be fine, it may not be a gaming machine and the screen also isnt the brightest around but for day to day use, especially at this price itll do a splendid job. Next up at 190 euro, the realme 8 has fantastic battery life with a score of 127 hours on our tests and super fast dart charging like the redmi 9.

It has a lot of features that arent a given nowadays theres a headphone, jack, fm radio nfc and a dedicated microsd slot for a budget phone. It has solid performance and realme. Ui 2.0 is clean and responsive, and the mediatek helio g95 brings you notably better performance than the redmi 9.. The main cam captures great 4k videos and we like the selfies that the realme takes. What we didnt love is the over the top photo processing and the lack of stabilization. You may miss the stereo speakers as well for 200 euros. The stereo speakers are just one of the upgrades. The redmi note 10 will get you. It has a compact and lightweight design that feels comfortable in the hand with its good ergonomics, complete with ip53 certification and gorilla glass. 3. On the front too, the 6.4 inch amoled is bright enough and we like that. The phone has a dedicated microsd slot and an ir blaster on the top, with a 110 hour rating on our tests. It has good battery life and it got from zero to 65 in half an hour with its 33 watt fast charger. During the day, the cameras did very well and in low light conditions, we found the phone to be dependable, theres 4k video capture thats, pretty decent too. What we didnt, love, well, theres, no nfc and even the cheaper realme 8 has better performance. Both features that have been sacrificed for the superior amoled screen, the poco x3 nfc is another entry at 200 euros, while it may not have an amoled youll, be treated to a large 6.

6 inch ips lcd with a 120hz refresh rate at that this device has a Nice looking design with gorilla, glass, 5 and aluminum frame and once again ip53 rated dust and water protection. It matches the realme 8 in terms of battery life, charging, speed and processor performance with its snapdragon 732g. But it gets you a larger high refresh rate screen. Stereo speakers and a much better ultroid camera the screen had a slower, pixel response time which can result in smearing or ghosting when scrolling. But not everyone will notice this if youre willing to bump up your budget just a bit for 220 euro theres, another poco sibling on our list, the poco x3 pro it may have the same screen as the poco x3 nfc. But here its covered by gorilla glass, 6., the snapdragon 860 brings radically improved performance without a serious deduction in battery life, which is still stellar. Its cameras output was good across the board too. The x3 pro has stereo speakers nfc a headphone jack, a micro sd slot and ip53 protection youll be hard pressed to find something missing here. It suffers from the same slow pixel response time as the x3 nfc. So you might notice smearing here as well. Its also on the bulky side, so it wont be your top pick if youre after a compact device for around 250 euro, our topic would have to be the redmi note. 10 pro also known as the note 10 pro max in india with the snapdragon 732g, its performance is not on the same level as the x3 pro, but it has a sweet amoled display with a 120hz refresh rate and hdr10 support battery life is excellent.

Charging is speedy and the chipset is still gaming friendly. It has a quad camera setup, which is headlined by a whopping 108 megapixel main snapper, and we really like its photo and video quality. The one thing that we didnt love is the cameras mediocre performance in low light, which is perhaps due to the lack of ois. Beyond the redmi note, 7 pro the upgrade curve really starts to taper off. You are really paying for select upgrades in certain departments. Like 5g, for instance, or 128 gigabyte based storage, these are both features that the next entry on our list has and its the oneplus nord c 5g, its not our overall top pick for a phone around 300 euro. But if youre looking for a more compact option, then this is one that we highly recommend, even though its a more compact device and it comes with a smaller battery. You still get the same battery life as many of its competitors, and it also supports super fast charging. Theres, an amoled screen on the front and the snapdragon 750g offers improved performance over the redmi note 10 pro, not to mention that oxygen os oneplus ui is as responsive as it gets. Of course nothing is perfect. There arent any stereo speakers here. Nor is there any ingress protection, which is a shame since so many other mid range devices nowadays are offering at least splash resistance. Also, the main camera is okay, but the ultrawide is far from impressive.

Finally, we get to our top pick for around 300 euro. The next entry comes with similar cost cutting in the camera department, but its miles ahead in performance thanks to the snapdragon 870 for around 300 euros. The poco f3 is our top pick for a high performance phone, and it was recently made even smoother, with the miui 12.5 enhanced update. This workhorse of a phone is a reliable day to day companion and youll, be getting a premium, build good stereo speakers and fast charging whats even more. The f3 impressed us with its battery life in every scenario, while camera quality isnt the most awe inspiring. That weve seen photos and videos from the main camera are good during the day. The virtual proximity sensor is our main gripe with this phone, but if you dont make too many calls with the phone up to your ear, it wont bother you. The new moonlight silver colorway has just been released in an effort to freshen up the device for the holiday season, but its been on our buyers guide recommendation list since easter and even today, its still very hard to find better value at the 300 euro mark. After all, tis the season for celebration, not necessarily breaking the bank, so no matter the budget. These are some great options to have in your pocket. Thank you for watching everyone stay safe and ill.