The actual rollout wont be finished until sometime around summer 2022. So if you do have an upper smartphone, perhaps dont hold your breath, but anyway, ive been playing with color os 12 here on the excellent oppo f5x3 pro for the last few weeks, so heres my kind of early review and also some top tips on some of The best features youll find packed away in there and for more on the latest, the greatest tech. Please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. Oppo is keen to emphasize that it is trying to keep a stock android vibe with color os 12. So pretty much all of the usual elements that we know and love are right there, including the good old apps tray, although you will actually have to make some adjustments to the home settings in order to get things looking as familiar as possible. So well. For instance, the app straw is activated by default. You will have to actually change up what happens when you swipe down on the home screen, because its set to the global search by default. You want to change that to the notifications draw. If you really do want to stock android vibe, i know theres, no google discover feed anywhere in sight, while youll also have to activate fan favorites like gesture navigation and that dark mode as usual, though you do have a respectable amount of customization here in color os 12 and i love how some of my favorite features like the icon, pull down gesture or back in action, and that one is particularly handy if youre dealing with a big old phone like the fine x3 pro just to help you open up an app if your Desktops are a bit crowded and theres further delight for stubby fingered users such as myself, because you can quickly and easily activate one handed more just by dragging down at the bottom edge.

This just shunts everything down towards the bottom half of the screen, so everythings nice and easy to select and despite all of oppos many protests at coloros 12 having a stockish android vibe. The company really has gone to town tweaking and fiddling about with that ui and dont get me wrong im, not complaining, because i really do like the ui here on coloros12, its nice and colorful, and bright and vibrant as usual and animations have been polished up. So flicking and poking your way through the desktops looks slicker than ever. This includes fresh new 3d icons, which act very much like buttons, pressing in when you pork them and then springing beautifully into life, and some of these ui adjustments are actually designed to improve the accessibility of color os 12, which youll find. If you want to system settings and then go into the accessibility section, youll see, this is split into several different sections. If you head into vision, youve got various features in here, including high contrast, colors youve got color and version as well and color vision, enhancement with just a couple of quick taps. This can change up the color palette, so icons and text are cleanly visible. If you happen to be colorblind, this even handily includes a color vision test, so you can properly personalize it get it set up just for you. The wallpaper selection here on coloros12 is certainly nothing particularly to write home about youve got a variety of static images.

All of which are a little bit trippy, definitely getting some prog rock vibes and youve got some motion papers as well or live as they are called here. However, as with android 12 youve also got the option of changing up the system colors to match the wallpaper to get this feature on the go. What youll want to do is dive into the settings menu and then up near the top. Youve got the personalizations section and then there youll find colors. You can choose from various different options in here. Otherwise go for a custom look and last up. There is the wallpaper color picking option, basically just slide the dots to your favorite hues on that wallpaper, and then it will use those colors to change up the general desktop themes. So, as you can see, weve got all blue icons in the settings menu now. But then, if i was to change that up back in the colors menu now weve got more of an orangey red finish very bright and vibrant and that personalization settings menu is always a great place to dive into. If you do want to change up and customize the look and feel of color os, so you can customize the wallpaper from in here again, you can play around with the icon design and the always on display has also been tinkered with for color os 12 to A small degree, so youve got various options for displaying the always on display.

You can have it scheduled. You can have it shown all day. Whatever you fancy, you can also tinker with what information is actually displayed. Youve got various different designs you can choose from, including ones that allow you to add your own text and images and youve also got the oxygen os canvas wallpaper as well, or portrait silhouette as its known in color os and if youre, not all fair. With this feature, what it allows you to do is upload any folder. You like, including one of your glorious mug and then you can just generate a kind of monochromy, always on display picture of your very own, and let me just tweak the colors that looks rather nice yeah lets get that on the go and there you go. My misshapen mug has been transformed into a rather stunning, always on display. Nothings quite done my eyebrows full justice, but itll do and soon youll also be able to create your own emoji, which is basically a crap cartoon version of your facial region, like what you can do on iphones, but a little bit worse, even and that will be Coming in color, os 12.1, apparently now the flex drop feature from color. Os 11 is now kind of back in action, but its changed its name to floating windows. Once again, you can access this from the smart sidebar like so, and this window can be dragged about on your desktop, so it can be resized quickly and easily like so you can even minimize it by dragging it to the very edges.

Although note that you can only have one floating window active on top of another app at any given moment and yeah, this feature can be kind of useful if youre referring to a document while youre messaging or if youre, checking out a walkthrough while youre playing the Game something like that. Personally, though i got ta say i still prefer just skipping between apps, with a quick flick at the bottom of the screen like so i just find it much easier and color oss, a smart sidebar hasnt really gained any more smart since color os 11.. You can once again take a screenshot start, a screen recording fast access, your files, all that good stuff, you do not have the screen translate feature as well. Now, obviously, you dont need screen, translate when youre just browsing a foreign website or whatever, because you get the google translate option popping up down below automatically, but its really good. If, for instance, you take a picture of a foreign menu thats all completely in a different dialect, youve got no idea what any of it means, and then all of that text will be translated into english before your very mug, its basically just the translate feature in Google lens, but its great to have fast access to it via that sidebar and apparently behind the scenes. Oppo has also been working with a massive team of linguists in order to offer greater localization language support. So now, in color, os 12 youve got support for over 67 different languages.

Apparently i only speak the one language and even then i kind of struggle at times, so i cant see whether this entire endeavor has been successful or not. Youll have to look elsewhere for that, unfortunately, so what else has changed in color os 12? Well, you dont get a huge amount of crap wear pre installed on here, which is great to see the likes of overlaps, its basically the same as it ever was just giving you access to a variety of peaceful relaxing, sounds to stop you wigging out and losing Your youve also got a variety of music and white noise as well, which is particularly good if youve got a small, a ben who just warm shut the hell up and that their phone manager tool has also been spruced up for color os 12. youve got the Same optimize feature which could basically clear, clutter and sort out any issues that you might have here on your oppo smartphone. Then the main tool set has been stripped down to privacy, app management and battery its basically fast access shortcuts into the various color os settings. And then the rest of the tools has been shunted away into. A separate tab got some handy tools in here, including the diagnostics, the kids space. If youre handing your expensive shiny upper smartphone to your sprog, you dont want them poking their nose and stuff they shouldnt be, but back into the main section. Youve now got an improved battery dashboard for one.

This gives you plenty of power. Saving modes that you can play around with gives you optimization uh recommendations as well. If any apps are draining your juice and you can easily see exactly what has been draining the power here on your smartphone with access to various other battery settings as well, it is very comprehensive. The privacy and security features have also been given a proper boot up of the ass here on color os 12.. So a lot of the best features that you found packed into android 12, are also here on oppos ui as well, including the ability to completely block camera access and microphone access to all apps on your smartphone, particularly good. If you happen to be in the mafia and about to have a really illegal conversation about naughty things, and this here, privacy dashboard right at the top, is where youll want to be diving. If you want to see exactly what apps have been accessing, what bits of your smartphone, you can toggle the various permissions as well, so make sure that none of your apps have access to stuff that they shouldnt thats, pretty much it for color os12. To be honest, a couple of other little bits like, for instance, the special features menu slightly more neatly arranged than it was before. Youve got fast access to a variety of good features, including quite a few that ive already mentioned, and some vanity projects like the ability to basically smooth out your face when youre on a video call ive been on a lot of video calls in recent times.

For obvious reasons, id say: itd be much better if coloros actually came with a feature that automatically muted your mic. If it detected, you were talking utter bollocks, not pull records, its also improved the overall general performance of color os for version 12 versus the previous generations. Although its kind of hard to test out on the oppo f5x3 pro because its a bit of a beefcake, hopefully though, on lesser more budget friendly, oppor smartphones, you will find that things are a bit smoother a bit slicker. And then the only other feature that oppo mentioned in the color os 12 preview was basically the pc manager feature which allows you to hook up your smartphone to your laptop quickly and easily sharing files and sharing apps, and all that shenanigans and thats. Something weve. Obviously, already seen on the likes of huawei smartphones with harmony os, you can quickly and easily share files with your huawei matebook laptops, but itd be interesting to see how well its integrated into color os and which laptops exactly will be supported, but shenanigans isnt coming until 2022 anyways youll have to hold your horses or whatever you fancy holding in the meantime, so that, in a nutshell, is color os 12. My early impressions of it and some of the best features that are packed away in there and, as you can see, a fair bit has changed up for it. I do really really like the overall vibe, even if it isnt isnt, quite as stock android as oppo.

Would like you to maybe think what are you guys record be great to hear your thoughts, your own mini reviews down in the comments below. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech, including lots, more oppo, unboxings and reviews, undoubtedly in 2022, and have yourselves a fine ass rest of the week.