com here, and let me know how did you, like the sequence that you saw at the beginning of this video everything that you saw was shot with the honor magic 3 pro plus its this bad boy? Right here and for the last couple of weeks, i was testing it and i was putting it through its paces. Honor was kind enough to send this unit my way, however, this is not a sponsored video. They did not pay me to say anything. So basically i can say whatever i want and overall i just wanted to share my opinion on this phone and my experiences that i had using it because i think most of you know that normally i am an iphone user. So, for me it was very interesting testing this out and overall i just want to share. You know how it felt for me and overall, how good the video quality really is. So first of all, this is a big ass phone. So, as you can see, this is very huge and what was very surprising and very positive for me was that it still works on all the gimbals ive tested it with the dji om4, the om5, the scion smooth q3, the scion smooth 5. So basically, it works with all the the newer ones and all the modern gimbals that you can buy at the moment when you are taking a closer look at the video quality, i have to say it is looking really damn good.

You can shoot in 4k at up to 60 frames per second and, as you can see at the back here, you have a bunch of different cameras and you can use them for whatever you like. You have an ultra wide angle, lens a standard lens, a telephoto lens and the telephoto lens even has a 10x zoom, so you can get really close as a reference. The iphone 13 pro that i have right here only has a 3x zoom, so you can get much closer with this one compared to the iphone. So, like i said overall, the video quality is looking really good for my tests. I was mostly using the 4k mode, which gives me the absolute best quality. However, i was also using the full hd mode. When i was using the super slow motion, you can shoot it up to 240 frames per second in 1080p, and i have to say that the quality is looking really damn good. Something that i really like with this phone is that you actually have a pro video mode directly built into the stock camera app. You have a bunch of different options directly in the stock camera app and there you can dial in the exact white balance the shutter. The iso, whatever it is, you can dial them all in manually and they wont change whilst you are shooting and that is really cool. I wish the iphone had that. Another thing that i really liked with the honor magic 3 pro plus, is that you have a built in hdr mode, so you can access a high, dynamic range mode which will basically just you know.

Like the name already says, you will have a higher dynamic range, which means you will have more details in the shadows and also more details in the highlights and overall, you will just have more information in your image and that is really cool. The in camera. Stabilization of the honor magic 3 pro plus its kind of a hard name to say, is pretty good its definitely not as good as the ones with the iphone 13 pro, for example. But it is still pretty good and you can get away with it and you can basically use this phone without a gimbal. So overall i have to say when i was using this phone, i was actually really happy with the results that i was getting. The video quality is really good and in the end, that is the only thing that really matters. However, there is one thing that i was missing with this phone and that is when you are shooting in 4k, at 60 frames per. Second, you can access the standard camera, the telephoto camera and also the super telephoto camera, so you can zoom in all the way from 1x to 10x. It works at 4k at 60, but you cannot access the ultra wide angle lens when you are shooting 4k at 60 frames per second, and that is a huge downside for me personally, because i just love shooting with the ultra wide angle and with the gimbal and Also, you know just making speed ramps slowing it down and making it perfectly smooth thats just an option that you get when you are shooting at 60 frames per second.

Unfortunately, that is not possible with this phone, but you can get away with 30 frames per second or you could just bump the resolution down to full hd. Then you would also have this option, but yeah overall, i have to say i was super happy with this phone. Also, the overall usage was really nice. I really enjoyed it so in case youre interested in that phone definitely check out the links in the video description and in case youre interested in learning how to film professionally with your smartphone, you can definitely check out smartphone filmmaking pro. We have a free webinar for you guys where i share the top 5 secrets to shooting cinematic videos with your smartphone, but yeah thats it for today. I hope you enjoyed it. If you guys have any questions about this phone.