So beside me is the nokias leaders and im excited all of you to share this nokia with the largest battery and screen yet from nokia smartphone that arrived on the market. I dont know the correct pronunciation for the nokia, but according to google, it is pronounced as nokia, so i aint guys nokia armistan the traditional way comparatively, so the nokia c30 is available for 6190 pesos and you can buy it on the sada and shopi. So basically, this nokia c30 is under 7 000 pesos. So it is a budget smartphone. So lets see you guys can know about maybe beginning somebodys smartphone for this year, 2021, so unboxing. So this is the box of the nokia c30. So then data 30.. So again, marriage entire free jelly case. So it is free, jelly case from nokia. Then here we have a 10 watts, uh power, brick or charger. We also have a micro, usb, cable, so ion condition a type c and like other budget smartphone and attaching apparel. So far, usb cable, micro, usb and last man and sound three airports Music. So i guess in the manual box, Music 6.82 inches hd plus display with a six thousand milliamp hour battery capacity, so kaya malik has sombra and then meredith dual camera. It has a fingerprint sensor and a android 11 now so the budget smartphone chat and running on latest android version, which is the android 11., really islamic, smartphone on october 2021, so freshman fresh persona market.

So but the thing is a design you know about merediths smartphone at all, for its design. This phone is made from polycarbonate plastic super humane, satin b, roll merchant 3d texture, smooth pattern, old domination, 3d texture. Also in this glossy black and aside from that, it is well built made from plastic smartphone fingerprint young kanye lets power on this smartphone. So this is called marquita fingerprint sensor on top 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, right side, volume, wrappers and power button, and also back panel speaker, Music punch, hold camera and us basically 2021 version or for the 2021 phone models. But still magento display is playing a 6.82 inches. Ips display with hd plus screen resolution or 720 pixel resolution. So, although it is an hd plus display the color from this phone, i saw brandon so tamayo, Music, Music, Music, sc, 9863a, 28 nanometer octa core supported in channel high drop is on marble legends and it is paired with 3gb of rom and 64 gig of internal Storage and also this smartphone is powered by android 11, which is the latest android version. As of now all domain android 12 nasa bank devices, the fact that things, young screen refresh rate is smooth when changing to different kinds of applications, so forgetting some facebook, Music, Music. A guy smashing two camera have the 13 megapixel main camera and another two megapixel for the death sensor, so medicine that sensor, so it means support and channel portrait mode.

So budget smartphone for only six thousand hundred. Ninety percent smartness portrait mode and this camera can shoot up to 1080p and 30 fps, so good, shot for vlogging, say commonly requirements. Uh youtube is 720p and for the front camera we have a 5 megapixel. So actually, i tried using this phone when doing a montage video – and this looks good especially light outdoors – must not be beginning now, its never too much Music im doing something different, your Music, okay, so thats for the performance and the camera. So what about forgetting battery? So this smartphone or this sukiya c30, has a bigger and larger battery among budget smartphones mobile phone, especially when its under 7000 pesos. So this nokia, c30 or the nokia c30, has a 6 000 milliamp hour battery capacity, which is very big for its price. As budget smartphone and actually guys, i can surely name that telegram six thousand battery capacity, because this smartphone has a stock android 11, so stack, android, 11, less animation continue my application and coupon stuff. Android must Music capacity capacity if youre, using only zoom and google needs or messenger. If none vice versa, you know application. So if youre using this smartphone for online classes, snap again, i said for budget smartphone bigger button, so guys i tried then uh the meeting the case or the silicone case and mask is the phone for me is quite good lagna if youre using this for online Classes and some mild um Music legends kopala, let it right.

I havent tried it on call of duty mobile pero mobile legend, supported channel high graphics, which is good for a budget smartphone, and if your student can get an update budget smartphone if you dont Music applications, 64 gig of internet storage, plus this phone is expandable. So by the camera add on storage using a micro sd card where you can save some of your videos and photos so guys thats for my review for this nokia, c30 or the nokia 630 and im pronouncing your nokia nokia nokia. So this is the nokia c30 and thats my review for this smartphone amazon, all good para budget, smartphone! So again, thank you so much nokia for giving me the opportunity to review this smartphone so thats all for todays video, guys, sana good signing review on a smartphone Music and also shout out for christine gotcha dominique lex obana.