I did get this item here, which is agm m7 smartphone, so this device is actually one of those old school style devices and im gon na get hands on and in depth with it. But those of you that might know like um back in the day when the nokia, with the uh number pad in order for you to tag a keyboard, was not even available at the time it was just straight numeric, keypad um, so this device kind of brings Bring back some real real cool memories, um so im pretty excited to know what its capable of im going to do. Some rugged testing, because its supposed to be a device like a smartphone that can take a brutal beating. It is ip67 and ip69k uh, waterproof dustproof um, you name it its everything, proof um, so were gon na go ahead and dive right in im. Gon na do an unboxing, so you can see the device and um well get hands on with it and by the way it is unlocked um, dual sim. So it is pretty cool that i can take over to the islands or wherever i travel to and do not have to utilize one of these devices and worry about losing you know a thousand dollar device. I can actually be comfortable and know that this device is going to keep me running while abroad lets see everything that comes in the box with it. All right has a seal tab there, all right so just kind of go over some of the things that are equipped on the phone um.

You do it once again. It is the agm m7. The device is ip68 and ip69k waterproof. It is a 2.4 qvga, 240 by 320 pixel, but again it is a smaller screen, so the quality should be fairly decent. It is running on android 8.1 um. It does have the front and rear camera um led light thats on the top. That allows you to see in dark places, so if youre on a campsite or something like that, it does come in handy usb type c charging. Now a lot of devices are starting to switch to that, especially all newer androids are using usb type c charging cables. So this is something that can just blend right in with the rest of them um, you do have the dual nano sim, one gigabyte of an 8 gigabyte. Well, one gigabyte of ram eight gigabyte of rom now most id say most impressive idea about this phone and most impressive spec. Is this 2500 milliamp battery, so thats saying youre pretty much gon na last forever and uh. You dont probably need to even bring a charger with you on your trip now. Obviously, youre gon na bring a charger because, if youre using it consistently youre going to drain the battery but its going to last a lot longer than your traditional uh, you know larger smartphones that are tablets nowadays. All right so lets open this bad boy up and lets see all right all right. That is definitely lets.

Take it out of there all right. So, on the back designed by agm, as you see there, agm branding there does have a cover port to block the usbc charging port, so it doesnt allow dust or anything to get in heres. Your designated key that you can set to either show the torch which sits up at the top or you can have it for push to talk or whatever the case may be um. I like the feel of the buttons. Definitely a a rugged feel reminds me once again of the nokia back in the day when youre playing snake um. So this is definitely that feel all right lets set that down lets see what else is in here. Okay, so you have your power, brick! Your charging power brick set that off to the side, 3.5 millimeter um, the usbc adapter. So you can pretty much plug headsets in in order to listen to music. If you dont want to have it on speaker, um and then heres your charging, cable, your usbc type, c charger and uh some owners, man, so lets go ahead and get this powered on um and see some of the uh things that are on the device, because The phone actually comes equipped with tick, tock, facebook, um, whatsapp and um. You know music that youre able to play through the massive speaker. So this is uh. Pretty cool lets. Um do apologize, lets go ahead and get this off the back because it does have a safety measure, so this is the covering to prevent any type of water or anything to get into the actual battery, so thats pretty cool thats, actually a smart design.

So you peel that off and then heres your battery, your 2500 milliamp battery pack. It is protected, so you do have your sim card number two slot. I dont know if you can see that and uh sim card number one and then your memory card slot. If you decide you want to bring along your own music or videos, youd like to play back or create your own memories, with the memory card plugged in time to rock and roll lets, get this back on. There make sure its fully sealed all corners are covered. All right lets get this powered on and lets see all right. It does give a haptic feedback when you first turn it on and uh it does have the branding agm all right all turned on um. It does have obviously its not the right time or anything like that. Lets just start on. Okay, so press that and start okay, so it has a unique way to unlock it once your phone locks, so you dont accidentally just hit the unlock button and youre pressing buttons inside your pocket. You have to press the unlocked and then you would press the star key, so lets see the menu here. Now again you have physical buttons, but you also have the touchscreen so thats, pretty cool facebook. It does give you fm radio whatsapp. Your contacts, call history messages. Google chrome, which are able to surf the web, your camera, which it has front and rear facing camera wow.

That notification is loud. Okay, nice, sound recorder, music calculator, clock wow, you have skype zell lets see what the designated key is set up as okay. So its already set up as the torch perfect lets see so were gon na try this out. Oh wow, that is bright. Just kind of give you an example, thats cool, so thats cool, the designated key is set up already as torch. You have skype zello for push to talk with the button. If you decide to switch it and you got tick tock. So if youre on a campsite and uh, you need to definitely listen to some. You know watch some tick tocks. While your fire is getting set. You have the ability to do that so now lets go ahead and dive into some of the sound tests, and then we will start to do some of the water testing and drop tests to see what we think of the durability lets see. If theres any sounds in there that were able to listen to whoa, so the media volume Music, wow Music, all right – so i dont know if the camera is picking up the sound quality, but it is definitely uh very, very loud all right so lets dive into The settings a little bit so you have your networks and your network and internet allows you to connect to wi fi um and again. If you have your sim card in here will be 4g lte speeds.

You have your bluetooth connectivity, where you can connect any bluetooth devices, apps and notifications, so this will allow you to clear cachet and all that stuff within apps and give permission to certain apps. Now. Look at that look at the battery. It is at 68 percent and look how much time you have with the battery 7 hours and 43 minutes, thats thats crazy display you got the wallpaper and then um you can youre able to kind of dive in a little deeper and get the brightness up. So i dont have the brightness turned all the way up, so lets go ahead and turn that up some lets see all right. Lets go back. One all right! So now lets go down the route, so you have the sound where youre able to turn that up. Storage 4.83 gigs available security, so you could change your password or how you want to lock the phone and the system in case theres an update or anything so with this device um. I definitely think theres so much potential um. I, and now when i say so, much potential lets im being very, very harsh um when i say potential is allowing you to be able to download apps thats, probably something different, but a phone like this is not meant for you to go out there and sit On apps all day long, its just more for if you need something thats going to be reliable and working its going to be its going to get the job done for you um.

So i definitely think this is a very cool phone as it sits. But lets go ahead and dive in a little bit more for um the drop test and stuff like that and water and were gon na were gon na film. This to see you know just how rugged it is so lets dive right in all right. So here is my little setup here: lets get into the phone all right, so its playing a ringtone lets go ahead and get it in there. Music, so were going to let that play for a little bit and sit lets see if we can obviously its not gon na touch. I know okay, so now im back um. I left it in there, for maybe maybe 15 minutes um, so lets go ahead and take it out and all right. Okay, Music, touchscreen still works now lets dry it off, and then we will try another test all right. So now that weve changed the locations um to get a little bit more in depth. Im gon na do the drop test and try this just to see how it withstands, just your traditional five foot, almost maybe six foot drop and see how it withstands it. Then i will um gather some mulch and stuff and just kind of toss it over just to see how much of that withstands and sustained you know over the phone and well see all right so heres, the phone about a five foot drop.

All right looks good. If you ask me a few scuffs, all the buttons still work lets see. Okay, all right were gon na. Do this one more time from a drop test? Just so, you can see boom and there you have it nothing major, just minor scuffs, so that withstood now on to the mulch test. Lets get some mulch on there and uh lets see. Lets move it around in that bad boy, so its definitely safe to say this phone is probably more durable than any phone out there right now. Yes, all right guys, so ive done a conclusive test. I mean defensive testing on the agm m7 phone smartphone and i definitely have to say the phone gets two thumbs up um and this is not. You know me saying that again it was not something i was paid to do to say certain things. So this is my honest. Take i do suggest if you do travel a lot, you go hiking or you do a lot of water, water events or just anything in general, youre, outdoors person and dont want to get your main device damaged. I definitely suggest ordering a agm m7 to bring along with you anywhere you go to prevent any mishaps and losing your thousand dollar phone and at the price that it is being sold at um. I definitely definitely definitely suggest ordering one for you, your loved ones or any family or relative. That is also into the same doing outdoor sports.

So i will tag all of the links down below in the description so feel free to check it out and order. Yours and black friday is coming up so go ahead and take advantage of the discounts that are being provided once again, unruly jay, getting ready to sign out, um dont forget to like and subscribe, and you know it.