. This is the sound of the built in mic of the iphone 12 chrome x on a pretty long distance from me and this, how sounds iphone 8 with the lavalier microphone from power device company lets review. This whats good guys, my name is alex nikitian youre, watching no limits on channel from russia with love and today were going to find out. Why you shall you should you must use a level layer, microphone with your iphone android phone camera or even computer, and lets go and review the power device system or kit in this video im, going to explain you and show you how important it is to use A proper microphone with your audio device, while recording such videos or anything else and well see two kits from powerdevice company, so lets go to the kits, and here we even have a bigger kit, which is the interview set, and it says life changing interview set, which I like a lot – and here we have basically two microphones and the splitter and the magic thing which allows you to record to one device, one smartphone, one camera or computer. Two people simultaneously, which is great, so lets, go to the smaller kits and then well. Go to the bigger kit lets talk about the smaller kit. First, it comes in this little pouch, its a very soft pouch, and i really enjoy the writings on this pouch. It says words can change lives record them perfectly and on the other side, we have the logo power device.

It means the power of a wise man, i think, or also a device d, wise device or device and easy vlogging its really easy to vlog. With this thing, you simply attach it with your cable, from your lighting port to the mini jack or to your smartphone, which has a mini jack port, or you can use the type c connector, which is you know in the kit. I guess of all the android phones with type c or you can separately, buy a few connectors from power device. These are the type c connector and the lightning connector, which is basically the adapter for your phone and its working by the way ive checked those out. Also in a small kit, we have the lavalier mic itself: two meters, long cable. We have here the trrs mount for your smartphones and also here we have a little pop filter and a special mount point or crocodile, as you might have noticed, and a special holder kind of a strap to hold this in place, which is really nice. Also here we have an adapter from trrs to trs, so you connect this one, this little adapter and you can use the leveling mic with your camera or your computer, and also here we have an extension cord, which is also very good quality extension cord also with A strap on it and its two meters, long female to male trrs extension cords and you can use it to make your whole set four meters long.

So you can record from very far away like im doing right now into my camera. Straightly, and also here we have a couple of extra pop filters, one more extra crocodile or mount which you can mount both sides, as you can see right here, i mounted i have mounted. I guess, am i right with my english. I have mounted two of those lavalier mics one is on the phone and the other one is for the camera, and also here we have our one year warranty. The power device company is really into client service and if you have some, you know issues with their products. You can totally call or write to their support team and they will immediately answer to you and big thumbs up for this support. So a pretty good kit and they even put this little uh cloth cleaning cloth. I dont know why which what you want to clean with this clasp cloth cloth english very hard work, but, as you can see its also right here, which is really good, i really enjoyed this kit lets go to the interview set before we get to the interview. Sets, let me say that ill leave a link in the description below you can buy those lamellar mics on the amazon website. The interview set has bigger pouch right here: two lavalier microphones, two extension cords also a couple of more crocodiles. As i say and pop filters, of course, and the magic splitter kind of magic splitter, it has the trrs on one end and two female ports for mini jacks.

So you basically can use it for one device but having two level layer mics and you can record an interview or a podcast or whatever, with only one device, one camera one phone, one computer. So its a great thing and the difference in price between the big kit and the small kit is attention. Please guys five dollars its only five dollars guys. So my total recommendation for the interview set kids because five dollars the difference and you get a ton of benefits and advantages and then just shocked about this price difference. I thought it would be like 40 and 60, but its 40 and 45 dollars, which is great and now im gon na show you a small app for ios, i guess for android we have some kind of the same app and well see how we can control The microphone gain and how you use it by the way i have forgotten to tell you how it works. Basically, you connect it to your smartphone. You check all of the connections that its pretty tight and then its working in your video mode or your voice, memos app or whatever app that records sound. But after you have done everything with your recording, you have to unplug it to listen through the footage, because the phone thinks that you have plugged the headphones and you didnt. That is why you have to unplug it and listen through the file youve recorded, and then you plug it back and record once again.

So this is the way it works and now about the app ive been talking about its called voice record. We go to here and, as you can see, we can hit record button, see all of our settings its the highest settings possible hit record and as soon as we hit record, you can see that the little arrow is kind of moving from one side to another. One, a a and also you can see that here we have an input, gain one, two, three one, two, three one, two, three one, two, three one, two, three one, two three one, two three one two three check check check, yeah its recording right now and then We can stop the recording and we can set it to our email or somewhere else, which is really really easy to do, and also i did a small test outside. It was very windy and you can see the difference. You can hear the difference right here. Iphone 12 pro max built in mic versus the lavalier microphone power device company. So we have time traveled and now im in morocco a pretty cool city by the way and youre hearing the built in microphone on the iphone 12 pro max and lets listen to the lavalier mic and now guys you hear power device level, your microphone. How do you like the sound, it probably sounds a little better, at least to my ears and yeah greetings from morocco, see you so guys.

The main thing is audio is better and much more important than video when it comes to the youtube videos or videos in general, because when you heard me for the first time with the iphone 12, which was pretty far away with a built in microphone, it was Beautiful picture quality – i guess that is beautiful, but poor, sound quality and you wouldnt watch this video till the end, no matter how beautiful it is in terms of you know, video, so guys. Please share thoughts in the comment section below which devices of audio recording you use in your real life everyday life. Do you record on your smartphone level, your mic camera computer recorder? Whatever? Also, if you enjoyed this video content, you can smash the like and subscribe bottles and hit the notifications bell.