We are going to have a look at this four core m45g smartphone. This is affordable but comes with high end specs, dual sim and latest 5g connection. In this review we will be going through with the built overall performance, camera and audio quality. If you are fascinating, one, please check the product link in the description down below. So without further ado lets get started Music in terms of the packaging. You will get a simple yellow box with the brand name and model details printed well. Lets get this unboxed and see what you get inside Music. It comes with the sim ejection tool, some poco stickers, clear case, warranty, details and user guide, then poco m4, pro smartphone type c, charging, cable and last 33 watt power, adapter Music. Having says that clear case is perfect, if you do not like bulk case, but it wont protect your phone. Furthermore, this phone comes with the pre installed screen protector to the screen, lets deep dive into the design and the specifications. In terms of the look, it has a classic poco design. You get a sim card slot on one side and a volume controller power button with the fingerprint sensor on the other side, type c: charging port with 3.5 millimeter headphone jack microphone with the speaker can be found bottom part. Finally, another set of speaker located on the top, as this is a dual speaker system – smartphone Music. It measures about 16.3 by 7.

5 centimeters with 0.87 centimeter thickness and weight, is about 195 grams. It has non removable 5000 milliamp battery and you can fully charge it. 0. 100 within 59 minutes using the provided 33 watt charger Music. This smartphone is available in three color options and the one i got is power black also. It comes with 4gb ram and 64gb storage for 6 gb ram 128 gb storage options with expandable memory up to 1 terabyte, using a micro sd card. Moving on to the processing power. This smartphone comes with the mediatek diamond city 810 and it is built using a 6 nanometer flagship process. It is occupied with an octa core cpu, with the clock, speed of up to 2.4 gigahertz and a powerful arm. Mali, g57 gpu. The upgraded configurations deliver substantial performance improvements. You can easily play and enjoy your favorite mobile games. Thanks to this smooth processing power, connective device, you can use two sim cards at the same time or one sim with an sd card. Having 5g capability, you can experience a super, fast internet connection and play online games or stream. Your favorite movies on the go also it has bluetooth 5.1 and built in gps connectivity. Moving on to the audio part of the smartphone, you still have the good all 3.5 millimeter audio input and dual speakers built in for perfect listening experience, Music 6.6 inches full hd plus dot display has maximum 90 hertz refresh rate. It is a gorilla, glass, 3 protected screen and it has a very thin bezel around the display.

Also, you can easily use and see clearly when outside thanks to the sunlight display technology. Furthermore, this display is perfect for watching video and play games. The colors are rich and decent to watch because of dci, p3 white color gamma display the touch response is smooth and responds really well. Furthermore, you can manually select the refresh rate between 90 to 60 hertz from the display settings and, more importantly, it has 240hz touch sampling rate, which is perfect. When gaming front, you can see 16 megapixel wide, f, 2.45 aperture control design front, face camera perfect for both selfies and group selfies. Moving on to the back, you get a dual camera setup with a flash. It has a 50 megapixel main camera, with f 1.8 aperture and 8 megapixel ultra wide camera with f 2.2 aperture. These are the sample taken from the main camera. The colors and details are rich and clean Music. The camera comes with pro mode which allow you to select between ultra wide and wide options and available to access all the manual settings, including iso white balance, shutter speed. Furthermore, you can enable 50 megapixel ultra hd mode and many more features under this option on standard photo mode. You can enable hdr and add filters moving on to the portrait mode. It produces a decent depth of field effect. Also, it comes with panorama mode, night mode, slow motion modes under the more option in terms of the video recording you can shoot 720p at 30fps and 1080p at both 30 and 60 fps image.

Stabilization is not the best, but compared to the other smartphones with similar specs. This is a winner Music. Moving on to the built in sensors, you get ambient light sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, electronic compass and ir blaster with this smartphone speaking about the software part. This mobile phone has android 11 version with miui 12.5 launcher. You can customize the interface completely and you can download and have custom themes Music. Also, you can swipe from the top to get the control center for quick access and you can add, remove widgets to the screen. Also, you can have your important apps to be locked for privacy Music. Having says that, in terms of phone security, this phone has side mounted fingerprint sensor that responds really well and also you can have face id standard, pin code or patent lock to unlock your device Music. Moving on to the screen mirror part, i was able to mirror this smartphone with my samsung smart monitor without any issues. However, i cannotice about a second delay when syncing between the phone and the smart, monitor Music. With that all been said still can make receive phone calls and do text messages as usual, the keyboard can be accessed and navigate easily. Well, my honest opinion about this smartphone is. This is a well built fully loaded with decent specs for the price i wish. This comes with a wireless charging feature which i am so used to performance. Speed is really good when i play games and do multitasking.

More importantly, real pleased with having 5g connection. As this is a perfect future proof. Smartphone battery life is much better than i thought and im really pleased with overall performance. So with that all being said feel free to. Let me know what do you think about this poco m4, pro 5g smartphone.