You welcome back im michael, and what we do here is to expect fresh and cool tech and thats the device i have received. So many requests about that. You know its its unbelievable, but obviously a lot of interest in this brand new poco device and poco. As a brand well thats one of the well xiaomi spin offs, they now operate as a separate company, but we know well about their relationship to the me brand. The thing is, they have four different classes of smartphones. We know the f series f. I guess supposed to be similar to formula one and the top and the high performing devices. Then we have the x series which are focusing on elegance. We have the c series which are very budget oriented and thats the poco m4 pro 5g, with the m series. Being always in the search of the best balance between price performance features and, of course, build quality, and i can surely confirm about the build quality that is pretty decent. But i know that youre here, because you want to find everything about this smartphone and yes, ive placed it under my thorough, extensive testing in the past few close to three weeks. So ive been doing a lot of photos, performance benchmarks and all the feedback that i have collected for you right now. Now the price is 200 to 230 euro or dollars, and we can say this: this smartphone is rather affordable, definitely not expensive.

So uh really curious. What actually poco have packed inside lets get started. Poco m4 pro arrives in a cool looking box, the companys signature color and at least on my end, high expectations so taking things out one by one. There are a few key points here, starting with some papers. Information to get things started a nice protective case also inside the box. A charging, cable and a power brick just like few years ago having headphones was something to highlight because it was becoming rarity. I guess we can expect the same from charges in the coming years. There are three color options for the poco m4 pro you have: the poco yellow the signature color for the brand. You have the power black and also the cool blue, which im holding here in my hands and, as you can see its its a gradient texture on the back entirely plastic. As you can hear – and i need to underline that i have nothing against plastic bags because they can be very lightweight. Construction is still very good and also, if you drop it on the ground, it wouldnt crack the glass, because there is no glass, and that really is a good thing. If you think about a budget friendly device on the sides, we can see speaker cuts both on the top and the bottom areas and yeah thats, a stereo setup, infrared blaster apparently and hold your breath 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack, so on the outside.

Unless you get really close to the phone, you wouldnt notice much of a difference to more expensive devices. I strongly suggest using a case anyways now, if we may take a quick tour around the most important specs theres, the 6.6 inch lcd screen covered by gorilla glass. It may have 4 or 6 gigabytes ram 64 or 128 gigs storage. There also is a micro sd slot. The phone is powered by an octa core cpu part of mediateks dimension: 810 5g, a dual camera setup led by the 50 megapixel main shooter 5 000 milliamp hour battery, supporting quick charging and coming with android 11 right out of the box based on the specs listed. So far, it clearly is not going to challenge this years top end solutions, but is a very decent performer. So if you wonder how good it is, i would say it can outperform the galaxy s9 from 2018, so yeah it can be as good as a 2018 flagship in terms of performance. In terms of longevity, i would say if your priority is to do a lot of browsing, maybe social media doing some photos, uploading it to instagram or doing some videos for tik tok. I would say thats going to do a pretty decent job. If you primarily film outdoors, if we speak about the display its another good strength, its an lcd, not the best and on the market, but you can see that it has very good performance and at peak brightness, the black is black, which for lcd displays is very Important 90 hertz full hd, even above this resolution, and also very good for gaming.

I cannot say this is among the best displays youve ever seen, but definitely not bad in daylight. It doesnt have the best performance due to the fact peak. Brightness is only 450 nits. One third from the maximum achievement of mi 11 ultra, for instance, you can see for yourself the difference to a phone that costs around 7 times more, oh, and if the display breaks replacement, wont, cost that much. If you wonder about the camera setup – and i knew youre going to ask about it – so yes lets talk, this here is the main camera and in fact, you kind of think there are quite many modules on the back side, its actually the main sensor and the Ultra wide image, sensor, theres, the led and the others are cosmetic things, so we only have a dual camera setup. The main image sensor is a 50 megapixel samsung shooter and its rather with a small size, which is both good and a bad thing good, because the sensor readouts require less power and post processing is faster, so its gon na drain less battery. But because well as you can already see, daytime photos are pretty good low light performance will definitely suffer for most photos that ive taken. Those in daylight are rather sharp, not amazing, dynamic range, meaning that if there are many bright and light and also dark areas in the image, the phone might not be able to reproduce them too well.

But in some cases the hdr mode can help the dedicated knight mode is, as usual, on par with the expectations, not amazing, but since it uses a well known technique, taking a few shots and extracting the best out of them. In order to provide a lot more details and colors to the final image, i would say its okay, this technique is a great way of masking the imperfections of such a small image sensor and also take advantage of all the processing power inside the soc. Xiaomi seem to have mastered extracting the most out of samsung image: sensors anyways, the ultra white camera is okayish. I can repeat pretty much the same as saved for the main sensor with further wars shots at night, because the sensor is even smaller. Sadly, there is no macro mode and the best idea for you is to try a software zoom in combination with the tripod, because the camera has no optical image. Stabilization videos can be recorded with resolution of up to 1080p if you use a gimbal its gon na. Look a lot better, theres electronic image, stabilization too, which well you can see for yourself whether it is good enough or not. The selfie camera also is a runner up, but it supports most of the important modes used in online conferences and instant messaging. Its a good idea to show you the front camera video performance and, surprisingly for this budget class in here weve got electronic image stabilization, meaning that even if im walking its not going to be too much shaky and uh ive recently been testing the oneplus 02, which Costs almost twice the money you got to pay for the m4 pro and it doesnt really have any image stabilization interesting here to figure out how also the audio quality feels.

So let me know what you think of the front. Camera performance comment down below the battery life here can be described as almost phenomenal. I was really surprised by the battery endurance and yeah. I had my expectations pretty high, because i knew that this chipset is very power, efficient, its not as hungry as snapdragon triple eight and the other chipsets from this year. But it really blew my mind. You can see that the screen on time is phenomenal and uh generally to to give you an easy to get comparison. It was giving me close to two times better battery endurance than me, 11 pro, which is remarkable now, while in terms of battery it has really a great job performance might not be that appealing. Well, definitely there, but nothing that can challenge the snappiness of more expensive, mid ranges or high end solutions like snapdragon, 700 or 800 series. For instance. Solids you can play games must run great. Some can be played even in high graphics modes. The display, if enabled at 90 hertz, is really decent and the speakers contribute to a nice experience. Stereo sound is always a good thing, although the speakers here could have been a tad better. Music poco have embedded with this model the xiaomis adaptive refresh rate technology, fantastic for browsing, social media and any kind of viewing experience. Few words about the software. It is android 11, with a typical for xiaomi devices, miui flavor, so its not that close to stock android.

But you can count on some useful features that are not present with other android phones, for instance an excellent launcher. There is a themes engine which can give you different looking skin whenever you need such this includes access to hundreds of nice wallpapers and also the ability to make the phone look like another operating system lets say if you like the samsung style here, it is, if You want some google pixel, like icons. The operating system has it for you, xiaomi promised for the m series at least one major android update, meaning that you will for sure have android 12 at some point, alongside with security patches from time to time. The past months havent been particularly strong for xiaomi in terms of frequent updates, but there has been at least consistency. There are some performance tweaks as well, and the popular gaming mode, which is going to ensure the cpu, runs at maximum possible mode when it comes to a heavier load. I wont trick anyone here into saying that you can expect marvelous, snappiness and responsiveness not at all, but given the price point, the really decent system on chip development and, in my opinion, the mind blowing battery life thats a fair trade off hi. If you wonder about the viewing angles, so this is where the regular lcds are not that great, but anyhow before we summarize in the end, what i think about the poco m4 pro 5g – maybe maybe its good to finally confess that theres, a trend and the trend Is that the most budget, oriented brands of the big chinese players on the market are slowly conquering this super budget segment, which was ruled in the past by no name garage brands by names of doji, umidigi and similar thats kind of expected? Because when it comes to smartphones its not just about the hardware, everybody can do good hardware.

Well, not everybody, but most companies. Do it its the combination between hardware and software, which is eventually the key of the huge success of iphones. And if you ask me what i think about the poco m4 pro 5g, i would say: yeah you pretty much get what you pay for, probably even more than that and its one of the best mid range lower, end mid rangers of 2021 and clearly one of The best choices, if you want to use 5g on a budget, and in order this one to succeed, it has to be really good and it has to outperform the real me 85g series and i believe, poco have already included all the ingredients in order to succeed And now its time you to, let me know what you think: if you have this phone already, please share with me your feedback about how it performs and what youre happy with what youre, not so happy with. If you dont have the phone, yet let me know: do you think of buying one and whats the best feature you found in the poco m4 pro and any questions or comments or remarks you have about this? Video are welcome to be shared down below, as usual. Uh link to the product and most of the tech gear we have seen throughout this episode is linked in the video description im michael, been such a pleasure today.