Now in todays, video were going to be exploring what actually contributes to making the best camera experience now. The reason why im pushing out this video here is because these days were faced with so many different kind of smartphone launchers with different kinds of camera setups. But what really actually gives you the best camera experience. So for me, honestly speaking its really not about the number of megapixels its not about the brand of the phone, its not about how expensive that phone is and definitely its not about the number of sensors that you have on the back of your phone. Well. For me, honestly speaking, is really a combination of you know: hardware and software, its about being able to take the right angles and all that and last but not least, a skills is very important as well. You can have a potato, but if you have the skills and all that youll be able to take pretty sick shots, so in todays video here i have three very interesting devices. I do have the redmi 10. I also have this samsung a52 s5g and last but not least, i have the vivo x70. Now these devices here are all capable of taking pretty interesting shots, but theyre all stronger in certain areas, so were going to be exploring that and of course today i also have one of my guests here with me. His name is eric and he is actually a professional photographer and he will be giving us a few tips on how to take the best picture from our smartphones.

So with that said, let us begin with the video right away all right. So, first up, let me introduce to you the first device that were going to be talking about and for that were going to talk about the samsung a52 s5g now bear in mind that this device is going for rm1899. It is a mid range ish kind of device, but after doing some exploring, i realized that this phone here is actually very good for taking photos of landscapes as well as sceneries its just a very good camera sensor that we have at the back here. But before we talk about the kind of photos that this device managed to take, let me hand it over to our pro photographer eric to give us a few tips on how we can actually get the best landscape or scenery kind of photo over to you. Eric to get a better landscape photo first turn on the grid on your camera. App use the grid to have a better position of your object. A small tip is use the rule of third to place your object either left or right to have a better perspective. All right so now done with the pro tip uh. I actually followed his advice and went out to take a couple of shots with the samsung a52 s5g. In fact, i went all the way up to the forest. There tried to take a couple of photos and i realized that this phone here is actually really capable of taking very good kind of landscapes as well as sceneries.

All i need to do is position the picture correctly and then i was able to get a very sick shot taken by the samsung a52 s5g. So again, this is a mid range device, but if you have the right skills and if you go with the right angles, you can actually take some really solid shots with the samsung a52s 5g right here now. Moving on to the next device lets check out what we have in store, and that is actually going to be the vivo x70. Now this device here is slightly more expensive than the samsung a52s earlier on. This is going for rm2499. Bear in mind its still not a super expensive phone, but we do get a very strong camera at the back here and what i mean by that is that vivo is actually working with zeiss to have the perfect combination between hardware and software. Like i mentioned earlier on, so with those combined, you are actually able to get really good portrait shots using this phone. Before i show you the photos taken, let us hear from a pro photographer eric to talk a little bit about the tips on taking the best portrait shot. So, in my opinion, to get a good portrait shot with your phone first and most important thing is lighting. Make sure you have good lightings and enough lighting in your environment or your studio second make sure that there is a distance between your object and your background to create that depth of field so that your portrait shot will have a better bouquet or portrait effects.

All right now, thanks for that eric again, i did follow erics points here to actually try and get a couple of portraits using the vivo x70 here, and these are the kind of photos that you can get using the vivo x70 as what eric mentioned earlier on And together with the zeiss software that we have in here, i was able to take some really good portrait shots. In fact, these pictures look like they were taken from a camera. If you like to take portraits – or you like to take pictures of people, then the vivo x70 here is actually a great choice for you. You have the zeiss lens on this phone itself and, of course, the zeiss filters that actually makes those portraits look like they were taken from a camera. Now. Last but not least, we have our final device here and that is going to be the redmi 10. Now you might be wondering: how are we going to get some really awesome shots from a budget phone like this? This device here is only rm, 649, definitely very affordable and almost everyone can buy it so whats so special about this phone. Well, honestly, speaking, in my opinion, it doesnt just boil down to the sensor itself. If you have great skills to take with good angles and all that and you do a little bit of post editing, you actually are able to get photos that might stand out and it will make it look like it was taken by a more expensive device.

So again were going to head back to eric for one last time to share with us on the pro tip on how to get a better photos. After doing some post editing processing over to you eric in case, you are not happy with the photos that you youve taken earlier. Dont worry. You can always rely on apps like snapseed lightroom and many more in lightroom. You can always choose from the preset or you can manually, adjust from the brightness contrast saturation until you get your perfect shot. Thank you eric again. Yes, those are a couple of points that you can actually try out. So, yes, i took the redmi 10 here and i actually took a couple of photos in these photos here i actually did a little bit of post editing here. I just tweak a little bit of the saturations. You know adjust a little bit of the exposure, its really about trying to find that sweet spot balancing here and there to get the final shot. And, of course, if you do use lightroom, there are a couple of presets already in the app that you can leverage on to get a better photo from your smartphone. Now done with this uh camera experience kind of thing. At the end of the day, i must conclude that again getting the best shot here is really not about. You know, like i mentioned earlier, or not about the price of the phone, its not about the number of sensors, the megapixel count and all that, but really its a combination of a couple of things.

So, for instance, you need to get the best hardware and software uh its always good to have at the best angle. You know understanding the strengths of your camera phone and, of course, you know just using a little bit of the tips shared by eric earlier on the try and position to get that perfect shot. The maxis biggest sale is happening right now and you can get all the devices that i just showed earlier for just rm1, so that is practically free. Now maxis is not just limited to just smartphones. They also have a ton of other devices like tablets, tvs and all that so for the full list of devices that you can get from maxis from just rm1 do check out the link down below there for the full information. Again, if you are already planning to get a new device, you should definitely leverage on this offer to get the best device for yourself all right, guys, thats it for todays video. I hope you did enjoy todays video and i look forward to seeing you guys in the next one stay safe.