This is good news for a lot of people in western markets, but does the honor 50 pack enough punch to be competitive and will for gsm, marina and lets find out in our full review Music? The honor 50 has a lightweight glass design with plenty of curves. The circular camera rings are an interesting design element and the thin frame is made of plastic here, not metal. The honor 50 is actually nearly identical to another recent device, huaweis nova 9, the only real difference being a different main camera and the presence of google services. Just like the back, the front screen of the phone has a curve to it: its a 6.57 inch oled with a 1080p resolution and a super fast 120hz refresh rate. The high refresh rate, coupled with a low touch, latency means that swiping and scrolling here are super smooth and responsive and theyre support for high frame rate gaming, too plus theres support for 10 bit color, and you get the great contrast. Youd expect from an oled color accuracy is respectable, depending on the setting you choose and brightness is good too. We measured 525 nits maximum with the manual slider, and it boosts up to 750 nits in bright conditions. Under the display is an optical fingerprint scanner, which is responsive and reliable for audio. You dont get a traditional headphone, jack and theres. Just a single bottom firing loudspeaker. The loudness score was just average on our charts and the sound quality is clear but far from rich Music.

One of the more exciting things about the honor 50 is its software package, at least, if youre one of the people bummed out by huaweis lack of google support the magic ui shares the aesthetics of huaweis emui 12, but with the intrinsic features of android 11 and Of course, access to google apps through the play store the default apps like the gallery and the phone are proprietary, though one thing worth noting is that you dont get to split notification, shade like on emui but a traditional one here, and you dont have expandable storage On the honor 50, but the choice of 128 or 256 gigs on board under the hood of the honor 50 is a qualcomm snapdragon 778 ge chipset its a pretty popular chip. These days, offering both 5g connectivity and flagship grade performance thats not quite as high tier as the snapdragon 888, both the interface and games run well here, but we did notice. Some thermal throttling battery life is pretty good. Considering the 4300 milliamp hour battery capacity, the honor 50 was able to score 100 hour endurance rating in our proprietary tests. Charging speed is reasonably fast too, but not lighting fast, even though it comes with a large 66 watt charger with it, we charge the phone from zero to 61 percent in half an hour. The major hardware difference between the honor 50 and the huawei nova 9 is that this one has a higher res main camera.

Here you get a 108 megapixel nine in one main cam, the others are the same as the nova 9, though an 8 megapixel ultra wide cam, a 2 megapixel macro cam and a depth sensor during the day, 12 megapixel photos from the main cam look good. Theyre, sharp and contrasty, with saturated colors and okay dynamic range, but weve seen a bit better rendition of fine details in the competition portraits, look pretty good with great sharpness and detail and subject detection, which is better than what we saw on the nova 9.. 8 megapixel shots from the ultrawide are nothing special. You get the benefit of the wider field of view, but the images are rather soft and low in detail and have limited dynamic range. The macro cameras photos are okay, the detail is limited by the 2 megapixel resolution and colors could be punchier, but sharpness is fine. If you get the focus distance right in low light, photos from the main cam are pretty good. Theres. A decent level of detail in the shadows and highlights are well contained too theres. Also great contrast and low noise. If you shoot with a night mode on the results can be even better, especially in more challenging scenes. The shadows are boosted a bit. The remaining noise is cleaned up and theres additional sharpness and the colors are a little bit more vivid shots from the ultra wide. At night, arent, very good, theyre, fuzzy and lacking in detail with a narrow, dynamic range and theres no night mode.

Support on this camera selfies are taken with a 32 megapixel front facing cam and theyre good theyre, detailed, colorful and sharp enough plus. The dynamic range is pretty wide and the selfies come out usable, even in backlit situations, videos can be recorded with the main cam and up to 4k resolution at 30fps footage comes out, sharp and detailed with great colors and contrast. Dynamic range is wide too. The ultra wide cam is limited to 1080p resolution and its footage has similar contrast and colors to the main cam its a lot softer and less detailed, though electronic stabilization is supported in 4k on the main cam, and it does a good job in smoothing out the Shakiness from walking around so thats the honor 50., it has an impressive 120hz curved oled display, dependable battery life fast charging and a good camera experience, at least from the main cam, and you get google services on and on our phone. The problem is that the way the honor 50 is priced, its up against some tough competition flagship killer phones that can offer more in both the chipset and the camera department. Youre also missing some popular features like stereo speakers. So, while the honor 50 is a decent phone, you can find more bang for your buck elsewhere.