All of this and more in this review, hotep cyber 7 features stock, android 11 mediatek, demensity, 700 arm mali, g57, mc2 8gb ram and 128gb 6.3 fhd and display for 8mp triple rear camera 8280mah battery dual 5g network design and build quality. The hotwave cyber 7 has a robust and rugged gaming design, with a 6.3 inch screen on the front and a high quality synthetic rubber layer on the back with a length of 168 millimeters and a width of 81 millimeters and a solid metal frame that offers you A type of substantial thickness of 17 millimeters, despite its 337 grams weight, which is considered heavy but acceptable in a sturdy phone. It feels amazing in your hand – and i hope its performance is worth it. If you ask me about the manufacturing quality, i have no complaints. Its the closest thing to a flagship phone that ive seen on the back. It features triple cameras on the back and another for night vision, as well as an led flashlight and two infrared rays in the upper middle. The name hodwa flies at the bottom of the back, with the lanyard hook and speaker directly below it on the front in front of the device is a 6.3 inch full screen display with very thin bezels on the sides and a narrow chin at the bottom. In addition to the dot drop notch from the top, which contains a 32 megapixel camera in the middle of the top for selfies and video chats, which we will discuss in detail shortly, ports and buttons in terms of connectivity, the phone has a usb type c connection.

On the bottom, with a microphone, the power button and fingerprint sensor are standard, as are the volume button and dual sim with memory slot its worth, noting that theres, a red, colored programmable shortcut button on the side, waterproof the hotef cyber 7 is dust resistant scratch resistant Shock and drop resistant and water resistant up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes with an ip68 and ip69k rating. It also has mil std810g certification, which is a military standard that ensures the devices integrity is maintained in practically any condition. Hotewaf cyber 7 display quality. Even in 2021, a chinese smartphone will most likely have an lcd ips screen which the cyber 7 does, but that doesnt mean its bad because its a big six point, three inches fhd end with a very good resolution of one zero, eight zero, two three four zero, Which gives you bright, sharp, colors and wide viewing angles which are more than great for consuming visual content on youtube or otherwise. The screen, on the other hand, is highly protected by corning, gorilla, glass and the touchscreen functions, even when gloves are worn. In short, with the cyber 7, i will say that its one of the best screens for rugged smartphones in the mid range category. You will get the best value for what you pay. A large and high quality screen suitable for media consumption. Whether you are watching the video playing games or browsing the social media hotewaf cyber 7 cameras, one of the main points of the hotwarf cyber 7 is the cameras in terms of their specifications.

There is nothing to worry about, but the last word remains in the actual performance: triple rear camera. On the back, you get a triple camera arrangement, with a 4 8 mps, 5k gm 1 sp primary camera with 1.8 aperture, an 8mp 8856 wide angle, camera with 2.2 aperture and a 2mp bf ’05 blur camera with 2.6 aperture for the rest of the cameras. A 2 0 mp imx 350 night vision, camera with a 2.2 aperture, is also included so far. The technical specifications are good, so lets move on to the realistic performance in photography under good lighting. The cameras can take really good pictures and capture a lot of details and with beautiful color saturation. So i like the cameras and considering the price theyre, still more than just good cameras. The night vision feature in 2 0 mp, allows for great eyesight the updated two infrared radiation emitters, significantly increased the sight range to 15 meters in the pitch black environment. The adjustable lr intensity allows for a clearer visibility, front camera in the forefront of selfies or video. Chats you get a 3 2 mp sony camera and with an impressive algorithm and several modes to choose from video recording in well lit conditions. You can capture films in 720p, 30fps from both front and back cameras with relatively poor steadiness hotewaf cyber 7 performance. When it comes to performance, the hotef cyber 7 performs admirably in most of its basic and entertainment functions such as browsing the web watching youtube videos using social media applications and even playing games as everything ran smoothly and without any issues with applications stopping or high temperatures.

Hotef cyber 7 cpu performance well its time to expose hot waff cyber 7 to some tasks that need more effort, and there is nothing better than playing games with high settings. The conditions here differ according to the application game or any type of program that need large resources and because the processor used here is mediatek. Demensity 700 octa core soc, with an integrated 5g modem based on 2x fast arm, cortex a76 cores at up to 2.2 and 6x cortex a55 cores at 2.0 g hertz and 7 millimeters architecture was one of the most powerful processors used in 5g smartphone this processor, its Present in many models of famous brands such as xiaomi redmi, note, 10 5g and xiaomi poco m3, pro 5g realm 85g and the keital wp17 gpu. The graphics processing used here is arm mali, g57 mc2 up to 950 megahertz, which isnt the best, but its value for money compensates for it. So it performed well in games depending on the type of game and its requirements, and there was some lag in high end games, though it didnt cause a hitch such as in games like cod, mobile and pubg. However, all you have to do is play on medium settings. If you play on higher settings, you will have a less than ideal experience memory. The majority of the programs run rapidly and the 128gb ufs storage 2.2 would be sufficient for installing any application you require. With the option to expand to 1 tb through a microsd card, it also has an 8gb ram, lpddr4x, dual channel, which is more than enough for most of the things that you can accomplish with a smartphone, such as maintaining multiple applications or major games running.

In the background, in short, this smartphone will provide you with a great multitasking experience playing content to play. The content on youtube was very smooth. You can play videos at a maximum of one zero, eight, zero p at 60 fps without any problems or lag, and this is the highest quality. You can get hotel cyber 7 dmr information after that. Well, look at the dmr data and widevine security ill admit that im unhappy because its just level 3, which means you wont, be able to watch hd on netflix or other streaming services. Without exaggeration. This level may not be found on all chinese smartphones, netflix and other streaming. Services, on the other hand, are still available at 480p resolution software, the hotwave cyber 7 smartphone runs android 11 and has a user interface with improved gesture navigation controls, a dark theme and most of the systems capabilities, the most essential of which is the inclusion of all Google services making the smartphone experience smoother and more personalized overall performance. In conclusion, as a mid range smartphone focused on daily use and playing games with medium settings, the performance of this phone is more than adequate and it is equipped with a set of specifications and respectable features such as camera durability and design that make it an enjoyable Experience connectivity, the hotef cyber 7 is a dual sim smartphone with a sim slot that accepts two 5g nano sim cards that support all bandwidth options, including 5g, 4g and so on.

For a super, fast user experience and the most talked about 5g network with 2.3 gbp s download and 1.2 gbp s, upload will purportedly be 10 times quicker than the 4g network carrier, allowing us to say goodbye to buffering when watching 4k films and gaming lag. It has dual bandwidths of 2.4 ghz and 5ghz for connecting to wi fi networks as well as bluetooth 5.1. Not only that, but a smartphone also has some basic sensors, such as a gyroscope accelerometers and even an electronic compass. Cyber 7 offers a feature not found in many other smartphones on the market, the ability to utilize your smartphone as a wi fi repeater, allowing you to spread your wi fi signal to new regions without the use of additional equipment. It also has nfc which allows you to conduct mobile payments, supports google pay hotef cyber 7 battery and charging time the hotwave cyber 7 has a large built in 8280mah non removable, lipo battery that lasts 1.5 days when used moderately, such as surfing the internet. Google youtube and social media. Of course the time is reduced when playing games or using 5g, but it will last you a whole day on a single charge. It takes about four hours to fully charge the 8280mah using type c and there is fast charging support. Although one 8w is not extremely quick, it is faster than the standard 5w or 10w. However, i can attest to the excellent performance of the battery.

However, its performance was good owing to the fact that it came with vanilla, android, 11 and didnt come with many pre installed programs, even the launcher is basic, with no complications or background activities which helps to reduce battery drain conclusion. If you ask me if the hotef cyber 7 is worth buying or recommending, i would say yes – and this is because of the experience it will provide you. I believe the cyber 7 is one of the best rugged smartphones in 2021, with the gaming design and decent specifications in terms of the screen, cameras and even the battery. However, this does not mean that it is perfect because it cannot watch netflix in hd resolution. This smartphone, on the other hand, will not let you down hotef cyber 7 price and where to buy the hotep. Cyber 7 smartphone is currently available on the aliexpress store for a very good price. So dont miss out on this great deal and to view its price or buy it.