It does have 5g ultra wide band for verizon, so you can get those ultra fast, fast speeds on 5g, with this phone and ultimately it retails for about 580 bucks, so pretty expensive for a phone. When i, when i break it down, i think youll be kind of surprised by how expensive it is. You can get a and youre going to probably hear this a couple times in this video, a pixel six for 599 bucks, only 20 bucks more uh. Ultimately, though, this phone is gon na, give you a lot and well go through all that, but first lets talk about what comes inside of the box so inside the box. What youre gon na get is you get? Some pamphlets are going to walk you through, like quick reference, guys stuff. You would normally expect on here. You also get usbc charging cable as well as something you dont get on many other phones these days, and that is a fast charging, brick a big one. At that, so very, very nice to see this uh charging brick in the phone. I love that this phone, also, if you dont want to you, wont – have to pay 580 bucks for it. If you dont want to, you could get a deal with it through verizon or you can pay monthly through. It depends on your financial situation. It does come with 64 gigs of storage and before we dive too much into this lets.

Just talk about some of these specs overall for this phone has a snapdragon, 480 processor, so its kind of like a mid tier processor. You do, like, i said, get 64 gigs of ram of storage but theres also a micro sd card slot on the side. Here all you do is just peel it open and you can peel it right outside with your hand, which is always beautiful. I love when they have that option to have that. It also comes with uh four gigs of ram. I think i said that already uh, you can put up to a one terabyte storage of a micro sd card expansion on there, which is fantastic. It does have a 6.1 inch full hd plus display running at 60 hertz, so any gorilla glass 6 on there. So its not going to be like the ultimate best display ever so just keep that in mind beyond thats, just kind of the basic things that you, i think thats kind of the basics you want it does wirelessly charge. It does have water resistance as well ip67. I believe it is all right so lets dive into the meat and potatoes of this phone. It does run android 11 on here. So its the you know, not the newest, not the oldest version of android. When you swipe over to the left on the home screen, you get your feed right here, which is going to give you all your google feed information.

You get your home screen and since this is from basically verizon, you are getting quite a bit of verizon stuff. On here you get all the verizon apps that you want on here. If you want them or you dont want them, they just come pre installed. You also are set up with these outdoor apps. So if youre, a big outdoor enthusiast, youre going to get a bunch of apps from the barometer the compass, the outdoor portal, all these other ones as well – google apps verizon apps, like i mentioned apple music, comes pre installed. Bingo blitz is theres quite a bit of um. I mean, for the most part, im so used to unlocked phones that dont have this kind of stuff. So you do get quite a bit of apps on here like office suite. I didnt put this on here, but lets just see if i can uninstall it. If i want to, i can disable it. I cant uninstall it so some of the apps probably could be installed. Some cannot, unfortunately, but other than that. I i its a fairly clean interface of of what youd expect if youre coming from like a pixel phone, youre, probably going to be very used to this design, is not a lot of theres, not a lot of just overlay on there with kyocera or anything. Its really kind of nuts and bolts kind of just our vanilla, android type software, but there are some things on here so, for instance like when you look at this phone, you do get this little teardrop design on there for the camera.

You also get an extra button on here that allows you to customize and well go into that in a moment at the bottom, youve got usb c port. You have a your volume buttons and your power button. You get your fingerprint sensor and your camera, and overall just like in terms of durability, its a plastic phone but ill be honest. I actually like plastic phones um they will. You know i could drop this and its not necessarily going to break its plastic. Glass will break so some people might look down upon plastic. I actually dont. It feels not like the most rugged phone of airflow, but its got some ruggedness to it. Due to that fact now i mentioned that that button is customizable on here, ive already customized it. If you go into settings and you go into programmable key program programmable key there we go, i finally got it, you can change it, so i have pressing all that ive turned it on to the flashlight, but you can make it do other things such as bring Up your google assistant or open up your camera or open up a specific app and you can do other things such as double press it and have it do something else or you can have it answer and end calls you can have it wake up your device. So ill just show you real quick if i press and hold it its going to turn on my flashlight, i love that you never know when you need a flashlight on your phone.

Instead of having to open up your phone, you can turn that on and off with your button right there. If i double press it, i forget what i set it to, but lets just see it will bring up my calculator there. You go. You never know when youre going to need your calculator, so its pretty helpful in that regard, when you also when you go into settings just to run through some of the other things that are in here, you get your basic. You know what youd expect with with this phone. You know you get your display settings, you turn on pocket mode. If you want to make it a little bit more handy handy, lift to wake. You can turn that on. You have lets see system updates. I did check for just a new system, update ive had this phone for about a week, and i havent noticed that ive gotten any system updates just yet, and i will admit it does seemingly kind of need one, especially in the camera department and ill go through That, in a moment, overall, like just using the phone in a general sense of uh, you know is it snappy with the software and all the things it? I? It has a snapdragon 480 and four gigs of ram. I think the four gigs of ram does hold it back a little bit. You can see a little bit of lag right there. It is kind of noticeably laggy when you use the phone uh, its, not doesnt, bring you to a complete standstill, but if youre coming from you know like a fairly new iphone or a newer android phone or more of a high powered android phone, this might kind Of feel a little bit sluggish to you.

Definitely you know heres another time. Bringing it up definitely feels more sluggish than the pixel 6, which is in the same price category as it so that snapdragon, 480 processor and four gig of ram definitely holds it back. Not a lot but a little bit on there and um. The other thing i noticed is just taking photos and just using this in general, it does heat up a little bit, not doesnt burn my hand, but it heats up. Pretty quick well play a little snake rivals, real, quick just to show you how this will look on here and just to show you a little bit heres just snake rivals. This is running through the demo. You can see it does run games pretty much okay. This isnt like a super high intensive game, but it will run it and it looks pretty good on this 6.1 inch display. Speaking of the display playing games on here, the display for me some people dont – need this, but this display is is pretty dark. I have to turn this. This is just me recording the video i dont even have it turned up as much as i really want it realistically, when im having this, i like it at about 80 or 90, the display is definitely pretty dark. I would definitely like for it to be darker. Im sorry brighter, but if you dont care about that youll be completely fine with it. The quality of the display is fine.

I dont notice any issues. The colors look good um. Looking at it, you know the the the edges or the angles or whatever you want to call it look completely. Fine, the colors everything looks fine. With this i dont, i dont really notice anything that bugs me about this display when i look at it alright. So here is a video playing on here just so you can get an idea of how videos look and you can pinch in to make it a little bit more cropped in, but this is plays videos in up to 1080p. They look completely fine. You can see that you get a better idea. What that teardrop looks like on there its just you know what it is its really just that its just for me id want it to be brighter, but the quality of this play is absolutely. You know. Good lets. Also hear the volume on this, where im just talking were gon na jump into the stats specs first on this one. But again this phone is crazy. Its got tons of customizations very, very interesting. The sound is, is pretty tinny sounding uh, its not very powerful. All right so heres the specs real quick. It has a 4500 its putting the song on real quick. It definitely sounds better with a little bit of music, but, like just talking, sounds a little bit. Tinny uh music again sounds okay. I wish it was louder. I wish it was a little bit more bassy.

I wish it was just better overall sound but again its its passable, its not gon na youre, not gon na, be like. Oh, my god. This is horrendous, its not that bad next lets talk about the camera. This obviously has dual lenses on the back. It has the front one as well, and you get a lot of modes on here. You get little video bytes. This will do some short videos. You got video up to 1080p on the front and the back cameras. You got photo mode, you get high res mode up to 48 megapixels, you get a portrait mode, you got beauty mode to get rid of those blemishes, and you can see this is where you can see like the camera seems a little bit laggy. You know. I press on that and it just it does take a second for it to to go over there. You go to more, and you have some other modes as well that you can go in there and play with such as pro video time lapse. Slow motion all that stuff, so i will show you some samples and of photos and videos that i did with the front and the back cameras, Music, so Music, so Music heres, the wide angle walking around just holding it im gon na turn it around back on Me so you can see what it looks like. Oh back to that killer, sun walking with it. How does it look? How does it sound overall, a little bit of wind, so we might be picking up some wind? Let me know what you think about this 1080p.

Obviously, i think i said 1080p in the front and the back cameras thats the highest. It goes all right guys. This is the front camera im gon na grab it its very easy to hold this phone, which is nice some of the fun you realize how uncomfortable phones are when you start holding them theres a little backlight for you, im gon na go back over here and Turn around and uh face the sun, so youre not so so you can see what this looks like man, the sun is strong. Today is so hot in southern california. I think today its like 80 degrees, its really really warm, but this is what it looks like just walking around with the front: camera. 1080P no 4k on the front camera. So there you go and then heres the last camera. This is just the the main main camera. Oh. Is that having trouble focusing for a second, it did huh interesting im going to turn it around on me. Now the sun doesnt get any less brutal, guys um, i think its like, i think, its almost noon or one of 1pm right now. When im doing this, what do you guys think anything looks good, bad ugly? Let me know in the comments down below kyocera next lets check out the fingerprint sensor. It works pretty darn. Well, i havent really had any issues with it, unlocking my phone, you can see its been pretty accurate me just doing this in a real, quick manner.

So its very helpful that its on the back – i like it either on the back or on the side here and they filled my wishes of having it there and it works absolutely fine. So the durasport 5g by kyocera, its like, i said its 579 bucks. Maybe you can get it for for less money if verizons having a deal or a promotion of some sort, thats going on the screen, the quality of it is is pretty good the the performance of it is, you know pretty good, especially you know when you get Into this price range, youre able to play, games, youre, able, to you, know view websites and social media and all that stuff uh. The software is pretty bare bones android, which is completely fine with me, especially if youre not looking for a lot of customization and control over the operating system, but there is some in here. I do like this button on the side. I wish more companies added. These kind of you know customizable buttons to make do with whatever you want. Ive seen. Phones with you know, multiple ones of these, and this is cool that its even on here so very nice. To see that, i like the ability to pull this out and put in a sim card or a micro sd card, if i want really easily without having to pop it out with with something um its really comfortable, in your hand that thats cant be understated.

So if, like you wanted a phone that was really comfortable in hand, this is gon na do the job. Everything else is just okay about this uh. You know. Speakers are just okay. The camera app is pretty laggy. I feel like its not the worst but from like 10 years ago, but its kind of laggy, especially when its compared with some of its other competition in this price range, and i think its a this ill be ill. Be honest: is this fun phone is a very its tough for me to recommend this at all over something like a pixel 6, just a plain old pixel 6 that you can get for 599 bucks, pixel 6 is going to get updates, probably longer and quicker. It has better cameras, it is faster, it has a better processor, it has more ram, it has more storage. I, if i remember correctly, uh at 128, so its like it doesnt, have a micro sd card which this has, which is nice, but ultimately i i, if youre in this price range of phones id, probably tell you get a pixel six, this one. You know it has the ip resistance, as though the wireless charging, but ultimately in in the pixel 6, has those things as well its just its tough for me to to to recommend this over that phone. But there you guys go. That is the kyocera dura sport.