Now, along with the 58, there is another version that comes with the same 50 series, which is the narso 50i. This is, moreover, like version, since there is some features that are not included in this smartphone mobile manila. This is pope from manila, shaker dot com, and today we are going to see if the nerso 50i is a reliable budget. Smartphone lets find out Music the performance that the narso 58 delivers to us was good in terms of its price. So basically, the real me 50i is a toned down narso 58 for consumers, that is on a tighter budget. It is lighter and thinner than the narso 58, but this time it offers a splash resistant design. It doesnt have a rear mounted, nor a side mounted fingerprint scanner and, from a usb type c to a micro usb charging port over its display. It boasts the same 6.5 inch ips lcd panel with a 720p resolution. It has a slim bezel, but a thick chin, which is pretty common in the entry level category for its software and performance. The narso 58 runs on android 11, which is paired with a real miui go. The go version is pretty much the light version of android, so basic tasks should be fine. However, in the long run it can be a problem unless realme maintains necessary updates to keep the go version going. The configuration of a review unit is 4 gigabytes of ram paired with 64 gigabytes of storage.

It is equipped with a fairly basic octa core chipset, the unisoc sc9863a. The processing power may be limited and you may encounter problems in multitasking, since it only has a 1.6 gigahertz score speed, but we will see its gaming performance later for its battery. It is equipped with a 5 000 milliamperes of battery paired, with 10 watts charging after the initial performance. We will talk about its charging time and battery life. We will be testing fewer games than before because of some restrictions due to its entry level chipset. So, for our first game is, as usual, the game of the filipino people – mobile legends, the default settings for mobile legends is hd mode off with medium graphics. Unfortunately, there is no hfr mode option, so we will be playing at lower frames. The gameplay is clunky, it does have some frame drops and stuttering, but with its price it is fairly decent, better offer, low graphic settings since the medium one offers less stability. Stutterings and the frame drops can be a problem when it comes to clashes, but all in all, it is pretty much playable and bearable with the medium plus hd mode off. We get 26 to 27 fps with 96 percent stability, while the low plus hd mode off. We get 28 fps with 97 stability. Our next game is league of legends wide rev. We will be setting it to performance mode, but with 60 fps and see if we can get better output here than mobile legends.

Surprisingly, it is much better. It is much smoother and the graphics quality is also fairly decent. I havent encountered frame, drops or stuttering during the gameplay. Everything runs pretty much smooth, even at clashes and multiple animation skills. So for the performance plastics fps, we get 47 to 50 fps with 98 stability. Next, our fps games, starting with call of duty mobile graphics, is set to low with medium frames. We cant go any further, since our cpu will start throttling and provides even more performance drops in gun fights, aiming down your sights outputs low stability. There are frame drops when you start shooting. It is kinda hard to control your spray. If performance is stuttering for its low plus medium frames, we get 25 to 26 fps with 97 stability. Our last game is pubg mobile. By default, our settings are smooth plus medium frames. We can go high as balance, but hd is already locked out as far as gameplay performance. It is smoother than call of duty moba. There is no performance drops or stuttering in gunfights. However, it does show stuttering when roaming the map Music, even after jumping the plane panning. The camera already gives out a stutter with the smooth, graphics, quality plus medium frames. We get 23 to 24 fps with 98 stability for its battery considering its price. It is a good buy. The theme body of the narzo 50i is back with the 5 000 milliamperes of battery, but lacks 18 watts.

Charging support the battery can pretty much last a good amount of time, since you wont be multitasking too much due to its hardware screen. Time can pretty much last almost 8 hours if you use it for a bit of gaming, video streaming and continuous social media browsing. It comes with a super power saving mode that allows you to do a variety of tasks, while using only 5 percent of your battery for the average user, the battery can pretty much last the whole day and 2 days for a light. User charging will take a lot of time since it only uses 10 watts charging from 0 to 100. It took us almost 3 hours to fully juice up the device with that the narso 50i is pressed at 6290 pesos for the 4 gigabytes plus 64 gigabytes configuration. It is 1000 pesos less than the narso 50a and it is available in all realme stores, starting today. Overall, the narzo 50i is a fairly decent phone for its price, although comparing it to some other smartphones at the same price category, it will be a tough battle, but it does have a good battery performance since it uses less power. It also has a clean android operating system and a good casual gaming experience for consumers that are on a tighter budget, but want to upgrade to an entry level smartphone. The narzo 50i is a good phone to consider and since it is almost christmas, it is one of the solid smartphones that you can give to your gamer loved ones.

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