If youre new to the channel im kendrick foster, i do unboxings and reviews of all the latest tech. So if you like, that type of content hit that like and that subscribe button, so first of all, i want to thank sabine tech for sending this out for review. We have the sabine tech, smart mic plus. So what this is is a bluetooth microphone that you can sync up to your phone to record high quality audio. So if youre, a vlogger or any type of content, creator that uses your phone for your content creation. This is definitely something you want to check out. So what were going to do is were going to get into the box were going to see what comes with it and then, of course, you know were going to go ahead and test it out. So lets go ahead, get into the box so before we crack it open lets go around the box, real quick. So you see this is also compatible with apple and android. It actually won an innovation award at ces 2020, so im actually going to be at ces. This year for 2022, so hopefully i can run into this – the five people thats to being tech – hopefully theyre attending this year, so they won the award for headphones and personal audio and mobile device accessories. So thats pretty cool um again, like i said its for if youre a vlogger, so it has a vlog there, its bluetooth and its a microphone pretty much self explanatory yeah and nothing too important on the back.

So lets go ahead and get into the box. Okay. So you have the mic itself um a little bit smaller than i thought it was so thats. Pretty good um. Has this red button on the side not sure what thats for yet were going to get into it as the clip on the back and it charges with micro usb? I wish that would have been a usb type c, but it has micro usb as the charger you have your dead cat or dead kitten. In this case, you have your pop filter, a little small pop filter. It also has a little bit a little ear bud. So yeah, so it has a jack on the top so im guessing. You can monitor like real time, monitor your audio with this. Then you have your micro, usb cable and then you have your quick start guide. So all your instructions and everything all right here and thats pretty much it for the box all right. So there is an app uh for the device. Um ill put the qr code here. If you wan na download it and check it out as soon as i launched it, i see it had an update, so im going to go ahead and let the update, download and then ill be right back all right. So the audio that im recording right now is using the smart mic plus whats cool about it. Is it has an audio gain um indicator right on the screen, so you can tell what your levels are.

It looks like my levels are a little bit high right now, but its not clipping too much. So what do you think about the audio uh quality on smart mic, plus now im right now recording with the selfie camera on a phone? So i can actually see the screen, but of course you can switch the camera around to the more high quality camera that you have on the back of your phone. But right now, since im, recording alone im using the selfie cameras, so the quality of the video might not be as good as it could be. If i was using the back camera now, im gon na go ahead and back away im pretty sure this is really valuable. If youre a person who records by itself and doesnt have a camera man, so you dont have to be right up on the camera. You can touch your camera, you can move around and you can still record high quality audio because, like everybody thats a creator knows whats most important, even more important than the video is the audio look like its working pretty well so far. I havent heard this yet, but i could actually see the game, which is reassuring to me that its picking my voice up and uh thats a big thing, because the last thing you want to do is record a whole video and the mic was working. So its good that they have that visual representation of the game right there on the screen, all right, so thats an another real cool thing about this mic because i just realized slow.

I didnt even read the manual just to let you know, but what is something else i just found is this button you can use to stop and start recording so just hit the button and it stops the record hit the button again and it starts to record So thats a real good feature if, like i said, if youre recording alone, you wont even have to go back to your phone, all you have to do is control everything right here from this device. Now i do have the headphone jacket and you can actually monitor yourself right through these or do this one headphone. Now what i was worried about was you know a lot of times these type of devices. They have some type of delay. You know. So if you ever recorded yourself – and you were monitoring yourself and you hit a delay, it messes up your speech, no delay in it and its its, like. I said its a great feature to have this real time monitoring right in your ear. So it gives you that extra level of confidence that youre recording and make sure you sound good and you make sure you have no issues at the end of your recording. Another cool feature that i saw in the book was that you can actually pair two of these to one phone at a time. So if youre doing like an interview, you can have two of these devices, one on you and one on the person youre interviewing, and they will all record two two separate checks on your phone.

So definitely a real cool thing. So this is definitely a real cool device. I im actually gon na plan on doing some more videos on this um, its really dark out right now i did want to go outside and do a range test on this. So um stay tuned for more in depth. Videos, its a pretty simple uh product. So if you got it im pretty sure you, i have no problem getting it running, but i definitely want to do some more videos to do a little bit more in depth on as far as the range and other things like that, but so far i really Like this im going to probably bring this with me to ces, when i record, because i think im going to do most of the stuff on my phone, so its being tech ill see you at ces everybody else.