Its got a 120 hertz amoled screen and both a periscope zoom and a gimbal stabilized ultrawide cam im will for gsm arena and lets see what this phone is all about in our full review. Music. The techno common 18 premiere may not be a true flagship phone, but it sure looks premium with its flat tempered glass back covered in a silky matte finish. Look a bit closer and youll notice that the curved glossy frame is made of plastic, not metal, but still the overall design is eye catching, and i, like the little details like the red accent around the ultrawide cam. The front of the phone is also covered in tempered glass, its a 6.7 inch amoled with a 1080p resolution and a punch hole for the selfie cat. The 120hz refresh rate makes swiping and scrolling noticeably smoother theres. No support for high framerate gaming, though its nice to have an amoled for its great contrast and deep blacks. But there are some shortcomings here compared to a flagship screen: theres, no hdr support and colors arent. All that accurate tending towards bluish and the brightness of this screen is just okay for an amoled. We measured up to a maximum of 425 nits and theres. No additional auto brightness boost on top of that for audio the techno common 18 premiere has a traditional 3.5 millimeter jack for headphones and theres. Fm radio support too theres. Also, a single bottom firing loudspeaker, which was able to earn a rating of good on our loudness charts.

Sound quality is unimpressive, the highs are decent, but theres no base Music. The phone has something like an always on display, which shows you time and notifications, but only when you pick up or move the phone and to wake up and unlock you can use the side mounted fingerprint reader built into the power button, its fast and reliable. The interface of the kalman 18 premiere is technos ios 8.0, based on android 11.. It features a bunch of proprietary apps and their own app store, theres. Also, a smart panel which stores, shortcuts and slides out from the edge of the home screen theres a lot less bloatware here compared to some of technos less expensive phones, and we appreciate that and storage is expandable through microsd on top of the 256 gigs built in At the heart of the techno common 18 premiere is a mediatek helio, g96 chipset built on a 12 nanometer process performance wise. The phone does a decent job and everyday tasks and lighter games run well. The thermals are respectable too. Its no powerhouse, though, and graphic scores, fall behind mid range competitors, including other phones from tecmo powering the techno common 18 premiere is a 4 750 million power battery and battery life is great. The phone scored a 112 hour endurance rating in our proprietary tests. You also get a 33 watt fast charger in the box, and with it we were able to charge the phone from zero to sixty percent in half an hour now on to the techno common 18 premiers triple cameras, theres a 64 megapixel quad, bayer main cam, a 12 megapixel ultra wide, with gimbal stabilization and an 8 megapixel periscope telephoto with five times optical zoom photos from the main cam come out in 16, megapixels and theyre all right.

They have good contrast and low noise. True to life, colors and dynamic range is good. For the most part, however, the dtl level is just average, and sometimes the exposure is off. There is a way to get an improved level of detail and thats if you shoot in the 64 megapixel mode and then downscale the photos to 16 megapixels its an extra hoop to jump through, though portraits are taken with the main cam and theyre. Good subjects are detailed and the separation is proficient, but with the occasional mix up from time to time, shots from the ultra wide have accurate, colors good contrast, well handled noise and wide dynamic range. The detail level isnt great though, and the overall picture is soft plus weve, seen a wider field of view on other ultrawides five times. Zoomed photos from the telephoto cam are good, theyre detailed enough with accurate colors and okay. Dynamic range contrast, however, is lower than expected. In low light, photos from the main cam are alright for the class theres. An okay amount of detail, despite the aggressive noise reduction and true to life, colors dynamic range is limited though, and shadows are underdeveloped, while the highlights are often clipped night mode is available. Only on the main cam, the effect is pretty unnatural. Turning night and today, colors are punchy and highlights are restored, but theres less contrast and visible artifacts here and there low light shots from the ultra wide, have good, colors and contrast.

But the level of detail is disappointing because of the heavy noise reduction, the zoom camera isnt very useful at night unless its a particularly bright scene in general, the shots come out noisy and blurry. Selfies come out in 8 megapixels and they are good. Theyre, sharp and detailed with good skin tones plenty of contrast and ok dynamic range now on to video recording which, for some reason, maxes out at 1440p on the main cam rather than 4k. This footage is quite good with nice detail and accurate colors. We arent fans of the audio quality, though the ultrawide cam can record in 1080p resolution and the quality is okay, but not great. There are accurate, colors nice contrast and ok dynamic range, but dto is just average and the sharpening is excessive. 1080P, videos from the telephoto camera are likable with great detail and good colors contrast is again unimpressive now lets talk about video stabilization, which is one of the major features of the phone theres, no eis on the main cam, and since there is no hardware stabilization here, Either this footage is quite shaky. The gimbal stabilization on the ultra wide works pretty well its not perfect, though, with some bigger movements coming through once in a while. If you want extra smoothness from the ultra wide theres, a super, steady mode which adds eis to the mix, but because it involves cropping and upscaling, it lowers the video quality so thats. The techno common 18 premiere its the premium offering from techno but price wise.

Its more of a mid ranger and it brings that snazzy glass design, a large 120 hertz, amoled good battery life and fast charging and a versatile set of cameras compared to other mid rangers. This phone does fall behind as far as the chipset goes, and we wish the cameras processing was better able to take advantage of that impressive hardware.