So what makes this as the perfect smartphone gimbal today. Are you looking to get your next smartphone for lets? Say family travel, vlogs or content creation? Then this video could be for you. So, finally, after owning lots of mobile gimbals, i settled for this one. This is the power vision, s1, the worlds most 3 axis, smartphone gimbal, with so many choices out there like the dgio m4 om5, which just came out the zion smooth x series, gimbals uh, the omi, steady and moza gimbals theres, something that the the power vision. S1 stands out the competition. Now this video is not sponsored by the company and i purchased this out of my pocket now links in the description. If you want to check out the full details and specs, including the current price, now in todays video im, going to show you the features and give my initial review and thoughts of this most awaited, smartphone gimbal, so for this gimbal i do have the iphone. But of course, its compatible with most smartphones out there using different mounting options which were going to talk about later now. If this is your first time in my channel, dont forget to hit the like button and subscribe, so i can make more content for you guys. Okay, so enough talk lets dive into it. As i said, this is the worlds smallest 3 axis smartphone gimbal. Well, first of all, for me, convenience is king, like look at the size of this compared to the iphone right, so its even smaller than the iphone and most smartphone gimbals out there are bigger than the phone now.

This is a perfect size, especially when you go to the family and travel, and you dont want to worry about. You know what equipment to bring or to use, because luckily, this gimbal fits in a pocket like literally its very light weighing less than a pound and size is even smaller than the iphone when folded. So that means for me, i can shoot anywhere in any time. Now, if you dont like the magnetic clamp, because you might be thinking of losing it or maybe worrying about carrying another piece of device, you can get their smartphone case with built in magnet, which is designed for power vision. S1, not only. It is a magnetic case, but it also serves as a stand, either portrait or landscape by adjusting this little metallic kickstand at the back now other accessories available. Are there car mounts that you can stick onto your dash and couple other magnets, which you can virtually stick anywhere now check the links in the description to find out the different kits and the accessories that are available, including different colors, now heres, the most exciting part About this product, you see this little logo at the front. This is actually a wireless power bank so to charge your device. All you got to do is press the power button once and you can put your wireless enabled device, such as your iphone or any smartphone, and also the airpods pro. The powervision s1 is rated at 15 hours of working time with the gimbal fully balanced.

It has a capacity of 4120 milliamp and 10 watts of wireless charging. In my test, using the fully charged power bank, i was able to get up to 70, starting from when my iphone hits the low power mode. Then fully charging the gimbal took me about an hour and 40 minutes using the supplied, usb c cable on an iphones usbc adapter on the side is where youll find a battery indicator with four led lights. Now it also has a usb pass through, so you can charge the power bank and your smartphone at the same time, not just one, not two but three axis built into this gimbal and that allows you to shoot even smoother. On top of your phones built in stabilization to use the gimbal simply follow the arrows. I know it could take some time to set it up the first time, but once you get used to it, you wouldnt have to think about it. The magnet on top of the phone is very strong and it holds your phone securely now, unlike a typical smartphone gimbal, where you have to adjust the position of the clamp in a certain way to balance the gimbal. Our vision, s1 has an auto balance feature even using the magnetic clamps. All you got to do is snap this onto the gimbal, and it will automatically balance for you and, of course, the reason why you want to have a balanced gimbal so that the motors wont work as hard and in turn will optimize for longer battery life and By the way, theres also no need to balance the gimbal if youre, using their built in magnetic case, which really makes the balancing so quick.

So the gimbal is ready. Whenever you are the power vision, s1 is so easy to use. The controls are on the side, which includes the five way joystick. It has a nice grip into it now, pressing once on, the joystick will start the tracking, and you will start to see that green box on your subject. Pressing the joystick twice will reset the gimbal to its default position, pressing three times: well, switch the camera front or rear power button. Also, when pressed allows you to toggle between portrait and landscape orientation, your zoom rocker is on the side for telephoto and wide and, of course, the record button. Now, if you need to use your phone for something else, while youre using the gimbal so simply take out the phone, even when the gimbal is turned on, however, i still would suggest you turn off the motor before you take your phone out just to be safe. With the motors on the gimbal one fancy feature is, it does have an integrated mini tripod. If you look at the bottom of the gimbal, so that means you can set up and start shooting right away and, unlike other mobile gimbal, youll have to bring and attach extra tripod legs. If you need to shoot hands free this one you dont have to so this really is a nice feature to have in situations where you need a quick setup. However, theres still a tripod mount at the bottom.

If you need an extra height or length, as you are filming isnt that cool to start utilizing all the other features, youll have to download the app to enable the ai tracking make sure you turn the gesture on, and you see i just raised my hand and Its pretty snappy, so what i did here was i try to stand up and kind of move over our living room table and you see that its tracking my face like even if i go a little bit outside the frame, it still tracks my face and as You can see here even my wife likes to play with it Music, so the peace sign activates the photo, the l sign, activates the video, and on top of that it can start tracking you by just raising your hand, so you can kind of combine this all Together without switching the modes now, their built in app is pretty good, its very similar to a premium app that would you normally pay for in the app store, theres lots of effects, as you can see, theres different types of stickers in here that you can download Again its built in its just save on the cloud, and you can add more layers into it if youd like also for music, these are ready to use. All you got to do is download them, and these are probably those royalty free music that you can use to upload to your social media.

Again, im just scrolling through all the settings here: theres the beautify, theres different effects, again filters that you can add animations and so theres, so much stuff that you can do. Especially if you dont know a lot of technical stuff in video editing, so yeah – and these are the export settings as well, so were gon na quickly explore some app functions in here. So theres a lot of settings as well that you can use im just gon na disable the the grid for now, starting with photo settings so thats, basically a mirror mode or a selfie. Flip second, is your white balance so like cloudy, tungsten, so depending where youre at most of the time, youre gon na set this to auto white balance and i think its set by default. Thats your timer, and these are the built in or preset filters. Okay, i like this one – and here you here youll, find the beautification its on the left. You see its turned on, so you can change the whitening, the skin uh smoothness, and this is where you can see all the gestures, control and settings on the left. This is where you fine tune the settings on the app and also on the gimbal itself, so like the follow mode, sports mode, zoom, speed, horizontal vertical reverse and the auto calibration now under panorama, settings youll get three options to choose from so three by three 240 Degrees, which is the ultra wide and the clone, so the clone is basically cloning yourself and all those three photos and the app will just stitch them together.

Music now, can you use the gimbal without using the app? A short answer is yes, since its connected via bluetooth, right now, you see the default camera app from the iphone. So if i press the record button, it snaps a photo now. Youll just have to toggle manually to the video press, the record button, and it also supports that alright so time to put this on a test im gon na head outside and try out the stabilizer on this gimbal and before i do that im gon na put It in my merce well whats a murse its a man purse. So this is what i carry all the time i usually put all my stuff in here like an extra power bank, my airpods pro my iphone my car keys and also this guy well see you out there Music all right. So how do you like the stabilization shots? Let me know in the comments below to summarize im really impressed with this product theres, so much attention to details with great engineering and again very innovative, while this could be the best all in one smartphone gimbal, at least for me. You know it feels like its. The swiss army knife of all gimbals out there this still may not be for everyone, especially for those people that are looking to get serious about filming on a smartphone. Well, i think one of the other features that they might be able to improve under second generation is the tilting capability, because it only tilts.

You know this much so, if youre looking to get a lot of tilting movements from your gimbal, this probably might not be for you. So, who is this for then? Now, if youre looking for portability convenience functionality all together in one package, then this could be the perfect device for you. It really is great for everyday use like hanging out with the family. Friends outdoors, maybe travel hiking or even just for fun, where you just want to set and forget and to be honest, ive got nothing negative to say about it. Well, maybe under next generation things can be improved. Like the tilt axis id say, battery life can still be improved to fully charge your device. I still recommend bringing a high capacity power bank if youre away for a long time but overall for short clips or short filming. This will do the trick and it will not disappoint, but other than that. You know these things for me are just very minor. Okay, so as always links on the description below to check the prices different kits and where to get them. Okay, so whats the final verdict is it zyperflix, approved id, say yes and they really deserve the tagline perfect companion for smartphone guys so dont forget to like this video, as i put a lot of effort making videos and also to subscribe.