Five hundred, so black friday is the only here. There are a lot of phones discounted for it, including the picks for the best iphone android android, 500 500 300 budget phone with the stylus and for the 400 and 200 are all on sale uh. So you can just uh go on amazon and check the discounts. They have offered over there lets start with number one that is apple iphone. Se 2020, the best iphone in the dollar 500 strikes right. Balance of camera, build quality, speed battery life, software and longevity for most people, even though its over here or now, should you start giving an excellent return on investment. We recommend upgrading to the model with 128 gb of storage for dollar for 449, which is dollar 15 with the best price, but well worth it long term. Its got a very um tried and true former, that is the same body and 4.7 inch lcd screen. That apple has been using since iphone 6, and that puts the display on the smaller end of screens. As today, which also means the phones bezels are bigger than anything else sold in the market. The 2020ses are the iphone 11 generation, so its a 13 bionic processor and its to wear about the lightest and greatest and moonfin and even smaller, races. The difference between a two year old, iphone processor and a brand new one in news uh, but why that processor really matters? Those overall longevity apple consistently supports its phone for four or more years with software updates, so thats in comparison to android, but were getting software updates.

I think, but the pixel is still a struggle. So uploads to us of fast processor means in a few words iphone. Se will still feel snappy and be supported with ios updates. Battery life is good, but not best in class. It should last about a day. Luckily, this iphone supports, while its charging is still uncommon at this price point. So if youre looking for the fastest wireless connectivity, the sc is not going to provide that. So this is the car of this side of this phone. Next, coming into google pixel 5a, the best android phone that is under all 500, the doll 449 pixel 5a has a 6.34 inch oled screen thats on the smaller side for the budget cloud, but its bigger than the previous generation 6.2 inch panel on the pixel 4 A5G um theres a big battery of 4680 megahertz asl that will last through full day of heavy use and well into today and today to if youre a lighter user definitely uh. The 5a also offers ip67 water resistance for added peace of mind. The event of exiting those spills or tumbles into water and theres, also, of course, 5g connectivity. You wont get the support. You wont get the super fast mm, hmm or factory sport, but you will be able to access the store a bit more comments up. Six gigahertz files in advert um theres a weird question, uh that whether google will support another set of currencies that at t and verizon start using the near future, called the c ban the company isnt committing to make the message software update to it.

The 5a is also getting somewhat of a limited release, its being sold through any of the major use carriers, but you can buy it from the google store and google f5. All the pixel file is still a budget android phone every time, its not flashy, but its well priced and has it where it counts. Next comes next comes samsung, galaxy a525g, the best phone display for dollar 500. If youre looking for the best display for your money, the top 5 on your samsung galaxy a5 is a great option for future professional phone on weight at the very top of the spine guides. Price range works well versus higher price tag. Um the 6.5 engine screen is an oled panel, thats right with good contrast, its very nice to look at where its best feature is a subtle one. At 120 horse refresh rate that gives a much smoother appearance to animations and content as you swipe and scroll, through menus and social feeds. The phone overall performs well for its class. Without snapdragon 750 g processor and 6gb of ram, you may notice the occasional agitation or structure with heavy tales, but otherwise everyday scrolling and searching and navigating are handy easily. And you know, even with the power hungry display, the this galaxy battery should get you through. At least a day of moderate of having used before needing another charge so thats about it, one plus norm and d5g a dollar two. Ninety nine, the one plus and ten 5g brings five g and some scale features.

Two budget form oneplus has released update 2.99 already, but thats it dont expect to get an right job on this model. Oneplus is offering two years of security updates in addition to that uh. Looking at the cameras eye, the intent offers a 64 megapixel main camera. This is surprisingly good in daylight and even more moderately low light. There is an eight megapixel ultra light too long with macro and monochrome cameras that arent really worth talking about. So if you prefer samsung phones, samsung, galaxy a32. 5G is also well worth your consideration. For two very good reasons, and that is its a bit less less expensive at dollar 279. It only supported with security updates for the next four years. However, like some of the intense uh nicer features like a high refresh rate screen good cameras and a nice implementation of android, so this is all the leaky starts: dcl 20x, the best 4g 400.300. The diesel 20s has proved that even dollar 2050 250 can buy a good phone without many compromises it just nails. All the basic diamond would want from a phone good performance, a good screen and a good battery life all for a good price. You might recognize the tcl brand from its popular budget. Smart tvs, where screen expertise is what makes the dcs20 is vibrant. 6.6 inch, 1080 pixel screen a standout. The 20s has a layer of fingerprint resistant, micron size, prismatic crystal size pack. That gives its a subtle shimmer.

Its got a quick fingerprint size that is built into its power button, as well as face and lock as an additional option, while the 2ds uh camera system is nothing to um, write home about a 64 megapixel main camera and 15 megapixel front camera, i bought more. Then capable of taking detail photos in good lighting condition, just dont use them for night on microphotography. So if your budget is up dollar 300 and youre in the hunt for the best bang for your buck, the dollar 250 dsl 20 is a solid choice that should work on all major 4g network in the us.