It is one of the latest rugged smartphones to be released into the market. The packaging looks good and professional specifications can be found at the back of the packaging with the features and details listed. Clearly lets proceed to check what is inside the packaging inside the box. You will find one umidigi bison x10 fitted nicely in the product packaging. A user guide is provided to help users set up the device. A usbc charging cable is included too, to allow users to charge up the phone. A wall charging adapter is included to allow users to recharge up the device on first impressions. The device looks sturdy and solid with a rugged outlook to the phones, design. First lets peel off the protective plastic layer on the phones once it is peeled. I can see the ag matte fiberglass finish on the back of the phone nicely illuminated by light. It looks really high end with the soft shiny, matte metallic finish with the matte finish. It serves as an anti fingerprint surface, so it doesnt stick fingerprints on the matte surface, easily. Maintaining its pristine appearance overall high end, look and feel to it at the back of the device. I can see three cameras. The device has three multifunction cameras so as to maintain the ability to capture great shots in many different scenarios. The main camera is 20 megapixel to allow users to get a great quality shot in any situation, while the 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens capture more with a greater area of coverage in a single shot.

The 5 megapixel macro camera allows users to capture small miniature objects in viv detail with a macro lens, three different cameras to serve a range of purpose on the side of the device. There is a customizable button to allow users to customize the button to a feature of choice, along with a power key and volume buttons which can be found on one side of the device. It has a solid aluminum body which is shiny and elegant. On the other side of the device, users can find another customizable button along with a sim card tray slot. I can easily remove it by using the trail edge without a pin for easy access. The tray can hold an sd card for expandable storage. Lets proceed to try out the product power up easily with a press and hold of the power button. The device will boot up and the boot up logo will show once the boot up is complete. I will be able to launch my phone onto the home page. It is powered by a stock android 11 operating system, so it is fast and easy to use without bloatware the entire device feels more streamlined and fast. It has a vivid 6.53 inch large screen, which looks really immersive and impressive. It comes fully equipped with android apps. So i can download my favorite games on the play store now lets try running a game on it, Music. Some rugged phones are known to lag when it comes to gaming and multitasking lets see how the umi digi bison x10 fares during gaming.

It is really responsive and lag free. As you can see, all our controls are inputted without any delays in the gaming controls, thanks to the leo p60 octa core processor that comes with four gigabyte of ram and 64 gigabyte of storage for better multitasking and storage capabilities. Pretty decent specs for normal gaming and work lets try out the camera on the phone. It has an easy to use camera interface just point and shoot simple as that, once the image is captured, it can be viewed easily in the gallery. I can zoom in and out while browsing photos in the gallery. Looking at past images and videos captured on the device check out some pictures, i shot with the device they look decent in terms of image, quality, clear and vivid image stays clear. Even in night lighting conditions now lets try out the video shooting mode, simply point and shoot videos lets check out the video i shot just now. The video quality is great non laggy and really clear and vivid. All details on the product box is captured in great detail by the camera on the umidigi bison x10 great. There are multiple shooting modes like beauty and night mode on the device. I can select one that caters to the scene. I am shooting for better shots. The umidigi bison x10 has a large 6.53 inch screen on it. I can use it to stream videos on it. It works great as a screen to watch movies and videos on it is super, clear and vivid in full hd quality.

It looks very realistic too. Just look at the skyline in this video colors are accurately portrayed as you can see. It runs on android 11, one of the newest android os. So users can be assured that this device is running some of the newest app versions, so it runs more efficiently and fast. Music get more screen runtime and adventure further with this device, as it has a powerful 6150 milliamps battery a huge battery pack to cater to users needs it has an eight megapixel selfie camera on the device with it. Users can capture high quality, selfie shots and vivid detail and quality capture moments that matter when you are traveling with 4g networking global compatibility users can be ensured that no matter which country you are in your network should be able to connect to a local network of The country you are in ensuring better connectivity and convenience, it has a high precision, bosch, altimeter and barometer, so the average hiker and adventurer can use it during their adventures. It has a rugged and durable waterproof rating of ip68 and ip69k mil std rated. So you can be rest assured that it doesnt spoil or break during accidental drops rated up to a certain height and depth extent. As you can see in this graphic, it has nfc support, as well as fingerprint scanner and dual microphones and enhanced connectivity with the built in antenna and navigation technology on it. So users can stay connected easily when they are out and about.

Overall, i find the umidigi bison extent a really useful phone for people who love to take part in rugged activities like adventuring and hiking. It stay protected with a solid body that is able to withstand water, submergence and drops the specifications are decent too.