Now, on the box itself, we have two heroes right here. One guy is an assassin another one is a mage. If you play mobile legends, you would actually know these heroes and vivo is actually giving out a free, random skin of these heroes. Right here, if you actually purchase the vivo y76 5g here in malaysia, so thats just a story about the box itself. Lets talk a bit about the device itself, all right, so i do have the vivo y765g over here this device was launched in malaysia. I think it was a couple of days ago for rm1299, it comes in at a single spec of eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal memory, so thats, the only spec that you need to know about the vivo y765g right here now lets talk about The next thing – and this is the more exciting part that is the design itself, so, as you can see, my version here is called the cosmic aurora kind of color. There is also another more understated, low profile, grayish kind of color, which i actually prefer, but i only have this today, so this is actually a very bluish or aqua ish kind of color at the back and notice that when i tilt the device from side to Side, its actually some kind of gradient going on, which actually looks quite cool depending on what colors you really like now, the best part about this is that this back panel here is all in matte.

That means that you wont get a lot of fingerprints at the back here, keeping it clean and smooth throughout the entire day now. Another point that i did notice on the sides here is that this is quite curved on the sides, and that makes it quite comfortable to actually hold it in my palm and the device itself is also quite slim, so everything is just lightweight and feels very comfortable. Um one more final thing about the design here is that the top left corner here is flanked by this camera cutout. We do have a triple camera setup, which i will talk a little bit more on later. All right now lets move on to the next thing. Lets talk a little bit about the display that we do have at the front um. This is actually an lcd display. The size is 6.58 inches, and its going at 1080p resolution now bear in mind that this is just a basic 60hz refresher display theres, no fancy. 90Hz or 120hz, which i did wish, came on this device right here, but the good news here is that the colors, the brightness level contrast level is actually quite good for an lcd panel coming in at this price point all right at the top here, you do Have this kind of teardrop notch, which uh i personally prefer like a simple cutout, but the teardrop notch is what we get at the front and we do have a slide chain at the bottom as well.

So i mean it is what it is overall lcd display wise. I think it is still a very good display on the front now. Moving on lets talk a little bit about the next thing here and lets talk about performance because um theyre supposed to be a gaming device, or something like that. So what we do have in the back here is actually the dimension 700. now bear in mind that this is not the most powerful processor out there youre not going to get the highest graphics in all your games, but the good news here is that it is A very power efficient kind of processor. That means you will be able to bring your games all the way through the entire day or you know. Maybe if you play quite a lot of games, then the battery wont go down that easily. Another good thing that i did notice here is that i played a couple of games here and it was always very cool to the touch it did not heat up or anything like that. So thats, the kind of processing power that you can expect from the dimension. 700 now i did mention about the eight gigabytes of ram. Of course, vivo is also saying theres a four gigabytes extended ram, but the more fun part is actually the memory instead of just the 128 internal memory. The good news here is that the card slot here actually allows you to put in a memory card, so those of you guys out there who likes to you know use your external memory.

You can leverage on this little guy right here to slot in your micro sd memory card, so that is that, in terms of gaming wise, i did play a couple of games. I played the pub g. I also play mobile legends, of course, right and so far everything has been pretty smooth, of course, thats. Also because the graphics only maxes out at high graphic levels, you cant go to ultra or you know super ultra or whatever. It goes all the way up to high, but again for pub g games like pubg, for instance, uh the game mode inside here actually allows you to set vibrations to happen whenever you hit that trigger. So if you like to play a lot of pubg, whenever you hit the trigger, you actually do get vibration feedback from the device itself and i think thats actually quite cool. If you are a pub g player now day, do they use in terms of uh performance and all that everything works at a decent speed uh when you launch your apps multitasks and all that its not to say super fast, but again, at this price point using A budget kind of a processor right here, i think its fairly decent all right now lets move on to the next point here and maybe im going to talk a little bit about the camera at the back now, like i mentioned earlier, we do have a triple Camera setup we have a 50 megapixel main sensor.

We have a 2 megapixel dev and a megapixel macro lens. So what that means is that, in this, video were going to be focusing only on the 50 megapixel main sensor. Now. The good news here is that, after taking a couple of photos, i noticed the pictures turned out fairly nice. I mean, if you take a look at these photos, im going to share on the screen right now. You can see that there is a decent amount of detail. Colors are quite accurate. You dont get those super punchy kind of colors on the pictures now in terms of night mode. This is where i was actually quite surprised. I mean pleasantly surprised because, usually when i take photos at night on certain phones, there are even more expensive. There might be a little bit of lag in the ui itself, but everything was fairly smooth on the vivo y765g right here and i was able to take a couple of decent night shots again. Dont expect it to be mind blowing. It will be just good enough for you to share in your social media or maybe sending it to your friends and family, so thats what you can expect from the camera at the back here now. Moving on before we talk about the final battery part, i also want to talk about two things right here, which we always try to cover on the channel. First up speakers wise. We only get a single firing.

Speaker, good news is that its actually quite loud and its positioned on the upper part of the bottom panel. That means that if you hold your phone like this, when you play your games, it will not block the speaker very smart of vivo over there now. The second thing here is that, of course, we do also still have the headphone jack. So if you dont, like the sound coming off the speaker just plug in your earphones and everything will be fine on that note, vivo did provide. You know the earphones in the box, but yeah you could actually use some better ones out there now. The third thing that i want to cover here is, of course, the haptics. So, on a device like this, you dont actually get any kind of linear engine kind of haptics. You just have a very standard, vibrating motor, so thats, just an fyi. If youre wondering about that all right. So last but not least, were going to talk about the battery in the back. We do have a 4 100 mah battery again its not the largest right here, but the good news here is that it supports 44 watt fast charge again. The charger is provided in the box here, so you can go from zero to 70 percent. I think in approximately 30 minutes fairly fast, very, very decent speeds here from the vivo y76. 5G. All right guys thats pretty much what i have to cover in todays video.

I hope you have a deeper understanding on what the vivo y7653 is all about. Again, the price is going for rm1299 for that single spec and if you have any further questions, feel free to leave it down in the comment section below ill. Try to help you out and of course, if you like this video dont, forget to give it a like sub to the channel and i hope to see all of you guys in the next one stay safe.